12 Best Digital Marketing Case Studies of Singapore

Digital Marketing is one of the leading marketing solutions options organizations are looking towards to better their presence and increase their reach. In today’s day and age it is believed that if you are not present online, if you cannot be found digitally, there is every chance that you are missing out on the big […]


Digital Marketing is one of the leading marketing solutions options organizations are looking towards to better their presence and increase their reach. In today’s day and age it is believed that if you are not present online, if you cannot be found digitally, there is every chance that you are missing out on the big piece of the business pie. This is true of all of the world and increasingly the case in the south pacific region and particularly in areas like Singapore. With the influx of digital influences in the area, a lot of people are looking online for solutions to their questions or problems. The organizations that have the most presence and positive feedback are more likely to get better sales and revenue results.

Digital marketers use a host of solutions to up the product and service they are trying to promote, this includes digital campaigns, SEO, SMM, email marketing, and more. Digital Marketing agencies provide these solutions to solve a particular problem and offer unique solutions depending on the brand’s requirement. It is therefore important to see and understand the kind of digital marketing solutions that were provided and analyse how they fared in the different scenarios. Here is a list of 12 best case digital marketing case studies identified in Singapore.

Interesting Digital Marketing Case Studies from Singapore:

1. SingHealth’sXChange portal

HealthXchange is a prospective health site in Singapore. With a fantastic presence in the online world, the site fetches most of its traffic from the Organic search of Google. However, the site needed an improvisation in terms of site pages, content and the domain name. The whole idea was to improve their ranking on Google.

Digital marketing agency behind campaign: Equinet Academy 

Digital Campaigning process:

After a rigorous briefing from the developers and the content manager, a work schedule was jotted to accomplish the campaigning fruitfully.

  • The contents from the previous domain were uploaded on the new domain.
  • The earlier version of the site was revamped, and the older URL was redirected to the URL of the new site.
  • The site map was prepared and submitted to the Google Search console with the updated address.

Result of the campaign:

The result of the campaign was impressive. Though initially, the site did not rank much, it later picked up pace. There was an overall improvement in performances when the redirect was made from the old site to the new site. Revamping offered the best because the company started to enjoy success with its monthly traffic through organic search.

2. Linda Mandarin

The domestic language institution Linda Mandarin, Korean explorer, and the Chinese Edge facilitated individuals and corporate members with language training. Literally, the institution was endeavoring to increase the signup members for the free trial classes on offer. Though the company put up Facebook ads and used the Facebook pixel to keep an eye on the signup numbers, the sign up was not initiated for free classes.

Digital Campaigning process:

  • After getting the setback, the institution came to talking terms with a digital marketing company that executed the A/B split testing procedure.
  • The team conducted ‘Call to action’ advertising campaign and segregated that into two categories, namely, ‘claim’ and ‘sign up’.
  • The advertising campaign called ‘claim’ was the winner of the ad campaign.

Result of the campaign:

Linda Mandarin witnessed 20% enhancement in the free sign up trial sessions on the entire FB ad marketing. Therefore, the company had started to get a positive outcome from the campaign.

3. Nanyang Business School

If you search for the top-rated MBA schools in Singapore, the Nanyang will be among the top ones. The university had wide acceptance in the Asia Pacific area but wanted to improve their reachability outside as well. However, they were facing issues in terms of the visibility of the brand and also were not able to generate adequate leads.

Digital Campaigning process:

The university decided to take the assistance of digital marketing experts, and therefore, the team diligently worked on the following few steps:

  • The team programmed a single customer panel by fetching the data of different sources so that the admin department could target the appropriate students.
  • They ran an inclusive digital marketing ad campaign on different platforms like paid media, social media organization, and email marketing.
  • The best strategy taken was to customize the ad campaigns to attract more customers based on their requisites.

Result of the campaign

The joint initiative of loyalty and CRM made the institution grow successfully. Elaborating on that, the university witnessed outstanding performance that included a 40% increment in the click rate. In addition to that, about 31.88% and 77% increment in click rate came from open email rate and qualified leads respectively. Apart from that the return on investment from the ad campaign hiked 30X. Finally, the admin team was able to keep a detailed track record of the audiences and were able to identify the ads that were clicked and the entire admission process.

4. Fastacash

The internationally recognized secure social platform designed for payment labeled Fastacash was established in the year 2012. However, the company faced issues in terms of reachability. They needed to expand their base to ensure that they get the popularity they deserved.

Digital Campaigning process:

The digital marketing professionals shared outstanding strategies to help the company increase their leads. The steps that were followed include:

  • They aimed at revamping the website to give it a fresh look.
  • They outlined the whole structure for the new home page, blog post section and finally, the signup.
  • They introduced an inbound marketing campaign using the ‘call to action’ method.

Result of the campaign

The company was overwhelmed to witness the outstanding performance of the applied strategy, that increased the conversion rate to 1040%. Fastcash was getting more and more customers every day, and also accelerated the website traffic.

5. Express Colour

For more than 25 years, the reputed printing company has exhibited its potency in the field of printing brochures, flyers, and postcards. But suddenly, the market faced a downturn from 2013 because they concentrated on the real estate market as their dedicated client base. The challenge they majorly noticed was that they were unable to attract small orders. They applied the strategy of keyword bidding, which also turned out to be negative. Apart from that, the pricing they followed was not satisfactory in terms of the market.

