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Experiential Marketing has always been my favorite subject! When people experience your marketing gimmick by involving themselves there is nothing better than it! Like how decided to send customised Mugs to the top influencers of Twitter thanking them for their amazing contribution to the Twitter world in a similar way Opera Browser Team reached out to creative professionals in India who use iphones or ipads with a unique #OperaCoastSurprise to introduce them to Opera Coast Browser.

The team sent across a surprise package of kinetic sand (Easy-to-shape sand that molds into simple desktop designs) along with the personal note to each professional. Since creative people are well known to have cracked a big idea while wasting time instead of consciously working on it, the team thought Opera Coast would be a great app for them to help them waste time well.

5 things I absolutely loved about #OperaCoastSurprise Campaign are:

1. The idea was absolutely brilliant! Kinetic Sand made the creative professionals waste their time wisely and still feel happy about it! – Experiential Marketing Phenomenon!!

  1. It went along with a Personal Note! – That’s even more brilliant! Any personalized message has a larger impact. However, I feel they could have sent a bigger note than that small piece of paper.
  2. The hashtag was wisely introduced in the personal note requesting people to tweet about it or share it on Facebook / Instagram – Here are some of the interesting tweets coming for the popular creative Tweeters of India.

4. The communications specialist from Opera Browser – @Mrunmaiy on Twitter and Opera’s official Twitter handle (@OperaIndia) was available to respond to tweeters who were confused about what was sand sent for! – Giving it a even more personal and humane approach.

5. I personally loved the idea of capturing the experiential moments in a video and publishing it on YouTube – Makes the campaign completely experiential for users who didn’t receive the kinetic sand!

Good Job Opera Coast Team! I am impressed!

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