240 Social Networking & Collaboration Sites – I Admire! (Many have commercial abilities)

Web 2.0 in technical terms would mean web development and web design that facilitates interactive sharing in collaboration with the World Wide Web, but when one asks me about the same, my answer would rather be growing above, with no such word known as “Limitations”, with facilities under one shell. When I say all under […]

Web 2.0 in technical terms would mean web development and web design that facilitates interactive sharing in collaboration with the World Wide Web, but when one asks me about the same, my answer would rather be growing above, with no such word known as “Limitations”, with facilities under one shell. When I say all under one shell, it mean getting anything is stop from a social network, being it with colleagues, business mates or with friends to online calendars, blogging, bookmarks and all the accessories that can make your job easy on net.

Web 2.0 is a full-on site for social networking segment, but it comes with an added package of including a good amount of viral marketing in it. So what best than a combination of philosophy, advertising, technology, ease of use and other limitless aspects with a single aim of making things easier for the masses can be provided in Web 2.0.

As I have promised to all my readers about giving a ready to digest information about popular social networking sites, here I start with my task in the list below.

1. 30 boxes: Fed-up of giving excuses, of forgetting your close one’s birthday? the very next nice thing that can happen to you is 30 boxes, which would serve as a savior at times, and would help you coup up with the memory loss problems, with its best online calendar, where in you can at the right time remember the important dates to get its work done to painless organization and sharing.

2. 43 Things: The social goal setting service is an influential tool for edifice motivation and confidence and helpful in creating results. It also acts as an amazing advertising tool, as at times it would help the user to opt for things that are advertised and would help achieving the goals of the customer.

3. 43 places : Travel changes people is the tagline of this popular site. 43 places help you find great places right from coffees shop in your city to life altering trip around the world. This zone will assist you make a list of great places you want to visit and share stories and photos of the places you have been. On the right side bar you can choose among the various cities listed. On a click, you are taken to the lists of most popular places that people in that particular city have bookmarked. This run on the same platform of 43 things. People can also view what have they commented about you on the list and also being featured on 43 Place’s “popular with locals” sidebar is great advertising, and for a startup it is pride to get on the list. Marketers can use this zone to get on the ‘most popular among the locals’ list.

4. 51 : Claims to be the largest China based social networking tool that has got more than more than 160 million registered users. Allows members to interact, share data, music, videos similar to as other social networking site. The site is in Chinese but allows translation in English. 51’s marketing centre showcases some of the wonderful case studies on how 51 have turned out to be effective for marketing.

5. AirSet : The AirSet service is so much that it would churn out all the hectic things that you would worry for in just one zest, you would be able to organize your work life along with your personal life all in the similar time. You can synchronize data’s like contacts, calendars and lists from your PC to web to your phone in few steps. Updates through newsletters and blogs are also quite easily possible. The marketing techniques can play in well on AirSet as this is the site which is connected to a person’s business, family, school and other community, giving in a lot of way to new add on customers.

6. Ajchat : Ajchat is an ajax based chat room, this would help you in recognizing the communities and creating chat groups online.

7. Askeet : This is a question and answer site and be it questions from a personal queries to market updates all would be available just right away a click, relating to the same the advertisers can step in and showcase their adds to this website as this would certainly reach the crowd who might be in need of something that you would like to showcase.

8. Asoboo : Asoboo is not just another social networking site, it not only connects you to people around the world but also showcases different places to roam and places of interest for the tourists in and around Asia Pacific regions, giving way to the marketers a platform to portray their ads relating to tourism and other related activities. It also serve as a job portal for job seekers.

9. Associated Content : This is a most exciting and interesting site, information from arts, entertainment, automotive business, finance, health, lifestyle, and travel to sports. Reaching out a huge network, sites like this makes it easier for the marketers to target its customers as this would act like a service at a single door.

10. Ameblo : Ameblo is japan’s most famous networking site and is listed among the top 10 social networking sites of the world (Comscore research data). Ameblo is not for you unless you know Japanese. Site has got exceptionally well features such as games, blogs, entertainment options and more to keep the users tied.

11. A2ZProfiles: A social networking site that works on credit system. On registration you get a 1000 AZPs. Members can utilize this facility to perform non-premium activities on the platform and the AZP account will initially be in debit or overdrawn. Popular but confusing and loosing its value because there are other networking sites providing similar service as A2Z for free.

12. BareWiki : One step ahead is Barewiki for its collaborative notes, which has an access to controlling the actions, with features like collaboration and teamwork with a tint of privacy involved in using it. More for corporate use.

13. Basecamp : End of hassle free work with regards to project management, with and ace tool known as Basecamp, be it sharing files, meeting deadlines, assign task, centralize feedback or even make your clients smile, it does it all in few clicks of your mouse. I have been using this for getting access to one of client’s feedback on my work for them. It avoids hassles of mailing and helps client keep track of my work. Not definitely for marketing purpose.

14. Bazaar voice : It helps you to integrate rating systems, review & recommendation features to your e-commerce websites that makes your ecommerce website a social interaction hub to.

15. BiddingBuddies : Not just another social networking site, but offers an ultimate wisdom with regards to various sites be it from training, education to anything that can be discussed in a net roof.

16. Bebo: Bebo is the UK & Ireland’s most popular social networking site. Marketers can create their company’s profile page on Bebo and can interact with its fan directly via the fan page similar to as facebook fan page.

17. Billmonk : An ace site with its eye on helping you keep track with your finances, an easy way to track expenses between friends and to settle them up easily online, marketers like the billing section and the banking can a take up a stand to publish their ads into it.

18. Bizfriendz : Increase your online presence and your sales as well as develop new business contacts and partnerships through this social media platform. Earn money while you build your network through ticket sales for events you create and through first- and second-tier referral fees from others who join your network and use.

19. Biznik: If you hate isolation, need more clients and customers, want to raise your visibility and need help with certain parts of your business, then Biznik might be right for you. While LinkedIn provides a great venue to seek new work, Biznik is for sharing ideas online and face-to-face.

