10 Best Affiliate Programs in India For Beginners [Updated List]

Are you looking for best affiliate programs in India for passive income? Then look no further. In this blog we have listed the top 10 affiliate marketing programs in India that you should join today to see your affiliate income skyrocket.

Top 10 High Paying Affiliate Programs in India For Beginners

Over the past few years, affiliate programs have grown enormously, taking various forms. Functioning as an affiliate is a great way to participate in e-commerce.

 You’ve heard the term affiliate marketing used in the marketing world, but this term might be a little confusing with the different marketing tools and tactics implemented. 

 An affiliate marketer can be both a marketer and a person promoting the product. They pitch the product to the consumer through various platforms. They have a particular database from which they can choose which products to promote, and it helps them earn meaningful income.

 By opting for an affiliate program for your e-commerce stores, you can drive more traffic and enhance sales. 

 With an affiliate network, you can track the number of active campaigns. If the affiliate is ranking high for their websites related to your product arena, it can bring massive organic traffic to your site and make it more engaging. 

 If they are reviewing or promoting your niche products, it can be an excellent resource for your posts and rankings. The more traffic the affiliate generates, the more sales you gain and generate high conversion rates. 

 There are prime examples of affiliate programs, which have accelerated the growth of e-commerce tools and have been successful in maintaining good relationships with their networks and audience. 

Digital Scholar Affiliate Program for Passive Income in 2023

High Paying Affiliate Programs in India

Digital scholar affiliate program: Join the affiliate program at Digital scholar, a simple process that can help you earn a ton

. It offers lucrative benefits like additional bonuses, rewards, and attractive commissions for all the programs.

It helps you get your unique affiliate link and see it across various platforms, covering a wide range of audiences. You will be able to earn on every qualified purchase, and it will provide you a remarkable set of experiences.

You can make a 5k cash reward for every successful three-month affiliate program and a cash reward for every victorious online program referral. 

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs & Networks in India

1. Amazon Associates

It is one of the most extensive and triumphant affiliate programs. It is the leader of e-commerce segments and has proven to be the most successful affiliate program. It helps millions of content writers, publishers to monetize and enhance traffic with the help of easy link-building tools.

It helps in sharing their products and work with the audience. All you need is to sign the affiliate program and use the customized linking tools. It will speed up the affiliate marketing process related to link creation. It also helps in creating an affiliate link on Amazon and share it on other social media platforms. Affiliate marketers can earn money on qualified purchases.

They can initially sign up for the free trial program, and then they will review the application and eligibility criteria. Their competitive conversion rates help boost earnings, and affiliate marketers can earn around 10-12% affiliate fees from purchases. 

It is one of the best and top affiliate programs in the world. It helps in earning a commission and meaningful income. For example, suppose a consumer buys a book from the affiliate link created and promoted by you. In that case, you earn commission on that as you converted a potential lead to a customer for Amazon, which will be there for a lifetime. 

2. Flipkart affiliate program

It is one of the top and earliest affiliate programs. It provides an enormous range of tools and requires no fees to sign up for the program.

It has certain features in the tools which help to improve your campaigns, banners and earn money. You can create banners or affiliate links on the Flipkart products and showcase them on mobile apps and other web pages. You will be able to customize your content and increase engagement with your customers. 

One of the best and early platforms of promotional channels that provide evolving affiliate marketers access to the Flipkart product log allows developers to promote Flipkart products, making it customizable and auto-tagged with affiliate id.

It also enhances the conversion rates through product research. As an affiliate marketer, you need to drive traffic on Flipkart products and earn commission on qualified purchases. 

It is one of the highest revenue-generating e-retail stores and provides commissions to affiliate marketers based on the product category. Their feeds, reporting widgets are well integrated with affiliate panels as the company understands the publisher’s requirements and gives opportunities to explore. 

3.  vCommission

It is one of the oldest and International affiliate networks with exclusive CPA offers in India, with over 18,000 affiliates. It is a pioneer and leader of the affiliate industry. It has become a trendsetter in the industry by having CPA networks in India catering to various marketing and digitized solutions.

They have an extensive bank of 100+ affiliates across verticals. It allows affiliate marketers to sign up for the program and earn money through lead generation of potential clients, generating e-commerce sales. 

They have top-notch clients like Mynthra, Snapdeal, and affiliate marketers who possess expertise get the opportunity to generate leads. Affiliate marketers can create an affiliate link and id using the Coupon Csv and promote products. There is no joining fees or cost to join vCommisson as a publisher. 

4. Admitad

It is one of the global affiliate networks. It offers a variety of publishers and bloggers to monetize their content and drive traffic to the website. It provides them with an opportunity to make banners, promo codes. It also allows affiliate marketers to drive traffic from various social media platforms and monetize communities in You tube channels, messenger.  

Affiliate marketers can send links and posts to their friends, write reviews and posts regarding the products on their page, and share promo codes on Instagram.

