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People return to Facebook’s News Feed on average 14 times a day. Facebook advertising has proved to be a platform that allows businesses to increase their brand awareness and sales through enhance targeting and creative appeal. Ever since Facebook began visual content, photo/Image ad has been the most popular media type. It can be a good idea to experiment different versions of the ad and Facebook have always updated us with different ways to engage our audience. So, here are 3 new Facebook Advertising Methods which are recently updated with new features.

1. New Features for Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads were introduced last October and now Facebook have added some cool features relating to audio and text functionality, mobile creation and closer integration with existing, static images. This media type is more engaging than still image adverts.

  • Add text, select templates and make them colourful with the array of color options available creating a high visual appeal.
  • Audio tracks of different themes can be added to the slideshow, these tracks can be played on slower connection speeds.
  • You can also create slideshow from your android devices, making it easier for mobile users.
  • Use existing images from your page’s library or from the stock images that can be reused for these adverts.
  • Convert a video into a slideshow: A new tool for the marketers to take existing videos and turn them to slideshow which will deliver video creative to users on lower bandwidth connections. 10 still images that will be chosen automatically can be used to make a slideshow.

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2. Add more Images to Your Carousel Ads

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The number of images in the carousel ads has been doubled from 5 to 10. Showcase your products or tell a product story with the images you can create as the limit is been exceeded. There are more creative ways to use this format and to stand out from the crowded newsfeed. Now show off your product range with ad objective that will engage your audience in a smarter way.

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3. Facebook Video Ads

Videos on Facebook have been appreciated by the audience with the introduction of auto play videos and using this for ads could make it the best way to reach more people that matters you. Visual content is treated favourably in the Facebook algorithm and video ads are more likely to catch the eye of your potential audience. Make your ads in a way that grabs the attention of the audience. Some of the things that can be considered while making it:

  • Tell a crisp and add a value added appeal to your story. A story that keeps your audience engaged along the way.
  • Make the first few seconds of video interesting to catch people’s interest while scrolling down their news feed.
  • Video ads work across desktop and mobile. So, invest in the production and make a realistic video driving along the target audience. A well- crafted video that should play on all the devices, capturing the essence of getting leads.

People spend more time on Facebook than all major mobile properties combined. With 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. No matter what type of ad you make, your image needs to be visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Since these new features can add on value to the efforts taken, add them to your ad experiments and learn if they attract your audience. Share what you think about these updates on the comment section.

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