20. BlinkList : A smart social bookmarking website for its smart users. Almost like other bookmarking sites. Has good number of users. From SMM perspective can be used to target the Blinklist lovers.

21. Blogger – Google’s free blogging platform from putting in a personal diary to even adding pictures of what expresses the most about the user. This being more sociable to search engines, gives a better option to marketers to choose their target customers. I have been using blogger for my www.soravjain.com, though wordpress is much more advanced, blogger helps me getting unique readers to my blog via search engines. Thank You for your service blogger.

22. Blogmarks : An easy way of getting your favorite sites on your finger tips, a social bookmarking site.

23. Bluedot : Popular bookmarking site. After you’ve created a Blue Dot account, you can write quite a lot about yourself on your profile page. Your profile page is where your bookmarks (or “dots”) are displayed. Find people who are interested in similar things to you. This could be helpful when it comes to marketing. A lot of the site’s bookmarked content is not promotional, but is informative, including a lot of articles. Consider contributing content like this in order to promote your business.

24. BuddyMarks : The get going kind of social bookmark manager, being sharing it with your friends to accessing to all your preferred sites from anywhere in this world, it does it all for its user in a few snaps. Popularly known for its personalization aspects.

25. Buzzillions : A product review hub, helps you make a decision before you buy products. Marketers, get your products featured and positively reviewed here. This hub is known for generating triggers for shopping.

26. Buzznet : as the meta tag description says “buzznet helps you find online communities featuring emo, pop, punk, rock and screamo bands, It is a social media site where passionate fans interact in thousands of music communities, interact, share pictures, videos and take part in the contests”. One of the most reputed social networking sites around the globe that connects via music also allows people to create and take part in communities, share videos, photos, contests and lot more. Marketers can get their brand, community visible on the featured brand and community section. Via interacting on communities and sharing interesting stuffs you can become the most popular member of the day. The mantra for marketers to get succeeded here is by interacting, sharing and being different. Must for marketers concentrating on international music markets.

27. CafeMom – CafeMom is a community where moms get advice and support, connect with other moms, and express themselves in groups, journals, polls, and more. A beautiful targeted site for mom’s keeping in mind the social need of being connected to all the mothers around. Gives pace to the marketers whose target clients are mothers and kids. As moms nowadays triggers the purchase points at home.

28. Cofoundr : private community for entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, investors, and other individuals aspiring to start a new venture or take the new venture to the next level. Members use the site to find co-founders, build teams, and get advice. This is a public beta offering, so getting in on the ground floor might appeal to your entrepreneurial spirit. Be it a startup or an established company, being a part of this group will make them grow by sharing and obtaining knowledge.

29. CalendarHub : An online calendar that would keep you updated for all the important happenings. Hosting an event for your company? Promote it here.

30. Cake Financial : Financial services social network typically to share the real stock portfolios and datas online.

31. Campfire : The best thing someone can get for its business, is campfire, this includes business group chatting, organize business, manage contacts, collaborate on projects and much more. Almost similar to as basecamp.

32. Care2 : A site for events that would make a difference to the society, promoting CSR activities among its users. To go with it one has to set up a profile, donate to worthy causes, submit and vote on news articles, sign petitions and much more. It is great place for companies to obtain good publicity worldwide via their unique CSR programs. Try it on! It works well. As on 20th September 09, 12:11 AM it has 1,440,749 petition and 39,173,145 signature. Why don’t your company start a sponsor raising a voice for a cause? I believe, any good cause works.

33. CentralDesktop : From getting information from an instant workspaces, to an enterprise to getting datas from communities, everything under one stand. Similar to as basecamp and campfire – online project management application which provides shared calendars, web conferencing, and document sharing to teams.

34. Chalksite : Targeted web networking hub designed for teachers, students and parents, giving space to the marketers concentrating on this market.

35. Change : This is powered by Fair Trade. Awareness being the major hold of this site, it’s a social network for the socially conscious. The major holds of this site are the activities like charity, donation and find jobs in the nonprofit sector. Make your personal brand here by showing your ‘care for the world’ qualities. Boost your Individual Social Responsibility.

36. Clipmarks : An upper hand on the bookmarking sites, clipmarks help in web clipping sharing just save clips of text, video and photos that interests the most. Good place to portray your popular web clips. By the way, web clipping is nothing but ‘bookmarking’.

37. Collegerecruiter – A job search networking site that connects recent grads with jobs and internships. Internship for College Students & Entry Level Job Recent Graduates! Careers, Job Postings, Internships, Resumes, Cover Letters, Salaries. Looks more for HR right? Yes, it gives social media marketers advertisement opportunities too. From, ‘Marketing for HR’ perspective a useful place to get a better value of your needs.

38. Collective X : group calendar, discussions, email, sharing now turned to Groupsite. I have used this hub for my clients. Have created a individual social networking hubs for client’s customers to interact among themselves and with the company. This is affordable and you can customize your own social networking site. Example of the MARCOUT a collaboration hub for marketers.

39. Crowdstorm : A social shopping site where you can decide what to buy based on aggregated product reviews from a myriad of sources. Good place for social media marketers targeting UK.

40. Dailymotion : Video sharing. Post your marketing videos with keywords as it has got unique list of regular users.

41. del.icio.us : A social bookmarking platform where you can store your bookmarks and make them public or private. You can also connect with other users to view their bookmarks. Its one among the popular ones. Do have your active profile here. This site is quite a lot like Digg, but it seems to emphasize the community aspect of social media more than Digg does.

42. DeviantART – Artists can showcase their art here and connect with others on the same time. Marketers concentrating on digital, cartoon,s web designs segment can use this place for viral promotion. Show your talen to the world here and gain credibility.

43. Digg : The most popular news submission site. Submit your blog posts and digg away! Create a news niche by uploading information that’s useful to you and to others who want your information. This is a great place to find like-minded individuals who are interested in your information. If your contents are dugg and your servers can stand the load, the traffic you gain from such an occurrance is priceless.