You can share links and correspondences via email newsletters. If you are the website owner and have a significantly collected database, you can monetize them. Use your connections and become a media buyer by putting ads on search engines and social media networks. 

5. ebay affiliate program

It is one of the affiliate programs that help earn money quickly, diversify revenue earnings, and get acknowledged for your work. It works in a three-way process.

  • Join- by filling the application
  • Create- by using tools to track the ebay network links
  • Share and earn- share your content via social media channels. 

Affiliate marketers are eligible to earn a commission and incentive credit by driving traffic results using ebay partner network tools, creating a qualified transaction. An affiliate needs to promote the products through their listings, and they can earn a commission.

It provides an opportunity to the affiliates to make money by driving traffic and prompting sales across the most diversified marketplaces. ebay monitors performance and optimizes results, provides insights and updates. They give a chance to the affiliates to build ad campaigns, banners and increase the revenue. 

6. Optmise

It is one of the global and leading affiliate networks in India. It is also widely known as OMG India. In the affiliate network, the publishers promote the client’s products online and earn a commission.

The affiliates get an opportunity to work with premium brands relevant to their site, which is promoting products. It helps drive more traffic to the site, maintains close liaison with customers, and creates more engagement. 

The brands and the clients are the top-notch ones, and the affiliates can earn money online via a global network of premium advertisers.

There is no ad-spend wastage, upfront costs, thus you are paid for qualified purchases. The company provides regular insights, performance feedback on which strategies can opt more effectively, and the affiliates can work accordingly.

The company picks the most reputable and experienced publishers who can bring effective results to their company by their expertise.

Backed with excellent client service and performance, popular Indian advertisers include Paytm, Citi Bank, Vivo, etc. It provides a chance to the affiliate to boost their incremental sales by targeting prospects looking to buy products of their category. 

7. GoDaddy Affiliate program

There are 100 GoDaddy affiliate links where the affiliates can choose products to promote. It includes banners, websites, text links.

The affiliates can join through CJ affiliate and create their affiliate account. The affiliates can choose over 100 banner ads and text links, and if the viewer clicks on GoDaddy through the affiliate’s link and makes a qualified purchase, they earn a commission. 

It is easy to sign up, and no fees are required. The best affiliate programs are high in domains, websites. It also provides the tools needed to the webmaster and grows business online. It also helps in driving traffic to the website and foster business growth. 

8. DGM India 

DGM India  is India’s leading digital ad network and one of the best affiliate programs in India. It calls out for affiliate publishers to sign up for free.

It provides a chance for the affiliates to join the program and select the campaign they want to partner and work on them. They get a personal id that is included in their affiliate links, and they can promote the advertiser’s products and earn a commission. 

Besides offering commission they also offer rewards and bonuses to its top performers. It acts as an additional incentive, and this helps in motivating the affiliates to become more productive.

Some advertisers offer a certain percentage, while some award a fixed fee for conversion of leads to potential customers for a lifetime. As an affiliate, all you need to do is join as a publisher and work on campaigns. 

9. Shopify affiliate program

It is an all-in-one e-commerce platform. It is one of the best affiliate programs in India. It is an easy to use, quick to start, and affordable program.

One of the solid affiliate programs in the market consists of affiliates from backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurs, educators, content creators, and top-notch influencers.

The affiliates get Shopify partner support and critical product information, which helps drive more traffic and engagement with the viewers. 

The affiliates can join the program for free, and they can monetize the viewers and build a community. They can earn commission as well on the purchases. They can save money on content creation by using tutorial tools to drive more traffic and make money. 

10. Cuelinks

It is one of the best affiliate programs in India. It provides simple and easy tools which offer a 360degree view of your content. It helps in monetizing the audience and drive traffic to the website. Through Cuelinks Javascript code, the affiliates can monetize the content through affiliate links. 

It has about 400+ advertisers with several products and offers. This platform avoids hassle when affiliates work with other partners and provides the necessary tools while working for top-notch clients.

They take care of the earnings and guide you to monetize the content and amplify your niche. Affiliate marketers get support and detailed insights from affiliate panels and dashboards regarding EC, conversion rate. It is an excellent platform for affiliates to earn meaningful income. 

Another best affiliate program in india is Nestaway

digital marketing blog

India’s real estate works on word-of-mouth marketing & Nestaway India’s fastest growing ‘managed home network’ has managed to incentivize this by creating a very attractive referral program. It offers 1k cash/credit to the referrer & the referee. It also hosts quarterly contests like double your referral bonus, win a trip to Goa, Stay for free etc. Quite a few of Nestaway’s tenants have stayed for free for months together by referring 300+ tenants & owners each. 

Affiliate marketing is gaining momentum in recent years and is of pivotal importance for the marketing world. Its significance is known for leveraging more leads, traffic, and enhancing sales.

It has been successful and has provided various platforms with brilliant affiliate marketers to exhibit their skills and expertise and foster the growth of the business. The above-listed affiliate programs are the best affiliate programs that partner with premium brands and influencers in the world of marketing. 


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