Top 10 Social Media Marketing Campaigns From Singapore

The Significance of Social Media Campaigns Social media campaigns refer to a harmonized series of marketing efforts. These campaigns are usually performed with increased focus and targeting to ensure the successful completion of a particular business goal. Social media campaigns are an important matter for all businesses existing in the online space. Not only do […]

The Significance of Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns refer to a harmonized series of marketing efforts. These campaigns are usually performed with increased focus and targeting to ensure the successful completion of a particular business goal. Social media campaigns are an important matter for all businesses existing in the online space. Not only do they assist businesses in accomplishing a certain goal, but they also help in improving brand awareness and interaction. As a result, they are undertaken with the utmost care and seriousness.

A Leader In Social Media Campaigning

One country which, perhaps, tops the list of successful social media campaigns is Singapore. Singapore has been dishing out one successful social media campaign after another.

Here are a few of their most epic social media campaigns which were found to resonate within their citizens.

#1 Uber’s “Chope King” Campaign

The year of 2017 gave birth to Uber’s most innovative campaign to solve Singapore’s limited parking space problem. Titled as Chope King and accompanied with the mantra of “XL Tissues for Parking Issues”, Uber set onward towards executing their campaign with the aid of BBH Singapore, numerous exemplary bloggers, and the social media sites.

A problem that Singaporeans have to constantly deal with is congestion in parking spaces. With their campaign, the multinational transportation company proposed the idea of reducing private car ownership while promoting carpooling and using transportation services. And to accomplish this, the company spread numerous tissue packets across the various parking spaces.

Being a vastly populated island city-state, Singaporeans are often seen performing the act of choping. Choping refers to the act of securing a public space with the help of a tissue (or chope) before someone else reaches it. By spreading numerous tissue packets or ‘chopes’ across the town, Uber spread the serious message amongst the citizens.

Albeit in a funny way, Uber tried to send a serious message regarding minimizing private ownership. On an everyday basis, drivers face numerous hours in congestion while searching for parking spaces. With their campaign, Uber tried to spread the principle of carpooling to improve the lives of citizens. In a manner, it worked for the city hasn’t suffered the same congestion as experienced by its South-East Asian cousins.

#2 Tiffany & Co.’s and Tiong Bahru Bakery’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Campaign

Breakfast at Tiffany’s was, undoubtedly, one of the most iconic movies produced in its era. One of the most iconic scenes in the movie featured Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) peering into Tiffany’s boutique while munching on her scrumptious croissant and sipping her piping hot coffee. The scene was quite moving, for it gave a provoking narrative to numerous women out there.

Recreating the scene has been a dream for numerous people out there. Earlier, doing so wouldn’t have been a possibility. It all changed when Tiffany & Co. partnered up with Tiong Bahru Bakery. With such a collaboration, popular flocked to the store in large numbers. This allowed Tiffany & Co. to successfully market their Paper Flowers collection. The partnership allowed local bakery brand Tiong Bahru Bakery to open a booth outside the ION Orchaid to give out free coffee and croissants.

Following the partnership, people started to flock and post pictures of the coffee cart and enjoy a free breakfast of croissants and coffee. Hashtags such as #tiffanypaperflowers and #tiongbahrubakery became a trend. Although organized for a limited period, the campaign saw a massive number of people flocking to the coffee cart and posting their clicked photos on social media. With trending hashtags spread all around, the campaign was deemed as one of the most successful of all time.

#3 Great Eastern’s SG50 Wish Fulfilment Campaign

In the year 2015, the city of Singapore celebrated its 50th year of independence. In the months leading to a particular date, the citizens and brands present in the country were saturated with joy and elation. Even more ecstatic were various companies present who flooded the streets with numerous campaigns.

One such company which ingeniously campaigned during this time was Great Eastern. Hailing from the city of Singapore itself, the brand had been providing insurance services for several generations of the population living in the city. During the celebrations, the company launched its “Making 50 wishes come true!” campaign.

For this, the company invited the public to write down their most desired wishes and aspirations. Out of these wishes, they would fulfill 50 of the most meaningful ones. Post-announcement of these wishes, the twitter blew up with hashtags and posts relating to this announcement.

And it was right done as well, for this campaign not only celebrated an auspicious event, but it also promoted the feeling of hope and aspiration for the citizens. Rather than giving out gratuities for their staff, the company performed an act to help contribute to the society, allowing the brand to reflect their business goals of providing their customers with security and peace in the future.

#4 Tiger Beer’s Unofficial History of Singapore

Tiger Beer was another company which deeply rooted a highly popular campaign during the SG50 celebrations. A notable company in Singapore, Tiger Beer, lined up a plethora of events and festivities for the people during the celebrations. However, the most ingenious of their campaigns was seen only during the second phase of their SG50 campaign.

During this period of the celebrations, the iconic beer brand wanted to uncage people from the usual celebrations that were being conducted. To provide people with a fresh bout of celebrations, the brand proposed to throw their unofficial party for the beer brand. And to proceed with this, Tiger Beer combined up with BBDO Singapore and organized a beer campaign.

Within the campaign, the public had the option for casting votes and choosing the aspects that they wanted at this unofficial party. Votes could be cast at a microsite, mobile stations, or even at the company’s Facebook page. Following this announcement, the company’s social media platform began to record a flurry of activities and vote-casting.