Digital Campaigning process:

  • After facing such adverse reactions from the market, the company thought of reaching out to digital marketing personnel.
  • They were introduced to the Google Ad course.
  • With the accomplishment of the course, they started to attract a variety of orders ranging from F&B to the retail markets.

Result of the campaign

First, the company was able to climb the ladder of conversion rate successfully, bagging 2% of the same. The company pointed out that before optimization, the cost per conversion was $150.92. While after the optimization of the site, the cost per conversion came down to $29.19.

6. Tupperware

Tupperware is one of the familiar names for household and kitchen products. The company had registered 1 million distribution copies in and around the Asia Pacific region. They were trying to follow smarter techniques such as increased visibility through smartphone technology.

Digital Campaigning process:

The digital marketing company took the challenge to revamp Tupperware’s distribution scheme and turn it into an intelligent visible solution.

  • They devised a customer-friendly app compatible with both Android and IOS.
  • The experts introduced customized CMS to tackle the multiple products and brands on offer.

Result of the campaign

As per the positive effect of the campaign, there were 100,000 installations of the Tupperware app. The Tupperware app is available in different locations and platforms. The app has also managed to secure a 4-star rate on the app stores.

7. Takshayimaya SG-IG launch

Takashimaya is a departmental shopping center in Singapore. They had an account on both Facebook and Instagram. However, their fans on Facebook were not following them on Instagram. This became a hurdle for the company, because they could not get that much viewer base on Instagram.

Digital Campaigning process:

The experts came up with the following extensive digital marketing strategy:

  • The digital marketing campaigners created a Facebook page with the hope of pulling the customers from there. Now they named this strategy as promotional. According to the promotional campaigning strategy, they announced that Facebook viewers would get the Takshayimaya gift vouchers.
  • To escalate the viewer’s accessibility, they incorporated the promoted Ads on Instagram as well.  As per this, the experts created target-based ads entailing various featured products. The whole idea intended to amplify the performance of the ad and increase the rate of engagement.

Result of the campaign:

The result of the campaign was mind-boggling as the ad ran for 1 month, but it projected an increased fan base of 2332. Overall, there were 18 ad posts, which delivered about a 14.09% rate of engagement. Through organic search, it reached about 29,007 people.

10. BSH home appliances

BSH is a pioneering company dealing with household appliances. It gave a marvelous performance in fabricating kitchen accessories to offer a hassle-free life. Therefore, its fame has reached worldwide. Despite its successful entry, the company lacked a visual presence. Thus, the company came up with plans to introduce videos on its digital platforms.

Digital Campaigning process:

After a fruitful consultation with a prospective digital marketing company, a plan was devised to execute an effective campaign.

  • Worked in unison to create segregated channels for various product segments.
  • Designed a new display page
  • Programmed a systematic playlist for simple maneuvering
  • Customized the thumbnail design
  • Added meta description for Youtube videos along with close end captioning
  • Used product cards to link the users to the respective item pages
  • Provided opportunities to users to subscribe and connect through the End screen

Result of the campaign

The company was able to generate more organic web traffic from Google. It, also, earned an outstanding response, as 280 videos were posted in 6 months.

11. Starbucks Singapore

Every year during the month of Christmas, the online store of Starbucks comes up with a new range of products. Also, viewers can catch up on the preview from the catalog on their microsite to get prior information regarding the upcoming items. It wanted to remodel the website look, while ensuring that the aesthetic demeanor of the site was kept intact.

Digital Campaigning process:

With a thought to redefine their website presence, Starbucks Singapore entered into an interactive session with a top-notch digital marketing company. Based on that, the professionals formulated some campaigning ideas:

  • They created an easily navigable gift section with the help of high-end CMS
  • They compartmentalized the website design into gift categories, like, handpicked and personalized.

Result of the campaign

The campaign was superb, and resulted in a brand new website page, which engaged more viewers that increased the traffic from organic sources. Starbucks was capable of generating impressive leads. Apart from that, they also got the opportunity to sell more of their products.

12. Riverbed

Riverbed is a company with prominence on information technology excelled in dealing with both software and hardware required for B2B assistance. The company was in quest of a digital marketing agency in Singapore that could also look after the leads. They aspired to make a smart entry in the Asia Pacific market.

Digital campaigning process:

To offer them a customized solution, an excellent digital marketing company decided to work with Riverbed.

  • The digital marketing company organized events and workshops to generate demand.
  • They targeted email campaigning, syndicating content, and focused on online viewers.
  • This was done to minimize the cost of lead acquisition.

Results of the campaign:

It enhanced their visibility, and the ROI increased considerably. Also, after the campaign, Riverbed was able to save 50% of its expenditure from the lead acquisition.

As people often say that intelligent people learn from others mistakes while fools learn from their own. Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore work with brands to provide the best solutions available to help their organizations grow online. Backed with research and experience of what works and what wouldn’t these agencies work with companies to put their best online foot forward. These are just some of the examples on when things went right and helped showcase the product or service in the best light.


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