11 Effective Ways to Make Money Online

“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is”. – Oscar Wilde. How many of you have had the same thought as Oscar Wilde had? Have you ever had the thought that you could make some money through one […]

“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is”. – Oscar Wilde.

How many of you have had the same thought as Oscar Wilde had? Have you ever had the thought that you could make some money through one of the most easiest and fastest growing source of income today – Internet(Online market).

Internet is literally filled with hundreds and thousands of opportunities that pave their way to help you make a fast buck. Internet is an ocean full of opportunities where in one is always better than the other and so on and so forth and the sole one to choose and decide on the best for oneself is you.

In this post, we’ll run you through some unique and effective ways you could make money online and help you earn the extra money to strike off one/many item(s) on your “to buy” list.

1. Blogging:

Wouldn’t this be the first one on any one of our list who is looking out on making money online. Who would mind getting paid for working from home on creating/enhancing a topic of interest to them and share their views to one of the vastest audience in the world. Though blogging is not an easy task, it is definitely one of the first go to options if you want to make money online. It takes a lot of time, the ability to play with words and creativity but it’s absolutely a journey you would enjoy walking.

How to make money Blogging?

It’s obvious, you would need blog to start blogging and the best platform you can chose to blog is beyond doubts “WordPress”. Well, it’s your choice to go with free or paid hosting service, although there is notable difference between free and self hosted blogs which you need to understand before proceeding.

First learn how to get started with website and blog designing here

Once you understand the process know how to register a domain and installing WordPress using Hostgator

as this is far better than other domain registering services.

Next select a niche; this is the most crucial part of blogging as you will have to write about it over and over again. Make sure you pick a profitable niche  and get started with posting uncommon yet interesting content.

Once you hit 500 page views a day on your blog get started with Google AdSense which is an affiliate program that is based on pay-per-click rate.

Other options for making money via your blog would include – Selling E-books, Chitika, Amazon Associates  etc

2. YouTube:

YouTube is one of the top most sources for you to earn money online. It provides you with a platform where you can start earning money quickly.  Create videos which are interesting, relevant to something and sensible and not just something nobody would care about. YouTube pays well for monetized video. You can shoot one using your mobile/ handy cam/ professional camera or compile pictorial/animated videos, post them online and get paid for the ads being played before/during your video.

How to Make Money from YouTube:

You cannot expect dollars flowing through your bank account with method yet earning decent income is possible. Understand YouTube doesn’t pay you for someone watching your video; instead you will earn when someone clicks and watches an ad for 30 seconds that comes before your video starts.

  • Start with setting up and building your own YouTube Channel, it’s better to have a username that is short and catchy on users mind.
  • Post a video content that is of great quality and informative. If you try hard to keep the interesting content coming on regular basis, more likely you will have large number of subscribers.
  • Enable “Monetize with Ads” option so that YouTube can place ads in your video content.
  • Launching Google AdSense is another sensible option that pays you little per ad click and view but it will get accumulated with time, so having large audience and building strong community is important.
  • Don’t just sit back after uploading the video on YouTube, popularize it by posting the same on your blog and sharing embedded video link on other social channels.
3. Make products to sell:

Everyone is blessed with a special talent and one just needs to realize the same.  These days, internet/social media provides with a variety of platforms where people can sell their talent in the form of products. If you’re handy with arts and crafts, you can sell these through online stores. If you are the one who makes gorgeous jewellery/ cosy knit products or handmade cards and albums, then online market is definitely a great platform you could really rely on.

How to Make Money Selling Products:

According to Nielsen, number of people shopping online globally has moved from 10% to 85% in last two year. It gives a positive outlook far into future for merchants across the world. If you are one wanting to sell your products online then it’s time to get started with building an e-Commerce site. Let’s take a look at some of the popular methods of selling products online.

  • Hosted e-Commerce SolutionShopify  and BigCommerce  are the most popular hosted platform that allows selling your product on their server. These kinds of platform are easy to handle and comes with minimum hassle.
  • Self-Hosting e-Commerce Solution – Platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento will allow you to run the software on your server and give you more scope for customization. You can change the look and feel of your online shop and play with coding if you are good at it.
  • Selling via Online Marketplace – Online Marketplace is a good choice if you solely want to sell products and build credibility for your brand. Amazon, Ebay  and Etsy  are some of the marketplace that helps you cut down the noise and reach the targeted audience quickly.
4. Transcription Jobs:

 In today’s, world, where in everyone is looking out onto digitalizing everything, transcription jobs have become a boom. Though we totally rely on computer for everything these days, there are certain tasks which need human intervention and such are the online transcription jobs. In these, you need to listen to an audio/video or you may be asked to look out onto an image or a form and type out everything you can possible read/see in there.

