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At present, many digital media marketing analysts rely on digital marketing analytics tools for a faster and an accurate website analysis report. These tools are used as a reference guide to check the current status of your website and to make a competitive analysis study. With the help of a digital marketing tool, you can […]

At present, many digital media marketing analysts rely on digital marketing analytics tools for a faster and an accurate website analysis report. These tools are used as a reference guide to check the current status of your website and to make a competitive analysis study. With the help of a digital marketing tool, you can make a complete analysis of your website starting from keyword research, to backlink analysis, to content analysis and to the on-page SEO analysis.

Manual website analysis is considered by many digital marketing experts in the industry as time-consuming and difficult to make a quantitative analysis of your website. Now there are many digital marketing tools in the online hemisphere that are both free and paid. Every online marketing analytics tools have its own database, ranking parameters and analysis structure for various websites. So it is necessary to consider the most reliable and accurate digital marketing reporting tools that will give a proper insight to your website improvement.

So what is that digital marketing tool that is well-known and used by many digital marketers?

AHREFS is one of the most popular digital marketing analysis tools used for preparing audit report, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis and many more. It is used extensively for SEO analysis. Apart from the SEO backlink analysis, for which it is well-known in the digital marketing field, it is also useful for keyword analysis and website rankings. AHREFS uses different SEO metrics to analyse and provide quantitative results for every website analysis done. About a year back, AHREFS also used to offer the free version. But today, that is not the case anymore.

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AHREFS started off with as a digital marketing tool only for backlink analysis. But over the period of time, things changed. The technical developers of AHREFSs found ways to utilize their massive data and come up with other website analysis like review keyword ranking positions, keyword research, and content analysis.

So what makes AHREFS a cut above the rest of the other digital marketing tools? In other words, in how many ways it can help you perform an accurate website analysis? Here are 10 ways of how AHREFS can help you achieve that.

#1. It provides qualitative inputs for the organic search report

Through its site explorer tool, AHREFS analysis your website holistically and come up with details that gives you a complete picture of what needs to be done to improve your site’s visibility and ranking in all the search results.

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The above screenshot shows us how AHREFS tool is very helpful in giving you a comprehensive website traffic analysis by including the number of backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic and the traffic value that a website gets.

#2. Extensive backlink analysis report

AHREFS is a well-known tool for the SEO backlink analysis of a website. This digital marketing analysis tool gives a complete load down of all the backlinks got from different 3rd party referral sites. You can also get the backlink analysis report of your competitor’s website. So that you are able to get an idea of which other higher domain authority sites, you need to get backlinks from. Unlike other backlink checker tools like SEMrush, Moz, or Majestic, AHREFS provides link data by using its own crawler like Googlebot. In this backlink report, you can also know how many number of backlinks that you have got from various types of referral sites like .org,.net,.com, educational, and government.

Indeed, this tool is a digital marketer’s delight as it provides extensive details for backlink analysis like referring IPs, backlink type, backlink follows status, social metrics and HTTP status.

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As you are aware, Google ranks your website in top 10 position in search results, if you have high-quality backlinks. As seen in the above screenshot, AHREFS tool does provide you a glimpse of how many backlinks that you have currently and you will be able to make a comparison for previous months as well as with your major competitors.

#3. Keyword research tool provides competitor keyword analysis

In AHREFS’ keyword research report you get the best idea of which keywords that you need to optimize for improving the website ranking. This tool uses its own crawler to collect the search volume data from keyword planner. What differentiates AHREFS from other tools including Google keyword planner, is that it also lets you know what keywords your competitors are using for optimization. This definitely helps your website use the similar keywords or its variations so that there is a scope for improving your website ranking. They also provide analysis report for paid keywords as well.

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Unlike Google Analytics, it will be time-consuming to dig deep in analysing the top performing keywords for your website. Because you don’t get to know for which keyword, a visitor has come to your website. Most of the time, you only see ‘Not Provided’ or ‘Not Set’ in the Analytics. Whereas in AHREFS tool, you get to know the exact keywords that are used by the visitors to login to your website as shown in the screenshot above.

