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Sorav is a branding expert, an agency owner, trainer, keynote speaker and a digital marketing consultant with several award-winning campaigns.

About the Author

Sorav Jain is an entrepreneur, and one of India’s top digital marketing and social media marketing experts. He is also a skilled consultant, trainer, author and speaker. He has a qualified Master’s in International Marketing Management from Leeds University Business School and is a proud alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai. Sorav started his career at the age of 17 as an SEO executive and carries about ten years of Industry experience.

Sorav spearheads echoVME, a digital marketing agency based out of Chennai, where some of the best Social Media Strategists work in tandem to drive results. Sorav believes ‘Digital Marketing is All About Practise’ and hence acclaimed organisations like Bosch India, Ramco Systems, Ramco Smart Build, Oliva Clinic, Equitas, Infinitheism, Cashkaro.com, The Hindu Events, Smart CEO Magazine, Urban Tree Infrastructures, Oliva Clinic, Kay Fashions, Chu Chu TV, JCS Jewel Creations, Datri, Welona Clinic, SPR Highliving, Wink, Fomra Housing, Manyavar and another 50+ brands are part of echoVME‘s client list.
Owing to his passion for teaching Digital, in September 2019, Sorav started Digital Scholar, India’s first agency-styled Digital Marketing agency. It is situated in Chennai and covers more than 12 different modules that touch all the major aspects of Digital Marketing. The approach is more agency-based, which goes beyond classroom training; this makes students work-ready from day one.
Sorav has been listed as Top Social Media Marketers under the age of 30 by Social Samosa and Global Youth Marketing Forum has awarded him as ‘Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India‘. Sorav has trained more than 100,000 professionals in the field of Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Facebook Advertisements and has offered his lectures at Confederation of Indian Industry, NASSCOM, TiE Chennai, TiE Coimbatore, National Entrepreneurship Network, IIM – Kozhikode, LIBA, GLIM, Madras Chamber of Commerce, PSE University and at various other prestigious institutes.
Sorav is also a corporate trainer and regularly hosts programs for 2020MSL, Hanmer MSL, Times Internet, Genpact, Shriram Value, Bosch India, Preethi Appliances, Hexaware, Communicate India and many other IT, PR, digital and advertising agencies.
Sorav drives one of the top Digital Marketing communities on Facebook with 60,000+ Members titled Digital Marketing Question and Answers on Facebook.
Sorav is on a mission to reach out to rural India to teach Digital Marketing. And hence he launched a Free Hindi Digital Marketing course to help people define the purpose of using digital. Sorav has also authored some of the highly insightful books about Digital Marketing. His first book was “Social Media for Business” which was a well-written compilation of cases of Indian Brands. His next book was ‘101 Content Marketing Tips on Social Media’ which was a quick handbook full of practical tips. Next up is his latest book, Become a Brand, which is a comprehensive guide on how to build your personal brand on Social Media with many examples and Case Studies from local, Indian and Global market.
So if you are looking to hire an expert in SMM, SMO, SEO, and Personal Branding, then book a consultation meeting with Sorav now! For Consulting, call: +91 9176402555


1) How to become a social media expert?

Becoming a social media expert requires dedication and through effort in terms of your content. From staying consistently updated with the latest trends, to coming up with new ways to increase engagement with your page, building your niche is what sets you a class apart as an expert.

2) Will you increase the leads for my business?

Yes, every aspect of the brand strategy that is proposed is engineered towards garnering more leads for your business. Through a 360-degree social media marketing expert approach, your leads will increase across various platforms.

3) Can you set up my Social Media Accounts?

Yes, it can be done. We employ social media expert techniques to set up and maintain your presence across multiple platforms. The aim here is to increase your brand’s reach in India and maybe even beyond that!

4) What are the ways to handle negative comments or reviews on Social Media?

Content is subjective, you can’t please everyone. That being said, you can use constructive criticism for effective social media optimization. The experts don’t dwell on negativity, they look to the horizon with a positive attitude.

5) What social platforms should my brand be present on?

Each social media platform has its strengths, and you should choose platforms that align well with your brand values. For example, a fashion brand would benefit most from being active on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks to calculated SMM, however, brands in India can market themselves on practically any platform with expert assistance.

6) What social media services does Sorav Jain provide?

As a reputed social media advertising expert, Sorav Jain provides extensive 360-degree services for all your social media needs. From managing your social media pages to running creative digital campaigns for leads, we’ve got you covered.

7) How do I measure ROI in social media?

Social media ROI is a complex concept that can be quantified through various methods. At its core, social media ROI is gauged by how many digital leads are converted into concrete business opportunities.

8) Do I need an SMM manager?

A social media marketing manager can help elevate your brand to the next level across digital platforms. Their expert approach harnesses the latest trends and applies them to ensure your brand performs well in the digital sphere.

9) Can I repost the same content to different social media platforms?

Yes, you can. However, when social media experts repost, it is the occasional exception rather than the rule. Not all follower bases are the same. Curated content for individual platforms goes a long way in furthering engagement.

10) How do I get more followers on Instagram?

The best way to increase your follower count on Instagram is to put yourself out there with niche content. Use popular hashtags for better discoverability, and ride the wave of trends that benefit your brand. Hiring Instagram marketing experts can help you with this consistently.

11) What are the personal branding services provided by Sorav Jain?

As a social media strategist, Sorav Jain provides a wide range of personal branding solutions for social media. As expounded in his publication #BecomeABrand, Sorav Jain offers holistic solutions for personal branding on all the major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition to this, solutions for more conventional avenues like blogging and podcasts are also available.


Sorav has delivered Digital Marketing Services and Digital Marketing Training programs in last 5 years to various organizations and individuals and this is what people got to say about him and his team’s work:

Naru Narayanan, Co Founder,

Xcode Life Sciences, President TiE Chennai Chapter (2015)

digital marketing blog

Good thing about Sorav is, that he delivers as per expectation and provides good value for money. Has an intimate knowledge in his area of expertise and is very good in communicating the same

Harsh Vardhan, Executive Vice President, Ramco Systems,

Global Marketing and Channels (2015)

digital marketing blog

We have been using echoVME’s service for the last three years and are happy with the quality of service they provide. Social Media management requires a 24/7 ownership and we have been able to get that from Team echoVME. With the right guidance and support, today we have grown our social presence substantially. Thanks to Sorav & team for being a great partner in our journey

Amrit Ahuja, Client Services Director, 2020 MSL,

Technology Practice Lead Asia

digital marketing blog

Sorav Jain is the best digital trainer we have partnered with for training our people on digital tools. Sorav has had a long standing relationship of over 3 years with our organisation and he has trained our people across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai. His vast knowledge of the tools and the ever changing digital environment encourage us to go back to him for refresh sessions. Sorav’s pleasant mannerism and ability to connect with people instantly makes the sessions fun and interactive

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