44. DISQUS: This is the best way to claim, manage, and track your comments all over the web. Marketers can integrate this option with their ecommerce websites or on the usual company blog just for reader’s convenience.

45. DreamStake : Dreamstake is a hub for all the innovative dreamers who want to meet up like-minded and interesting people across a wide range of disciplines. Discuss about funding, marketing, software and design development skills this place is open for all your entrepreneurial instincts. This group is powered by Ning but is definitely a interesting place to interact.

46. Diigo : Bookmark and tag web pages, and add sticky notes to them.

47. Dogear : Another popular bookmarking tool.

48. Dopplr – Share your travel itineraries so you can find people in your network who will be near you and you can meet up. Share your personal and business travel plans with the people you trust. Notice coincidences when your travels overlap. Find unique tips for cities around the world. Get travel advice from other smart travellers. Good place for marketers who covers travel space. Share your knowledge and let people know you are a smart advisor on travelling issues.

49. Douban : books/music/movies review share (famous in China)

50. Ebay – Not only can you sell anything here, but you can also create your own profile and start your own blog. Start your blog and talk about your products displayed on ebay. It works well.

51. Ecademy – Another social network for professionals. Free and paid versions available. Create new contacts and friends, market your business for Google visibility, share your knowledge for opportunities to meet others and build your business with unlimited advertisements in the Marketplace.

52. Echo – Aggregates comments, purpose similar to as DISQUS

53. Entrepreneur Connect : Zone that connects entrepreneurs, allows creating a profile and share ideas to make connections for growing network. You can join the various networks and groups build professional relationships and get your spirits going.

54. eSnips : Share content on the web and join a niche group of like-minded people. Update your videos, PDFs, audios, ebooks with relevant keywords. Esnips offers 5GB free space and you can use this space to upload any item for sale to. Remember, use ‘smart keywords’.

55. Etsy – Buy and sell handmade items and craft supplies. If you are a handmade items marketer this place is best for you to display your products and letting people talk about it. Sales takes place naturally if many speak about your product at Etsy. Be a active user, advisor, and provide feedback on other’s work so that they get back to see what you have done.

56. Eventful : social calendar sharing. Talk about your events, webinars. Popular place for you to share and drive population to your event.

57. Eventicus : Popular social events manager for German segment.

58. EventSniper : online calendar, similar to as other calendar sharing sites.

59. evnt : social calendar sharing. Marketers can use this to display events.

60. Eventnu : India specific social calendar sharing.

61. Facebook : Initially social student networking. Now, not just for kids, this tool can help you create ‘Pages’ that relate to your business where you gather ‘fans’ like ‘followers’ on Twitter. Similarly, you can create gaming applications, participate in industry relevant groups, advertise on the right side bars and interact with lot of like minded people. Checkout list of things you can do with FB.

62. Fast Pitch : Fast Pitch provides a “one-stop shop” for networking and marketing. Increase your online presence with a 60+ page manual that shows you how to use Fast Pitch to its fullest potential. A popular professional social networking site which allows you to do businesses.

63. Fark – This is a news commenting community that has a massive amount of traffic coming to it daily.

64. Favorville : Favorville.com is a social networking tool which provides members with the opportunity to help and be helped by others. With Favorville, members can post help requests, offer help and help grow the community. Favorville makes it easy to get in touch and build lasting connections with helpful neighbors, both in your locale or across the global village. Give immense opportunities to interact. Help others, gain credibility and get your business visible.

65. Flickr – A photo sharing social network. Share photos of your products or services, staff, convention photos and get-togethers to show that you’re a pro and that you like to have fun as well. Marketers concentrating on the people interested in arts, paintings, handicrafts, landscape pictures can use this space to drive traffic. Upload interesting pictures related to your artistic work and then link to your website in your profile.

66. Foopad : Free hosted wiki service

67. Frappr : Socially networked maps. Nice place to locate products / service / people. Frappr allows you to put a personalized icon on virtual world and lets you speak about your service. People can directly contact you via Frappr. Very interesting map. Do not forget to provide your website link or contact details. Frappr is not a marketing hub but a nice place for networking. Helps you develops and network and contact people around the globe.

68. Friendster : social networking Similar to Facebook, although nowhere near as popular. Almost similar features as Facebook.

69. FriendFeed – Aggregate the feeds from all of your social networking profiles and show your activity in one place. Create a private group for your company or colleagues to collaborate on a research paper, coordinate an upcoming event, or give status updates on the TPS reports. Or, use Friendfeed as an aggregate to feed from your other social networking tools. Let people knows what’s up with you on other popular social networking sites.

70. Fundable : social fundraising. Fundable is how to raise money online. Start a fundraising webpage today. Nice place to showcase your CSR. Create a page on Fundable and put a banner on your homepage similarly as you put for twitter, facebook & linkedin. Flaunt your CSR.

71. Furl – Furl is bookmarking site not similar to as Newsvine, Stumbleupon, Neetscape etc. A marketer concentrating on the tech-minded crowd Furl is the right place. Get featured in the top items of the month and rejoice the furl effect.

72. Fwisp : Brings together all financial blogs and arrange them in democratic way with different categories. This site uses a social system that is intended to help bloggers have more exposure and advanced social benefits, as well as standard visitors with an easy way of learning about significant data that has been voluntarily tagged, and organized in categories to make it easy to be found.

73. Gather – A network that revolves around groups with like-minded people. It makes easy for you to meet people and make new friends. You can discuss the day’s news, find others with similar interests, get support around your activities. Similar to as Facebook but not that popular.

74. Getsatisfaction – Described as “people-powered customer service”, this site is a tech support network. It can be called as product/service /brand community hub. People can share ideas to improve the products, solve problems together and praise things they like. Replies come from other customers like you or the organization’s employees. And your voices are heard by the respective companies. It has got 20,000 communities presently. One of the users entered: “No More Whirlpool, their customer service sucks!!” This is followed by comments of other users who are not satisfied with Whirlpool’s service. Help companies showcase that they use the most popular service to solve the customer’s problem. Also, positive statements on getsatisfaction can trigger a purchase point among buyers. So get your product / service boasted here.

