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Today Twitter announced that it will soon be launching an enhanced version of Twitter that will help promote you and your brand better called “Let’s Fly”.  Here are 10 Good changes about #NewTwitter that I am amazed in advance to feel it soon. It’s just 4 tab and a new brand page that makes a difference and here are 10 values that users get via the New Twitter:

  1. Changes in Home Page: Your home is where you access to the tweets of people you follow. The difference is the tweets of the people you follow comes on the right side of the page break and on the left you see the trends, who to follow, stats (Just viceversa to the old twitter, refer to the image below).  Photos, videos and conversations are embedded directly in Tweets so one can see the complete story of what you marketing blog
  2. Change in Mention: The new @mention is now called ‘@Connect’ feature which I like the most is instilled here too: You can Track your impact across Twitter. Interactions shows all the actions other people take related to you and your Tweets. See who follows you, retweets or favorites one of your Tweets, or adds you to a list.
  3. Change in Hashtag Access:  Initially we searched for tweets and hashtags via the search tab, it has now been replaced with the term “# Discover” – helps you discover stories on the hashtag that comes with embedded conversations, videos and photos.
  4. The New ‘Me’ page:  Me tab gives you an opportunity to showcase your interest, lists you have created, lists you are listed on, your favorites, following and followers ratio. The best feature of the Me tab is that you can now stay current on your direct message conversations too.
  5. Changes to Tweeting Feature: The tweeting style, tweeting limits is similar just that the above value has added the feathers to the bird, which can now make your twitter experience better and help you fly high. The above changes will be reflected in your twitter profile on mobile phones too.
  6. New Brand Page: Twitter is also introducing enhanced profile pages for the brands that can make twitter a hotspot for the brands.  The page is not competing with Facebook at any instance. This new twitter business page gives few value added elements to the brands from their usual tweeting experience.                                  digital marketing blog
  7. Branding on the Brand Page: The Twitter profile page for brands allows marketers create an impression with a large header image for displaying your logo, tagline, and any other visuals (as in the picture above)
  8. Promoted Tweets: Marketers can control the message visitors see on the first visit on the brand’s twitter profile, it allows them to promote a particular tweet to the top of your brand page’s timeline. This feature helps marketers the most engaging and important content and bring more value to the brand by better connecting to the target audience.
  9. Embedded Version: The promoted tweets on brands page gets automatically embeds conversations, videos or photos the marketers link to from the tweet, thus making your profile look richer and enhancing the value of promoted tweet.
  10.  Its Free: The brand page and the promoted tweets are not chargeable and is completely free of cost. As twitter says it’s Your profile page is your own – your colors, your logo, and your messaging

I would just say; it’s a very Smart move Twitter!

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