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Last few years have seen a great shift in Social Media habits of entrepreneurs around the world. Some do not know where to begin and drop their digital ideas even before beginning.

Some begin, wander aimlessly and by the time they think they understood social media, trends change, tastes change and there’s a need for entire revamp. That’s what Social Media is, a dynamic platform that can change by the week, day or even hour!

Content is the soul of Social Media, it’s the core essence which drives us to a platform every single day.

Many brands fail to recognize it importance. In today’s fast moving world, people prefer ‘to the point advice’ rather than lengthy step-by-step road map.

Let me help you decipher the cyber marketing arena! Here I present to you a book I wrote in 2018, ‘101 Content Marketing Tips on Social Media’.

It is a guide filled with tips, dos and don’ts and creative ideas that work, which I have compiled by my experience of handling multiple brands.

It’s filled with practices that you could work on immediately and a few tried and tested techniques which include contest ideas, strategic advice, interesting tools and lot more. All this is written in a complete quote style:

Some of the quotes from the handbook are presented below:

1. Ask yourself this before you start. Why should someone follow you or your brand on Social Media? Define the purpose.

2. Don’t compromise on great designs and videos. People get inspired by creativity on Social Media. It helps you define your class.

3. You sell what you show! So show things in style. Invest in great product photography and videos. Quality of images helps you stay distinguished.

4. Don’t use too much of content on your images, unless it’s an infographic. Visuals matter more than text. Facebook works on 20% text rule – which means 80% of image, 20% of text.

5. Gone are the days where 60 posts a month mattered on Facebook. Today, it is all about few amazing posts and how you sell them.

6. Social Media is Free, Social Media Marketing is Not! So if you are not investing, you are losing your audience

101 content Marketing Tips is a handbook that will pop out something helpful every time you open it and is a very handy guide for people struggling to start their digital adventure, or stuck along the way to trend online.

Even if one idea kicks off, I would achieve my purpose of drafting this book.

Btw, you can finish reading this book in just 15 minutes!

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