75. Gliffy : Online diagram software. Create and share flowcharts, network diagrams, floorplans, user interface designs and other drawings online. Marketers showcasing their artistic services can use this space to obtain credibility and visibility of their talents.

76. Google Bookmarks – A place to store your bookmarks.

77. Google Friend Connect – A way for users to connect on many different web sites.

78. Groovr – helps you Find local events happening in your city right now. Mobile pictures, video, and live chat give you an inside look before you head out. Groovr is right place to target US youth as majority of its users are youth. For marketers concentrating on US, Groovr can help them to achieve traffic and visibility.

79. Go BIG Network : known as ‘Grand Central Station for Entrepreneurs’. It offers various ways to build a effective business plan, discover funding, services and mentors.

80. Grou.ps : sharing platform for groups. Similar to as basecamp, campfire etc.

81. Groupsite : build your own social networking site at affordable costs. Easy to customize and handy to use. CollectiveX is now called Groupsite.

82. Hanzo : social bookmarking and archiving

83. Hi5 – A mini version of MySpace with less spam. hi5 is an international social network with a local flavor. It enables members to stay connected, share their lives, and learn what’s happening around them. Very popular social networking site once upon a time, still many people are using Hi5. Marketers can use this place to take part in the various industry specific groups and drive traffic to their website.

84. HipCal : online calendar, todo list, share your company’s events.

85. Hula : open source calendar and mail server

86. Identi.ca – an open source version of Twitter. Almost identical but with a few more features. Marketers should try this space too.

87. Idealist – A “global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources”, offering a directory of volunteer opportunities and other resources. Allows, connecting with like-minded peoples. Services concentrating on NGO sector can use thi space to interact and target people.

88. iKarma : social business networking with recommendations. Specific for Indian audience.

89. iRows : web-based spreadsheet, similar to as google spreadsheets. Can help you in project collaboration.

90. iVillage : A web portal for women with a lot of female-oriented content. the daily destination for women, with an active women’s community, horoscopes, health and pregnancy information, message boards and blogs. Marketers concentrating on women segment can use this space.

91. Jambo : social networking site. Jambo provides a Mobile Membership Directory that works like radar to give any group of people the ability to detect, search, browse, and connect to each other, when they happen to be in the same city and as close as a few blocks away. With a single click, members can actively search for people they want to meet, all from the palm of their hand. Not that popular.

92. Jigsaw : Jigsaw is a prospecting tool used by sales professionals, marketers and recruiters to get fresh and accurate sales leads and business contact information. I have been using this to obtain business contacts and it really works well.

93. Jeteye : social info sharing similar to other bookmarking sites.

94. JotSpot : Free wiki hosting service; custom software includes calendars, photo galleries and spreadsheets. Marketers can host their topics here. This site lets you create a free wiki for your business, or pay for one that you can open to the public. The wiki can serve as an advertising platform or simply an office tool. Wiki created can be advertised (payable) or people can access to it freely (accessible to invited people only). This wiki can be integrated with your actual website and create illusion that you’re letting users edit and contribute to the site.

The free wiki is only accessible by people who the creator has invited. It’s a good idea to integrate the wiki with your actual website. This creates the illusion that you’re letting users edit and contribute to the site.

95. Jots : social bookmarking site

96. Kaboodle : social info sharing A shopping social network where you can find new products based on what your network is buying, store shopping lists and discuss your favorite stores and products.

97. Kiko : online calendar

98. Killerstartups : It reviews 15+ internet startups per working day. Vote for the one you think will be a killer. Startup firms can insist the people at killerstartups to review their new innovation. Obtaining votes and becoming a killer will help you obtain traffic and popularity.

99. Konnects – Social networking for newspapers and magazines. Konnects is a social media platform that is embedded on the site of an online newspaper or publication to bring engagement to the organization’s site. Marketers trying to promote magazine can use this hub for bringing in traffic.

100. Kolablog : multimedia blogging service free of cost. Features similar to as blogspot.

101. KopiKol : social bookmarking. Marketers can do similar things as in other bookmarking sites.

102. Last.fm – Install the software and it will track all the mp3s you listen to on your computer or mp3 player. The music you listen to will show up on your profile in real time, and Last.fm will suggest new music for you based on what you listen to, as well as introduce you to other people who have similar musical tastes. Movie marketers can use this place to build brand by uploading their movie songs and trailers.

103. Launchfeed : An RSS Feed and Companion website to keep you informed on all the latest website launches.

104. linkedin : LinkedIn is the business social networking leader of the pack. While you may be tempted to use your business as the ‘name’ for your LinkedIn account, you might think about a down-the-road situation where you sell that entrepreneurial business. Be yourself at LinkedIn, state what you do, and put enough information in your profile to show that you own a business and that you’re a human being, too.

105. LiveJournal – Livejournal is another free blogging community.

106. LiveMarks : live del.icio.us additions

107. LookLater: private bookmarking and archiving

108. Lovento : The multinational leisure and tourism Web guide offering information and maps on leisure time, tourism, nightlife, gastronomy, sports and art & culture. Amazing place to interact with different audiences and know about different parts of world. Travel agencies and travel portals has a lot of scope to obtain leads.

109. ma.gnolia : At Ma.gnolia, members save websites as bookmarks, just like in their browser. Except with a twist: they also “tag” them, assigning labels that make them easy to find again. So when you search for something, you use words that people choose and look only at websites that people think are worth saving. Suddenly you have access to a human-organized bookmark collection that numbers in the millions, but is as easy to use as a search engine. It also offers you a toolbar similarly as stumbleupon which can help you obtain Roots application. On clicking ‘roots’ you get a list of things people have written about the website you are visiting. Get your website featured and be first to Root about it.

110. Map Mix : mapped social networking

111. Marketwatch Community – A financial community.

112. Mediafire – Upload and share huge files and photos. Very few user limitations on this site.

113. MeetTheBoss – Business excutives use this social network for video conferencing, instant messaging, sms, mail and more. Nice place for marketers to interact with their B2B audience. Site almost similar to LinkedIn but not as popular as it.