How to Make Money with Transcription Jobs:

Transcription jobs are rather not easy or designed for everyone, it require high level of concentration and great listening skills. If you have them and also own a decent set of headphone, you can get started with transcription jobs. Basic pay would range from $0.6-0.7 per minute of audio but once you gain hands-on experience the job becomes much easier for the earrings you would receive. Here are some reliable websites that offer transcription jobs:

Rev  – Rev is one of the most popular online transcription service providers offering transcription assignment after you pass a skill test by them. It claims to offer $24 to $39 per audio hour.

TranscribeMe  – TranscribeMe is another reliable source when looking for transcription jobs. They generally offer short audio of about 10 seconds and pay you $20 for an hour. Payment is released weekly via PayPal.

Tigerfish  – Tigerfish is probably one of the oldest online company offering transcription jobs started in 1989. You will need transcription software and a foot pedal to when working on given audio files.

5. Offer to Upcycle/Recycle:

Buy low, sell high. Upcycling/recycling is playing a major role with everyone looking out for unique product to spice up their home/office. Also, you are in a way helping lessen the trash to be thrown by reusing the scrap/unnecessary items of one’s household/office.  Tickle your creativity and invite you to exercise your imagination to come up with different and unique creations from recycled & upcycled materials and sell them at a profit margin. Anyways as human, recycle should a part of our daily life where it is for money or for environmental purpose!

How to Make Money with Upcycle/Recycle:

Companies like and hipcycle  and recycle  offer amazing upcycle/recycle products. You can learn online about how to make the best out of waste and club that with your own creativity to come up something unusual and mind-blowing! All of us should learn the art of recycle as part of our daily routine whether it is for cash or for the sake of the environment.

6. Design for Websites:

With the fast growing online market, everyone is looking out on creating a virtual market to sell their products/goods/talent. All one needs is a computer, and internet connectivity to run one’s own web design business from home and make exceptionally good money. If you are one with a creative mind, then click your mouse, use the keys on the keyboard and design themes/templates/skins/logos/watermarks etc. and sell your creative skills in a virtual manner.

How to Make Money Designing Website:

There are various sites offering freelance website designing jobs, including logo design, banner design, flash themes etc. Some of the reliable sites offering these jobs are as follows:

Create an account on above sites and get started designing your brain out. Another great way to make money designing website template is on WordPress. Yes, Internet is flooded with WordPress themes but WordPress is still a baby when it comes to “Niche Themes”. So you can design themes particularly say for Lawyers, Hospitals, dentists, NGOs etc and sell them to the prospects.

7. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is one of the most successful ways to make money online. Build a strong resume and have fluency in the language you’re writing the content. There are lots of websites online which pay for freelance blogs up to thousand bucks per article accepted by them. Make sure you’re good at writing before you start making content for others, if not brush up your language, grammar skills and knowledge about the platform you prefer writing on.

How to Make Money with Freelance Writing:

Writers can be segregated in different types – Copy Writer, Freelance Blogger, Guest Blogger, Review Writer and Author. They may be differently recognized but their passion remains the same – Writing. If you are new to writing, then check out these 12 tips on writing your first blog post  to make it more effective. Here are some ways you can make money by doing freelance writing.

Writing for Revenue-Sharing Websites – Revenue-Sharing websites such as Hubpages, Teckler, and Dailytwocents, offer small amount in exchange of web traffic. In the sense, you will be paid certain amount for every click/view or comment per post. Make sure you understand their terms and condition before proceeding post your article on such sites.

Writing for Clients based Sites – Client based sites have fixed rates for their writers; however the writing quality is measured on the scale of 1 to 5 and paid accordingly. iWriter, Contentmart, Textbroker, About are some sites you can get started and earn for each approved post. If you are really good at producing quality content, you are sure to make a living out it.

Writing Guest Posts – You need to be a maven when producing a guest post, as they are not easily accepted by professional blogs/sites. FreelanceFolderFreelanceWritingGigs , InkWellEditorial  are excellent blogs that pay well for each approved guest post.

