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LinkedIn is one of the most effective Professional Networking tool, no doubt! But, using LinkedIn at its best is still a question mark to many professionals worldwide. Many professionals make their LinkedIn profile 100% complete and believes thats the final thing for them to obtain value from LinkedIn. Remember, LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals it will never get you job or leads for your company, you will have to use this platform in a smart way to obtain these.

To make your LinkedIn profile interesting one needs to concentrate on five ways:

1. Credibility – Fill in all those required details to make your LinkedIn profile a credible profile to believe upon.

2. Visibility – Enter keywords and extend connections to flaunt your presence to make your LinkedIn profile visible to public.

3. Engaging – Use various LinkedIn features on day to day basis to make your profile speak to the audience on LinkedIn.

4. Opportunities – LinkedIn has various business features and one needs to find opportunities in those various business features of LinkedIn and effectively use LinkedIn as a CRM tool.

5. Keeping it Regular – Many create LinkedIn profile and with time they forget to update the same. LinkedIn is like a platform where you need to showcase your skill daily.

In the presentation below you shall explore 50 effective tips to make your LinkedIn profile credible, visible, engaging and interactive.

[slideshare id=13324941&doc=50-120614093334-phpapp02]

To avail a downloadable PDF version of the same write to me at sorav@echovme.in and I shall send you the same.

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