114. Meetup – A social network that helps you plan offline meetings based on any common ground. I have used this service to meet up with my regular salsa groups across my city. It works well.

115. Mister-Wong – Another bookmarking site that allows you to connect with other people using it and save your bookmarks both publicly and privately.

116. Mixx – News submission and popularity contest. Recommend what you like. Submit your links and gain recommendations thus drive traffic to your business.

117. MUxtape – it is a platform for bands. Currently the work is in progress good place for bands to interact. Best place for music instruments marketers to concentrate.

118. Multiply : Nielsen calls Multiply as fastest growing social network. Allows you to get your own web address and share you blog, links, photos, and videos. It makes your photos a amazing print product. Marketers don’t have much to do here unless they grow their peer network and interact with them.

119. MyLinkVault : social bookmarking site.

120. MySpace : MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends’ friends. Create a private community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends! Used by millions of people around the world. Popular prior to the Facebook and twitter era. Not the right zone to create a profile for your company, but nice place to build your personality, network, interact and tell popular what you do.

121. Mystickies : Add sticky informational notes on web pages. A unique concept better than bookmarking. MyStickies allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper anywhere and everywhere you feel like in the whole wide web. Along with the ability to put sticky notes on webpages mystickies offers a powerful interface to browse, search, sort, edit and generally have a wonderfull time with your sticky notes from any computer that has internet access.

122. MyWebDesktop : personal and collaborative web-based desktop

123. Mixi : Interactive community, open for reviews of the places, movies, music, videos etc, online diary, and lot more activities is grabbing lot of Japanese. Mixi is a social networking site specifically for Japanese citizens. Mixi is one among the top 100 sites of the world (comscore data).

124. Near-Time : group collaboration space; hosted; free and paid

125. Netparty : Social networking that aims to get people out to business networking events.

126. Netlog : opening page of the website gives you option of 36 languages to choose from. Groups feature is powered by BETA and looks interesting. Hosts a special place for brands. Marketers can get registered there and can get featured in the top brands to improvise brand image or in latest brands section to create brand awareness. Besides this, it consists usual social features: blog, applications, log (similar to as wall on facebook), videos, events, music, polls and links. Netlog is one among the top 25 social networking sites of the world (Techcrunch), do not miss it.

127. NewHots : chinese portal for rss, bookmarks

128. Newsvine – Seed links to articles, write your own article and discuss already seeded news items. At Newsvine, you can read stories from popular media such as: Associated Press, ESPN, and New Scientist as well as individual contributors from all around the world. Post interesting stuff and get it vote up to the vine. Post you own content and there are chances you may get recognized as influential, quality commentator.

129. Nexopia – A Canadian social networking site, like a thinner version of Facebook or MySpace. Nice place to target Canadian audience.

130. Nextaris : social bookmarking, networking, blogging

131. Netscape : Bookmarking site. Submit and vote up other stories. With thousands of users submitting interesting stories daily, the news on Netscape.com moves much faster and more interesting stories can make it to the homepage. According to me, Netscape is like Reddit in that it will send you more traffic than you might imagine.

132. Ning – Create your own social network with Ning as well as join others. This is a great place to create a free website. Ning sites can be unique and of a good quality. Moreover, it allows you to create your own social networking website. This is expensive than the Groupsite.

133. Numbler : web-based spreadsheet. Good for online collaboration.

134. NumSum : online shareable spreadsheet

135. OneClimate – a not-for-profit social networking site revolving around the issue of climate change. Corporate concentrating on raising voice against global warming as part of their CSR can use this place to gain credibility and visibility.

136. Orkut : social networking site grabbing most of Indians and Brazilians. Though facebook is now creating buzz in both the countries. Orkut cherish the prestige of majority users, also the pride of first to enter the country and create orkutter in majority of educated Indians and Brazilians. From SMM perspective, orkut is better place to target the Indian and Brazil youth. This hub offers you various communities, applications to interact with your target audience.

137. OSOYOU – Social networking for the fashion industry. UK’s first social fashion website. Fashion marketers can use this space to interact with UK segment & showcase your talent.

138. Onlywire – OnlyWire syndicates your content and articles to the web’s top social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, stumble upon, reddit etc with a single button click. Helpful for marketers to send message across.

139. Passportstamp : For travelers: record your current location, your past travels and let your network know where you are headed. Build your own network of professionals and let them know your travel plans and motives.

140. PartnerUp : This is another networking site for small business owners that offers material on how to build your business, learn more about being in business and opportunities to find a new business and even properties for sale or lease. Marketers can be a Guru and provide knowledge materials to people to gain authority, credibility & visibility.

141. PBWiki : online document hosting and sharing

142. PeerProfile : social info, bookmark and photo sharing photo sharing allows you to interact with friends in your network.

143. Perfect Business : Avails you a atmosphere which provides learning and resources to succeed in a business. The venue is a esteemed host connecting thousands of entrepreneurs, both beginner and expert. Startups can find potential business partners, clients and mentors.

144. Perfspot : Another famous web portal allows you to rate and review what other people find funny or shocking. You can show off links to your favorite crazy websites, even share cool local news. Features similar to as facebook allows you search people online and network with them. Has various interests groups and marketers can use the groups relevant to their target to interact with audiences and obtain leads.

145. Picasa : A photo sharing hub allows editing too. Allows you to send albums to your friends with limitation. Many marketers use picasa to showcase their portfolio to the customers interested in their services. Picasa is a google product.

146. Piczo : Piczo allows teens worldwide to creatively express themselves, build personal communities, and share experiences with their friends in a safe environment. Marketers can post ads and can also develop engaging and interactive micro-sites, Piczo helps consumer brands reach and build relationships with teenagers ages 13-18 throughout the world. Piczo concentrates on these areas: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Norway. Presently Piczo has got over 28 million registered accounts, 10 million monthly unique visitors and Over a billion monthly page views

147. Planzo : online calendar sharing tool.

148. Plaxo – Another very professional approach to social networking. Make new business connections and find new vendors or customers. Plaxo has good number of users and this hub can be used to collaborate with professionals around the globe.