8. Draw/Doodle:

Do you love to draw or doodle? Then what can be better than to turn your hobby into your profession. There are companies and people all over the world looking for quirky sketches and ideas to use and if you are the one who has a good command and hold on your pen/pencils then doodling is the fun way to earn. Design/ doodle for websites that sell customized coffee mugs/ bags/ tee-shirts/umbrellas etc which are designed and printed as per ones requirements and make money the doodle way.

How to Make Money with Drawing/Doodling

Again this kind of work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, one need to be highly creative, imaginative and extremely good at drawing to survive in this industry. There are some amazing sites where you can sell your work and make decent income, here they are:

Fiverr – You can place your doodle on Fiverr and get minimum if $5 for each one.

Doodlersannonymous  – This is another site where you can sell your drawings and created doodles, the site also held contest like “Draw Your Line” that give away exciting prizes.

9. Influencer Marketing

This is rather a new concept but has become increasingly popular in recent times. Since Social Media has now become part of our daily lives, active users with large follower base or friends on such sites get paid by brands/influencer agencies to post content on their respective profiles. The pay is corresponding to the user’s ability to promote and also their base they’re promoting the campaign to.

How to Make Money with Influencer Marketing:

The basic idea is to become an “Influencer” in your preferred niche. Influencers are of many types – Blogger, Author, Activists, Celebrity, and Journalist to name a few. These people are expert in particular niche and focused in offering valuable information to their fan following. That’s want make them Influencer, if you have the ability produce quality content consistently and remain active on social media Influencer Marketing is probably for you!

  • If you are an influencer and highly visible over social media network, then big brands would automatically contact for getting their brand promotion done by you. You will be rewarded with free sample, money or some other way according to the number of engagement you build.
  • Another way is to get yourself registered with Influencer marketplace such as Digital Influencer,  InfluencerPlus  and HireInfluencer  where your profile is exposed to many reputed brands and companies.
10. Stock Photography

If photography is just not a hobby but a passion for you then seriously consider snapping images that can fetch you some handsome money. There are enormous opportunities to turn your skills in to profit. You will come across tons of online websites wanting to grab awesome photos for their blogs, brochures and various projects. Just step out with your favorite camera and shoot some pictures in an extraordinary way and upload them on to popular stock photo site.

How to Make Money with Stock Photography:

The concept is simple; you make money when companies purchase your photo. However, you need to be careful while choosing the site for uploading your available pictures. Read their terms and conditions as each site would keep some percentage of profit you make from your image. Some of the stock photo sites you can get started with are:

11 Online Survey

Frankly, this is a boring job but it is easy indeed. If you have some spare time and don’t mind doing monotonous kind of job then you consider getting registered with online survey sites. Actually, you can do this while watching TV, listening to music or when you have nothing to do. There are many companies wanting to understand consumer behavior and perform market research by conducting online survey. All you have to do is fill up the given form with accurate information and earn minimum of $1 per survey!

How to Make Money with Online Survey:

Finding a legitimate online survey site is probably the only problem you will face when planning to take up this job. Check out our hand-picked legitimate site that will reward you with cash, free gifts, discount coupons etc.

The Bottom Line

Well, as said earlier, Internet is an ocean full of opportunities and we have just listed a few of the options above. There are various other options which you can try out and earn online few of which are teach online, freelancing, buy/sell/resell product online, sell voice through voice over’s for advertising commercials, code and design applications, buy and sell domain names, make and sell music, etc.

They may/may not be applicable for all of you but we hope that they help you get an idea of what you can do with the greatest platform available, online market. It is never wrong to try and explore your talent, if not anything, all you earn is experience. These are some of the effective ways that can help you make money online with none or a very little monetary investment and a lot of creativity, time, patience and talent.

Now that you’ve got many different options to start earning online, I recommend you to figure out your interests, use the options available, gather all the knowledge you can through online sources, experiment, learn what you enjoy and follow a particular path to build your business. Remember, to be successful in anything you do, you need to enjoy doing it and be dedicated towards it. Good luck!

We would love you know if we could be of any help to you. Make sure to comment about them below.


  1. Vishnu Sharma

    Hi Sorav..this is a great bolg for people like me who are new or scared of digital marketing.I am a musician, author and yoga instructor.My organization “live the NOW” carries the message “live your greatness- live the NOW” thorugh music, vlogs and live music shows.

    I have started blogging, vlogging and tweeting and also sharing on FB. Si this sufficient or do you suggest linkedin and may be otehr platforms too.Also what is the best frequency and time for blogging , tweeting and updating FB.

    • SoravJain

      Very glad Vishnu 🙂
      You should blog almost everyday to begin with!
      Build your community 🙂

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