10 Amazing Tools to Kick Start Your Video Marketing

We often hear “content is the king”, but year 2015 has proved that “video” is the future of content marketing. Few years down the line, what would you prefer, reading article online or watching it? Of course, watching is more interesting and appealing, as a customer can get the information he wants in maybe less […]


We often hear “content is the king”, but year 2015 has proved that “video” is the future of content marketing. Few years down the line, what would you prefer, reading article online or watching it? Of course, watching is more interesting and appealing, as a customer can get the information he wants in maybe less than 30 seconds via a video. Video Marketing is simple, when you use a video to promote your business, brand, event, product or service we call it video marketing. This helps to boost online presence and conversion rates, apart from satisfying people’s information and entertainment needs. A one minute video is more than a million words.

In last 2 years (2014 and 2015) we have observed singnifcant changes in the way videos has been delivered:
– Facebook introduced video auto play on mobile and desktop! Not many can ignore watching these videos.
– Instagram introduced 15 seconds video option inline with vine.
– Periscope was launched that made live broadcasting on Twitter easier.
– Twitter and Facebook video ads became more prominent with time.
– YouTube Red was launched for people to subscribe for an ad free experience.
– Rise of standup comedians and youtube singers.
– Brands started to tie up with the video producers to place the product or come up with a comic video involving the product.

The video marketing industry is booming and audiences are enjoying videos more than blogs and articles. Its time brand starts focussing on creating videos and here are some easy video making tools that can help you create fantastic videos:

1. Youtube Editor – Youtube Editor is one of the most popular and widely used video marketing tools that is much easier to deal with than traditional desktop editing program. This one is free and has build-in editing and sharing capabilities after you login to your YouTube account. You can give your video a professional feel with this editor that works great on all devices. You are free to add annotations and transcripts to created videos making them SEO friendly.

2. Wideo – Wideo is fun website that allows you to create regular and high-quality animated videos without using any programming or coding efforts. Wideo has plenty of options like, drag and drop, background images, animation sequence, music etc to give that appealing touch. Wideo allows adding your personalized logo, images and sound track while creating videos. You can also add your own image, audio files and video footage to make your video marketing campaign look promising. Create, edit and share the videos online for free with Wideo!

3. Animoto – Animoto is an awesome application that can save lot of your time, effort and work when creating video marketing campaign https://www.soravjain.com/11-video-marketing-campaigns-india-year-2013. Animoto automatically create amazing orchestrated and unique videos using your photo, clips, music and images. The video goes online immediately and is extremely easy to embed to your blog or site. It syncs well with major social sites like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket and SmugMug. The basic plan is free that gives you unlimited access to creating 30-second videos, with HD option and 600+ music tracks to enhance the video.

4. PowToon – PowToon is a web application that helps you to create animated presentations with narrations, embedded videos and music for free. PowToon is highly applicable for marketing purpose that creates quick and intuitive message bites for engaging viewers. PowToon is straightforward to use with no software download requirement. Small business owners and marketers will simply love using PowToon for creating their business presentations using countless styles, effects and images.

5. MagnetVideo  – MagnetVideo is a real great website for creating and editing videos that promises to fulfill the conversion target of any video marketing campaign. Apart from quickly creating marketing videos, it also offers cloud-based video streaming across web, mobile and social networks. It also helps you develop multi-channel video marketing strategy that improves your over-all corporate image. MagnetVideo gives you complete tracking solution of viewer’s engagement right at your dashboard.

6. WeVideo – WeVideo is the fast-growing cloud based video editor that can truly simplify your video marketing campaign. It has a decent free version that allows creating 5min video a month with a resolution up to 720p and a storage limit of 2GB. This one also easily connects to YouTube and other web video series so there is no download or upload require. Most interesting factor of WeVideo is that you can call your friends/members to collaborate and contribute videos. The free version also lets you publish video without WeVideo watermask or bumper with a greater access to music library up to 50 tracks.

7. Stupeflix Studio – StupeFlix Studio is extremely helpful in creating and editing high-quality videos in seconds. Creating a video for marketing campaign can never be this interesting, all you need to do is create an account and get started by uploading images, clips and adding soundtracks to it. StupeFlix amazingly allows 20-min long video for free that can be shared on major social networks without much hassle. StupeFlix interface is very friendly and easy to use, even for those who are new in video marketing.

8. VideoScribe – VideoScribe based in UK is a comprehensive animation software program. Many marketers, graphic designers, video makers and promoters are making use of VideoScribe to create whiteboard-style animated videos that are really powerful. You can share them on Facebook, YouTube and PowerPoint right from VideoScribe. Just create a free account and take advantage of 7day-free-trial. Download the software to your PC or Mac and make your first scribe now!

9. Flipgram – Flipgram is available ever since video marketing started gaining popularity. This tool helps you combine images and create short videos in no time. If you love to post videos on Instagram and Facebook, Flipgram is just apt. Flipgram allows you to create interesting slideshow, musical videos, lipsyncs, and stop-motion with many music tracks. What’s more? Flipgram is a free for IOS, Andriod and Windows!

10. VideoToolBox – Videotoolbox represents them as “future of video editing” and that holds true as the platform is not only free but also analyses your video files and displays detailed information about the codec, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc. It can process up to 600MB file and converts video in to all popular video formats. Features like adding watermask, cropping, merging files, demux, thumbnail of created videos are all available with Videotoolbox.

So, which video marketing tools did help you the best for creating, editing and sharing your marketing campaign?


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