149. Plazes : Share your location and stay connected with your friends. You can plaze yourself on the world map and people can people from the Plaze world may get connected to you. You can describe your specialties while plazing yourself on the map.

150. Plurk – Plurk is a microblogging platform that operates similar to Twitter but with a more literal timeline approach. Plurking may get real interesting as twittering. Marketers can use this space similar to as how they use twitter.

151. Powerreviews : similar to as bazaar voice. Helps marketers integrate reviews section, rating system and more that helps them create a social layer improving sales.

152. ProjectSpaces : online team collaboration

153. Propeller – A news submission site. Vote for news and connect with like-mined friends. Similar to as reddit, very popular. Marketers can post links to the media coverage, press releases and other news materials that can attract attention. Get ready for drop it or prop it to drive traffic.

154. Qwik : Free hosted wiki services for German audience.

155. QQ : A very famous networking tool in China. Allows members to ask questions, blog, host wikis, share videos and more. It is one of the most used website by Chinese citizens. Sorry, couldn’t explore much of it as QQ is in its National language. Marketers peeping into China can use this hub as ComScore rates them in the largest 3 social networking site list of China (as of June 2009)

156. RallyPoint : online collaborative document sharing service.

157. RawSugar : online bookmarking tool similar to digg, newvine and netscape.

158. Rdiculous : Rdiculous limits itself to commenting on sites who have commited the above offense: leaving the “e” out of words that usually end an “er”. Example: Flickr, Frappr, Scanr, Tumblr etc. If your domain stands unique, register and let people speak about you.

159. Reddit – Vote for news pieces and submit your own. Similar to as propeller. Reddit. T here appears to be no bias between Reddit users towards technology, current events or anything else. The homepage can contain stories about any subject, as well as cool pictures, science news or anything else. This diversity means that all topics have a chance of being voted up, you topic is one amongst many. Allows you to save or comment on the stories submitted by you or others.

160. Reesycakes : Can be your shopping companion. This can help you make decisions on what to buy. Good place marketers to get a product reviewed or talked about.

161. Ryze : Hub for entrepreneurs that allows startups to make quality business contacts, deals and connections with clients, peers and friends.

162. Small Business Brief – Small business forums with extremely valuable info. Getting featured here will help marketers gain good visibility for their new businesses.

163. Schtuff : online document hosting and sharing

164. Segnalo : social bookmarking (italian)

165. Seeyouthen : Marriage photo collection hub. Share your photos. Marriage planners can use this space to highlight their services ex: decoration, unique bridal make up, bride costumes etc.

166. ServerSideWiki : micro-site hosted wiki

167. Shadows : social bookmarking site almost in line with Reddit, newsvine and netscape.

168. Shelfari : A network for book lovers. Create your own virtual book shelf and find others who share your reading tastes. Book marketers can be a part of this zone to concentrate on targeted people.

169. Shoutwire : Similar to as bookmarking sites which allows community voting. Top stories only appear to receive 100 – 150 votes. Will help you grab traffic but not as much as other bookmarking sites ex: stumbleupon, reddit etc. Shoutwire can be used along with other campaigns on other sites.

170. Simpy : social bookmarking website

171. Sidewiki : Google’s latest venture which makes reading social. This will allow google toolbars users on Firefox and Internet Explorer to comment on any website, even on those web pages that has no commenting or feedback option. These comments are displayed on one side of the page and allow readers to rank the comments based on its usefulness. This may be almost similar to what stumbleupon is offering but SideWiki makes things more convenient as comments are readily available on the side bar, it is easy to comment with one usual Google account and allows comment aggregation too.

172. Skobee : social events manager same as eventnu.

173. Skyrock – Set up your profile, start a blog and showcase your original music. Skyrock is a famous international social networking tool. It also allows you to blog, chat, create groups and do lot of other activities that keeps you entertained. Marketers must know this is listed among the top 25 social networking tools around the globe (comscore data) and is a real place to target people from different countries. To name a few: France, Nederland, Italy, Portugal, Spain etc. Skyrock shows a value to its members as it maintains portal in different languages. It has got 27,435,913 Blogs and 17,934,457 Profiles (as on 29th September 2009).

174. Slideshare : you can create your profile add interesting PowerPoint presentations related to services you offer. Presentations you upload here must be extremely informational and not promotional, though you can add link to your website on the last slide or can put your company’s name or brand logo on every slide. Slideshare is effective place for marketers. Slideshare also allows people to follow you, comment on your slide and mark it favorite. Make sure you fill your profile details completely as it helps your slide viewer to know about you. This tool is as powerful as blog. The latest leadshare feature allows you to obtain information of people who has watched your slide if they are interested in your services. This costs somewhere between 1$ to 22$ for every lead you obtain.

175. Spongecell : Use Spongecell to make your event a success. It spreads the word quickly and in ways people are familiar with. It does not require any new website or software. Nice place for event promotion.

176. Spoke : Business software for relationship selling. Very popular site. It improves sales productivity by harnessing the power of relationships.

177. Spurl : social bookmarking as other allows voting options. Though not that popular marketers can still create a profile here if they have interesting contents to share.

178. Sphinn – This social news site focuses on search engine marketing and web development. A must if you want to keep on top of SEO strategies.

179. Squidoo – Create your own “Lens” centered around your subject of choice. On squidoo lens you can integrate RSS feed of your blog. Lens helps you gain visibility on the search engines. Marketers must create a lens for their company or service. Include enough links to your actual website that people will see many opportunities to click through. People who are interested in your lens may also be interested in your website.

180. StikiPad : online document hosting and sharing. It’s a blank piece of paper where you decide its use. Can be used to create customer community, like-minded community, workplace collaboration and lot more.

