6 Pointers for Personal Branding via Social Media

It’s called the Attention Age that we are living in right now; with the advent of the Web 2.0 the common man is his own brand. A person and his career together can be defined as a personal brand, you sell yourself over the net and it’s not without good reason that this trend is […]

It’s called the Attention Age that we are living in right now; with the advent of the Web 2.0 the common man is his own brand. A person and his career together can be defined as a personal brand, you sell yourself over the net and it’s not without good reason that this trend is on the upward swing. Social Media has taken made the role of the consumer dynamic. Now people actually want their brands to be marketed to them in a specific way, and what better way to do it than do it yourself? With user generated contents you can effectively diversify your audience on your Personal Brand. Now that you have established yourself as a brand, how do you go about marketing it? Let’s break it down to six easy pointers.

– Availability
– Visibility & Credibility
– Approachability
– Passports
– Regularity
– Outsourcing

WHAT: Availability

WHY: A personal brand by itself cannot bring about any hits or comments; the personal brand is but a poster to your profile therefore unless there you are available to your target group, the brand can lose out on its steam very soon. Your presence creates a platform upon which your visibility can be built upon.

HOW: Make yourself available online to be able to respond to feedbacks and comments, a timely replied criticism can gain consumer confidence and help change people’s outlooks.

WAYS: On the first instance be a part of the most important social networking tool that is making a huge growth and impact; Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

WHAT: Visibility & Credibility

When you are being seen around the cyber space people tend to take notice, it is by simple curiosity that people will pause to take a closer look at your brand profile. And it creates an arc of interest onhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif your domain or profile, and this in turn can bring in more people for inspection.

HOW: By storing your ego searches and registering yourself on search engines. It helps to create an easy access point to people who might come across your profile.

WAYS: Make your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile visible in your signatures and regular activities. Get a blog submitted on search engines, directories and blogger communities. Do not forget to miss out on details, make your profile complete with all your personal branding statements that you think can be rewarded or appreciated by general audience.

WHAT: Approachability

WHY: Once you are being noticed, interested people tend to try and get in touch, reciprocating to a feedback helps build your brand better. A strong PR goes a long way in maintaining the image that you are planning on portraying to the target user.

Having a comments section would help make this possible and make sure you constantly respond to comments and criticism. Conduct discussions within a certain criteria so that it helps interaction between people avoiding post inflammation.

Listen to what people are talking, engage with them, and offer the ecosystem a value by providing contents and creating engagement opportunity.

WHAT: Passports

WHY: Having accounts with various other social networking sites helps spread the word around about your personal brands. Linking your site on other social networking sites and blogs through outposts and RSS feeds can help amalgamate your Personal Brand and diversify to a larger audience.

Create a link on various sites to your domain (Can be done by writing interesting contents on blog and obtaining an authority), and create flogs and RSS feeds to constantly notify users on your prerogatives. This helps for an easier reach to the users.

WAYS: Apart from the above mentioned backlink methodology, have an email subscription option made available. Link Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn together to disseminate your thoughts everywhere equally. Participate in groups and forums. Join new tools such as Slideshare, YouTube, Scribd as value added tool to your social media activities.

WHAT: Regularity

WHY: A constantly updated site keeps existing users to keep coming back, and also to bring in newer people to the site. Confirm the site is in update to the latest trends and news; make sure to keep the layouts fresh without totally overhauling the basic core of your domain.

HOW: fresh blog posts can be added at constant intervals, news pertaining to latest trends can be used to help ascertain to the users that your site is under constant evaluation.

WAYS: Constantly update status messages. Networking with people online and taking it offline. Announce your daily professional activity with a little bit of personal value to it.

WHAT: Outsourcing

There are people who are good at a certain thing, and getting them to help you out with that certain aspect of your branding will make it that much more detailed. And with a subsidized workload, you can concentrate better in the promotion. Outsourcing is basically most helpful when you are expanding your Personal Brand to a wider horizon in terms of scale and output.

If you are able to afford it, having a creative consultant helping you with the aesthetics of your blog or brand helps attract people to look into your domain. People are in general very visual, meaning pictures are faster in reception and understanding than words.

WAYS: Team at Echovme does take care of the Personal Branding via Social Media, we engage with entrepreneurs and celebrities and maintain their personal branding accounts. We also allocate trainers to consult them on Social Media branding and help them leverage it.


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