The company had a successful campaign in this duration. This success was owed to a certain catch implanted in the depths of the campaign. The catch was that tickets for the campaign couldn’t be purchased. Only those who cast their votes had the opportunity to win the tickets. In doing so, the company created a hype like never before.

#5 Burpple’s “Tummy Race” Campaign

Dropbox, the file hosting service, was highly popular for various range of reasons. One such reason was their brilliant marketing campaign known as the Space Race. This campaign was a huge inspiration for Singapore-based food journal company known as Burpple. And this led to them launching one of the cleverest known social media campaigns in 2013.

In 2013, Burpple partnered up with Lao Ban Soya Beancurd to provide a year’s. The winner of the campaign would be entitled to year’s worth of Lao Ban for free. Participating in the campaign was as simple as pouring a glass of water for oneself. All those people needed to do was to sign up on Burpple’s website or via an invitation from their friends.

Following this, the participants need to rack up points by completing simple and effortless tasks. A few such tasks included inviting friends to the platform, liking the company’s Facebook page, downloading Burpple’s app, and such. All these challenges could be performed in the form of a team or individually as desired by the people.

Burpple’s social media campaign was a huge success for a variety of reasons. The primary aspect was the simplicity of the campaign. Secondly, Lao Ban is a hugely popular campaign in Singapore attracting people in masses towards itself. Moreover, this was the first time in history that Lao Ban Soya Beancurd partnered with a technological company.

#6 Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” Campaign

2015 proved to be remarkable for Singapore. Apart from SG50, there were various other factors which contributed to making this time remarkable for the city. One of the reasons was Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” campaign which reached the Singaporean shores. Amid the SG50 celebrations, this campaign became even more amplified than it earlier was.

Traditional Coca-Cola bottles feature the company’s logo on their side. For the Share A Coke campaign, the company began to brand the cans and bottle with nicknames and phrases in place of their logo. Moreover, the auspicious SG50 event further propelled them to include several popular Singaporean terms such as Auntie, Uncle, Ah Boy, and such.

The campaign soon became highly popular amongst the citizens. Fascinated in finding a bottle their names and the names of their peers, they flocked in large numbers to the beverage shops. This event became even more crowded when the company invited people to share their “Share A Coke” stories on social media with the #ShareACoke hashtag.

The main reason for Coca-Cola in organizing this campaign was to celebrate the SG50 event. They said that the beverage had been a major player in bringing people together for decades. With this campaign, they wanted people to reminisce the various places and icons which played vast roles in making Singapore unique.

#7 iFly’s “So You Think You Can Fly” Campaign

Social media platforms have been the number one reason for engagement purposes. Companies are now better able to engage with their customers. And this has become a vast advantage, especially in cases where charitable activities are laid stress upon. And this is exactly what was done by Singapore’s iFly.

iFly wanted to raise a charity event for seven charities. To raise awareness for the event, the company vigorously used the power of social media to campaign for their event. Their marketing campaign was to be executed in the form of an integrated digital campaign which vastly utilized the powers of Facebook and YouTube.

The event featured five celebrities who were to go through for the event. These celebrities were to go through a structured training program before they took part in the final competition worth $35000 in cash and prizes for their respective charities.

The campaign attracted numerous fans with the prospect of winning prizes from all over the city. Moreover, the campaign also included various PR activities and community participation and blogger engagement. This added to the hype of the event and provided a memorable experience for both the viewers and celebrities alike.

#8 “Moving Feet Touching Lives” Campaign from The Ascott Limited

There are various ways in which companies can celebrate their anniversary. However, few might celebrate it as innovatively as The Ascott Limited. Instead, to use traditional ways to celebrate their anniversary, the company used this opportunity to hold an event for raising funds for charity.

To further this, they kicked off the Moving Feet, Touching Lives campaign in August 2014. For this, they extensively used their social media for raising hype for the event. According to the event, for every kilometer that a person covered, Ascott donated $1 for child welfare. The event vastly spread across continents as Ascott’s global family was encouraged to join in on the event.

It all started in Singapore and went on covering cities such as London, Bankok, and Phillippines. The global staff from the company went on covering distances. By the end of September in the same year, the company had generated more than $100,000 for needy children around the world.

#9 Lego’s “Rebuild” Campaign

SG50 was truly a wondrous time for social media marketing and campaigning, for it gave rise to numerous ingenious campaigns from various parts of Singapore. Lego, too, joined in. To contribute to the festivities and events, the company organized the Rebuild campaign.

It all started with enthusiasts creating a manifestation of Singapore in the next 50 years in the form of lego blocks. Ideas of various caliber were generated by the participants that included skyscrapers, highways, offices, and whatnot. However, it was only when children were brought in that the actual power of imagination was witnessed.

#10 Changi Airport’s #iamhome Campaign

Changi Airport is the final example of an exemplary usage of social media campaigning in Singapore. The airport too brought in an innovative campaign during the SG50 events. With a stirring campaign, the airport launched the “I Am Home” campaign that brought in about of nationalistic spirit amongst the citizens.

With the help of the campaign, the airport launched a song and a film that celebrated their commitment to the service and attention to detail which defined the brand. The social media campaign encouraged the citizens to visual the sentiment of their homes through the means of stirring images. Not only did the campaign help to draw national pride, but it also provided an opportunity for itself to showcase its features and facilities provided.


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