181. StumbleUpon : social bookmarking / web discovery tool another news submission and voting platform that can generate traffic to your web site. Its all the game of thumbs up & thumbs down. A tool bar needs to be downloaded and need to be incorporated with your browser. Any webpage you come across can be stumbled, thumbs up or thumbs down with tags, comments and feedback on the same. The Stumbleupon users, your followers on the same can get to know your likes and dislikes. You can also stumble your website in a particular space such as; ‘Technology’ that can obtain you good traffic too. Try this on, Stumbleupon is working well today.

182. Stylehive : It is a collaborative shopping community. It is a place where contributors can work together to share and discover the best stores, designers, trends, and must have products. Marketers targeting people with cute, higher-end accessories and clothes can use this zone for interactive marketing.

183. StartupNation : connecting entrepreneur that helps young entrepreneurs to start, market and build a business. This zone also allows franchisee owners to interact.

184. StartupSpace : Create a profile page for your business and invite friends, prospects and customers to interact with you. It allows you to upload a video, start a blog, initiate discussions and make your virtual presence look more lively.

185. Socialvibe : Be a sponsor and show world how much you care about the cause of your concern. Allows brands to get associated with their favorite cause and urges members to support the brands to keep their spirit of the cause alive. From CSR’s perspective it helps supports company to flaunt their social responsibility at the same time it generates positive WOM all around. I recently chose Colgate to support PETA and flaunted this on Facebook.

186. SynchroEdit : collaborative document edit

187. TagFacts : online tagged notes

188. Taggle : social bookmarking (german)

189. Tagsy : social bookmarking and feed management and aggregates contents or links based on its popularity.

190. TagTooga : Bookmarking site, similar to as Netscape and Newsvine.

191. TagWorld : social networking, share photos, videos, music and blogs. Site isn’t that attractive. Majority of users from US. An active member of the community gets featured on the people section of the website. There are presently 48,000 people registered on this website. Marketers can participate in the active forum available on the site.

192. Talkbiznow – A social network for business. Connect with new customers and vendors. Provides business services to small business.

193. Tribe – A social network where you can join “tribes” with like-minds. It is based in based in several cities throughout the US and in Canada.

194. Tagged : Tagged is the 3rd largest social network in the US, and has over 80 million members worldwide. Allows blogging, advertising and provides interacting opportunities. 80 million is a huge number, marketers concentrating on US segment must be registered here.

195. TasksPro : online todo lists; free and paid. Used for collaboration purpose.

196. Technorati – This is for avid blog readers and blog owners. Favorite great blogs and blog posts and track the reactions to your blog. Not a place for direct marketing but lets you know what is your blog’s or web’s status and allows you to compare it with the competitors. It allows you to know the current happenings on your favorite blogs.

197. Theseotree : News submission and voting. Similar to as reddit, newsvine and netscape.

198. The best stuff : Create a profile in this funny world, put some interesting stuff and on obtaining the popularity get that featured on the homepage. If you are marketing a company that can’t be packaged as chic or cute, submitting it to The Best Stuff in the World won’t do you much good. Nice place for marketers with those ‘cute’ looking products to sell. From personal branding perspective this place may only help you unless or until you are some big personality.

199. The Funded : entrepreneur’s zone that helps them to research, rate and review worldwide funding sources. Can share services, seek help and develop the venture. Some interesting stuff for entrepreneurs here.

200. TravBuddy – Another travel-related social network that allows you to create blogs, upload photos, and review restaurants, bars, hotels and more. One can avail honest hotel reviews, millions of travel buddies, and thousands of travel blogs to help plan their next trip. Share your travel tips and all find a travel buddy. Marketers selling services such as hotels, airlines, trip planning, travel agency can use this place to interact and obtain customers. Write best reviews and amazing articles related to travel on the blog to get featured on the homepage. The networking hub also has discussion forums with different topics for you to take part and allows you to initiate too.

201. Trumba : It offers web-based event calendar software for publishing online, interactive, calendars of events on your website. Can be used as a widget on your website. Helps marketers to share their company’s events via this calendar.

202. Tumblr : Tumblr is a great place to start an easy, no-frills blog or to aggregate your other blogs in one place.

203. Twitter – Convenient and efficient way to let your fans and customers know what you’re up to. Use Twitter to show that a real human lies behind your brand. Some social media pros suggest you use a photo rather than your logo for an avatar, but use what feels ‘right’ to you.

204. TheIndianStartup : Indian startup is a collaborative zone for Indian entrepenurs or the one who aspires to be an entrepreneur. The community has a blog and other interactive discussion zones. A must place to be for all Indian entrepreneurs to grow along with various innovative minds.

205. Upcoming : social events calendar, share events and let people know about it. A music concert in your area can also be featured here. This is best place for you to promote you event as this website is search engine friendly and very soon brings your event on top lists of search engines.

206. Upspring : Use this social media platform to promote your company and to increase offline sales, to develop new B2B contacts and to profile your business for online visibility.

207. Vyew : Give presentations, host webinars, or conduct team meetings. Leave content available for access over time. Marketers can use this place to share their desktops with their clients, give presentations and to interact with customers at the same time frugally. You can also Upload, create, and collaborate on content with your team or customers. For companies which are into online training or online tuition. Create and upload course content for real-time and anytime collaborative learning. Helps marketer concentrating on this space provide better customer service.

208. Vator.tv : If you want to expand your video exposure beyond YouTube, try this social platform on for size. Emerging companies can use this space to showcase their products / services, discuss on other videos and become popular.

209. Viadeo : 8 million people | 700000 companies | 15000 Forums | 3 million alumni – This is how the meta tag is described. Viadeo is similar as LinkedIn and Xing and is very popular business zone. After, LinkedIn the most used professional networking site is Viadeo.

210. Wayfaring : social map sharing, similar to as frappr. Not that popular.

211. Web Collaborator : online collaboration service. Used for collaborative project management.

212. Web2-0.de : online document hosting and sharing specific to German audience.

213. WebBrush : online collaborative notes, charts and diagrams can be used for educational purposes.

214. Wesabe – From their web site: “Real people dealing with real money issues – Take control of your money, find the best values in your area, and reach your financial goals by joining the Wesabe community.” Interesting site for obtain better financial advice by interacting.

