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61st Republic Day is nearing our timeline so thought of writing some quick tips that can help us spread the Republic Day Charm on Social Media:

1. Status Update: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are connected internationally. Wishing Republic Day via status updates in your network can help this day reach globally. Despite just wishing (ex: Hey Happy Republic Day) you can write your thoughts from patriotic point of view. Update the same status on Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other potential networks you are connected to. Remember, do not upload greetings in image format on Facebook and tag your friends as it is an annoying gesture for many who are tagged.

2. Change Your Profile Picture: Be it Diwali, Christmas or Ramzan many of us prefer to change our profile picture suiting the celebrations. Add a tricolor national flag image as your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. How about tattooing your face with a national flag on cheek or forehead and posting the picture of the same?

3. Community Celebrations: Some of you who are reading this post may be the Community mangers of brands, cause, ngo, event etc. Community managers can organize activity around the republic day and its connection around the brand. They can also share their story on Republic Day plans in their organization. How about hosting a patriotic contest via your social media accounts?

4. Create and Share a Patriotic Video: Video and photo sharing are the most performed activity in Social Media in India. I am hopefully sure there must be one bollywood or national song that evokes your patriotic feeling that is worth a share. If you are creative enough and have a team to enact a social message on this occasion why not act, record and share? Something performed, recorded and shared personally creates more awareness and interaction than sharing an existing video. Efforts are always appreciated on Social Media.

5. Write a Blog Post: Bloggers can dedicate a blog post to the country. There are various issues that we are facing in Indian constitution today how about addressing the key ones in your blog post? Probably, the Indian government gets to know the public point of view in the 62nd year of its republic. If you think this might evoke hatred, how about writing your Republic Day expectations and the celebrations scenario in the neighborhood. You can also write a tribute to your favorite legendary freedom fighter, we still are unaware about many.

6. Join the HashTag Conversations: #Republicday is the official Hash Tag that people have already started using on Twitter. You can tweet with the same hash tag, join conversations with other people and make #republicday trending worldwide. Remember, the quantity of the tweet matters.

7. Live Share: Share live updates from the Republic Day Celebrations you are planning to visit. Be it the Parade in Delhi or one in your city or any community celebrations. Let world know how culturally and patriotically rich we are.

8. Post Republic Day: Just to add more value to the cultural and patriotic richness you can share the photos, videos and thoughts via blog posts or updates after Republic Day to continue the charm of this special day.

I will ensure to follow the most of the above written tips and I have taken the first patriotic responsibility to educate you the quick possibilities to celebrate this day on Social Media. Hope you can share this post and help me spread the word.

Wishing you a Fantastic Republic Day

Jai Hind!

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