#4. Content Explorer

Content marketing has become the mainstay of SEO for every website. So it is important for you to know what type of content you will need to create so that you can see more Facebook likes and shares for them. With the help of content explorer, you can prepare a content strategy on any given topic. This is also useful for you to track any freelance writers for guest post opportunities.

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Content Explorer is another important feature of AHREFS tool that lets you know the lists of popular content, based on the performance metrics like social shares, organic search traffic, and Referring domains.

#5. AHREFS rank

AHREFS has its huge collection of data. So this tool is able to track the website traffic flow and use different parameters to rank a domain and make a comparison with its other competitive domains.

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Like some of the other tools, AHREFS also uses its own parameters to give a ranking for your website. It is called as AHREFS Rank’. The above screenshot displays the rank for soravjain.com.

#6. URL Rating

Unlike other digital marketing tools, AHREFS provides a unique perspective into website analysis. They have URL rating that guides a webmaster as to which URL is performing well. In other words, it tells you which URL is receiving more links both quantitatively and qualitatively. This helps in improving the URL performance by adding the keyword rich title tag, meta description and also the content. This plays a major role in website ranking in the search engine results.

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URL Ratings from AHREFS lets you which are the URLs that are performing well for the website as seen here.

#7. Historical Backlink Data Analysis

In website analysis, it is important to keep track of your historical data, in particular, the Backlinks. There might be a situation where the backlinks acquired in the past might no longer be live. It helps you to make a comparison with those backlinks that are live at present. That is why AHREFS digital marketing tool is cut above the rest as it gives you the historical backlink data analysis report.

It gives you two options: Live Index shows all the backlinks that are still present after AHREFS’ re-crawl.

Fresh Index contains all the new backlinks that are indexed after the previous crawl and also those backlinks that are no longer live.

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With the help of this tool, you can make a historical data analysis of the way your website has performed in the past months. The above screenshot shows the backlink performance over the past few months for www.soravjain.com.

#8. Link Intersect

Most of the digital marketing tools for analysis give information only about your website’s current shape in terms of SEO rankings and backlink analysis. There are very few of the tools that let you know from which sites, your competitors are getting backlinks. This is one other factor where AHREFS can help you in preparing an SEO audit report in a holistic way.

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AHREFS’ site explorer has link intersect that allows you to add three of your competitors URL and see how they are faring as compared to you in the SEO backlinks as shown in the screenshot above.

#9. To perform a better competitor analysis

This tool provides you with a detailed competitor analysis report. It gives you complete ideas as to which are the competitors that are doing better than yours in SERP. Based on this report, you can do a rethink on your content strategy and target more effectively.

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AHREFS is a very useful tool in performing a better competitive analysis that has the following details like Disavow links, Backlinks, URL Rating, Domain Rating, URL Rating and Referring Domains as seen in the above screenshot.

#10. You can develop a perfect content strategy

Take a look at this scenario for instance. You want to create a content that can be published in PR site and thereby see more visitors to your site. But you are not sure what type of content that people prefer to read and also what the publishers are looking for. In such a case, what you do?

Well, AHREFS has provided the answer with its Content Explorer report. This helps you to understand which relevant topic is trending at the moment and how many publishers are looking for such content. By analysing those details, you can create that sort of perfect content that will see more page views and thereby more visitors to your website. Also, the best part is even if it has been published by one publisher itself, you can still see improvement in the website traffic.

Overall, as compared to other digital marketing analysis tools, AHREFS fairs better not only for backlink analysis but also for complete website improvement both On-Page and Off-Page analysis.

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The above screenshot lets you know that which are the top referring content for your website and the type of content that you need to create to get quality backlinks. In the above screenshot, soravjain.com has got more referral links from echovme.in.

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