215. Wetpaint – Allows you to create free web sites and wiki hosting service with social networking. Wetpaint allows user create wikis with URLs, using a template that is quite liberal with images, navigation and secondary pages. Wikis here interactive and allows users to comment. Can be used for Adsense purpose. And wetpaint links for SEO works well.

216. wideword : online rich document sharing

217. Wikihow – A wiki network with a massive database of How-To Instructions. People who come to WikiHow do so in order to do or learn something that they cannot do it themselves. wikiHow currently contains 61,694 articles — written, edited, and maintained primarily by volunteers. Write interesting how to do things related to your business (not your business process) and use Wikihow as link baiting service.

218. Wikipedia : online encyclopedia / info sharing. If your site has really something to contribute you can post your link on Wikipedia article’s External Links section. Wikipedia from SMM perspective has both pros and cons. Pros is it helps you gain an authority, you can proudly say your company has a wiki page. Since wiki allows collaborative writing you may find people writing things about you that you don’t like. This might be dangerous as wiki stands first followed by your website in cases when your website ranking is low for keywords relevant to your company. (And this is con)

219. Wikispaces : online wiki space. Get your company featured here. Wikispaces are not search engine friendly similar to as Wikipedia. Web pages created here can be edited by anyone in the group.

220. Woot – a Deal a Day network. If you offer a interesting unique product at affordable price you can be featured on the ‘woot of the day’. Lot of users and interesting woot blog too.

221. Writeboard : collaborative writing, similar to as Google spreadsheet.

222. Writely : collaborative writing, similar to as writeboard.

223. WordPress – WordPress is a site where you can set up your own free blog and install widgets, as well as find blogs that interest you. WordPress has made difference in blogging world. You can create your website, form categories, make blogs and add lot of interesting features to make your blog look as attractive as possible. The reason I am not moving my blog to wordpress is, BlogSpot get my blog visitors from Google and blogger search option.

224. Xanco : free mobile weblog, photos, videos and groups

225. Xanga – A social network with photoblogging and free blogs.

226. Xing – As the site says, “Global networking for professionals.” Manage your business contacts along with eight million other members to this site. You receive a profile, a personal home page and messages as well as special limited offers on travel, electronics etc.

227. Xiaonei : Chinese largest social networking site with more than 22 million active users and an estimated 40 million users who have registered their real names. Couldn’t explore the site as I am asked to learn Chinese to do so. This site is called the Facebook of China and is popular among Chinese students. Marketers concentrating on China youth can use this space to apply interactive marketing.

228. Yahoo! My Web 2.0 : social bookmarking allows commenting. Thumbs up & down feature.

229. Yahoo! 360 : purpose similar to as Myspace. Marketers don’t have much to do here as the sharing of links and other things limits to people in your community network only. To become popular make your profile page look interesting to get featured on the ‘interesting pages’ on Yahoo! 360 homepage. Anyways, there is group facility that connects you to yahoo groups.

230. Yahoo! Answers – a crowd-sourced knowledge web site where users ask questions and answer them while earning points and gaining ranks. Marketers can identify questions related to their domain and can answer them in a manner that promotes their business. Profiles on yahoo can post four questions a day. Answer questions with relevant and considerate responses and drive people to your website by providing a link below your answer.

231. Young Entrepreneur : Young innovative business minds can network on this zone alone with 50,000 other registered members. Any startup issue can be discovered here on forums, through blogs and by private messages. Startup can be as innovative as possible while making suggestions and obtain quality leads to the business.

232. Yoono : social bookmarking software also allows instant messaging.

233. YouTube – YouTube is great for video-friendly companies. No one wants to sit around and watch a guy in a suit go on and on about making money at home in monotone, but if you run an entertainment agency or a record label or something fun, there’s always that possibility your videos could go viral! This tool is a no-brainer for film companies, entertainers and politicians. But, you can use videos as how-to guides, information hubs and more to promote your business.

234. YouNoodle : YouNoodle is a place to discover and support the hottest early-stage companies and university innovation. Startups can use this space to collaborate, discover and show their talents across on this platform. As the title says ‘find exceptional people’, don’t miss your chance to be listed among the exceptional people.

235. Your Elevator Pitch : Allows you to boast yourself or about your business similar to as Squidoo. Allows you to post your link, talk about what you do and get ratings from people around on the web. Let your what you do explanation be unique.

236. Ziggs – A clean and easy-to-use professional networking service where you can find and post jobs and interact with other people who might be interested in your services. Ziggs help you build your personal brand, marketing yourself on the web and

simplifying communications with people. This stands uniquely for people who want to portray world their professional profile. Almost, similar to other job sites but this stands unique as you can create your profile with links and flaunt it on the CV.

237. Zoho Writer : online document hosting and sharing. An interesting collaboration tool.

238. Zorpia : A networking site can be used to flaunt your marketing activities. The gossip option is interesting here. Marketers certainly have a value here as the gossip is open to all. Get your product or services featured, share your events, put some interesting news article (related to your business – if you have one! ), share videos, blog and lot more.

239. Zvents : Search to find things to do and promote events such as concerts, sales, festivals, live music, and other things to do near you. This service is interesting and global. Marketers can get their events featured here. Mostly used for identifying weekend events. Get your business event featured, it works!

240. Zwillow – Networking for real estate people around the glove. Marketers targeting this segment can use this zone. Zillow provides free real estate information. Search homes for sale, home prices, home values, recently sold homes, mortgage rates, and more.

There are certainly more web 2.0 and online collaboration sites than what I have mentioned. But, these are most popularly used and many among them show value for Social Media Marketers. It took me a month to research and investigate these sites individually. Peeping into majority of popular sites above, I could see some commercial value in all. Few sites above open to all for its commercial abilities ex: the zone for startups, linkedin, xing, viadeo etc where you can flaunt your business instincts. But, please keep your marketing activity to minimal, provide a lot of useful information than the promotional ones. Play safe & interesting because spamming these sites is annoying and there are chances – you may get ruled out.

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