Top 10 AI Courses in Bangalore to Learn Artificial Intelligence

Are you looking for the best AI courses in Bangalore? Then look no further than Digital Scholar's advanced digital marketing course with AI-powered modules.

ai courses in bangalore

The best way to improve your knowledge and skills in AI is to take a reliable AI course in Bangalore designed by technological experts. Whether you are a marketing expert, an aspiring entrepreneur, or just starting a career, Digital Scholar’s online digital marketing course with AI-powered modules and dual certification is your getaway to staying competitive and ahead of the curve.

Digital transformation continues to reshape every industry and its functioning. Marketers, especially, are racing to adopt and implement performance-driven marketing strategies using AI tools and technologies. For example, Netflix, a leading OTT platform, uses AI to give users personalised recommendations, while JP Morgan Chase uses AI for its copywriting efforts. Using AI in your marketing’s core activities will dramatically enhance campaign outcomes, reduce costs, save time, and drive leads.

To harness the power of AI, students, businesses, and marketers must enrol in a reliable Artificial Intelligence course in Bangalore. These courses help you discover practical and innovative ways to apply AI to your marketing functions. From improving the customer journey to achieving data-driven decision-making and measuring the success of the marketing initiative, it can all be taken care of using AI. We have listed the top 10 artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore that you can consider enrolling in. Let’s first figure out what career opportunity one could get after completing digital marketing with an AI course:

Top Job Opportunities After Completing An AI Course in Bangalore

A digital marketing course with AI’s functioning will help you develop the skills and framework required to thrive in the digital marketing industry. It will open up many career opportunities in digital marketing upon completing the course; here are some:

  • Digital Marketing Manager: A digital marketing manager is a marketing professional responsible for maintaining a brand’s online presence and sales. They develop various marketing strategies and campaigns, including AI, to improve targeting, analytics and automation. 
  • AI Marketing Specialist: An AI marketing specialist leverages AI tools and technology to advance marketing strategies. Using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, they enhance and personalise a brand’s or business’s marketing efforts. Typically, these specialists have a blend of analytical skills and creative strategy.
  • AI SEO Specialist: An AI SEO specialist is responsible for developing and implementing AI-powered SEO strategies to improve a brand website’s organic search visibility, traffic, and ranking. These specialists deeply understand SEO principles and practices and can use AI tools to automate and scale SEO tasks.
  • Marketing Data Analyst: A marketing data analyst is known to bring data to life via historical and real-time data. They analyse a brand’s marketing data using AI-powered analytical tools to uncover insights, predict future trends, and make data-driven decisions. The analysis includes sales funnel, consumer intent, campaign performance, and more.
  • Content Strategist: A content strategist develops and implements various content plans using AI tools and techniques. They plan, write and edit content and distribute it across platforms, keeping the brand’s philosophy in check. Content strategists also predict content performance and develop content that enhances audience engagement.
  • Marketing Automation Specialist: A marketing automation specialist is responsible for streamlining workflows, nurturing leads, and enhancing a brand’s campaign efficiency using AI-powered automated software. The specialist also analyses data from various sources to identify the latest and future trends to further improve the implemented strategies.
  • AI Trainer For Marketing: An AI trainer helps educate and train different teams, including marketing teams, on how to use and leverage AI tools and technologies efficiently. These trainers can work individually and take up opportunities to train corporates, brands or individuals looking to improve their digital marketing efforts using AI.
  • Social Media Manager: A social media manager uses AI-powered social media management tools to enable businesses to schedule posts at the best time for maximum visibility and engagement. They also help with audience targeting and performance analysis using AI tools, saving the brand time, cost, and resources. 

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Courses in Bangalore to Learn AI

While it is clear that AI will take away millions of present jobs and create millions of new ones, it is wise to upskill with AI knowledge. The best way to do so is to take a reliable AI course. Here are the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Courses in Bangalore for learning AI concepts.

Also, check out Artificial Intelligence courses in Chennai and Mumbai.

1. Digital Scholar: Online Digital Marketing Course with AI-Powered Modules

If you are looking for the best AI course in Bangalore with 100% placement assistance and internship opportunities, then consider Digital Scholar. Digital Scholar has trained thousands of students from across the world with digital marketing courses. Their team of thorough professionals and experts trains their students on various digital marketing concepts. Under the leadership of Sorav Jain, a leading social media and digital marketing expert in India, Digital Scholar has now developed an Online Digital Marketing Course with AI-powered modules and Dual Certification.

This certification course will teach you the nuances of digital marketing while shedding light on this emerging technology: AI. Whether you are a marketing professional, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, this credible course is your gateway to staying competitive and ahead of the curve in marketing strategies. Students enrolling in this Artificial Intelligence course in Bangalore will gain a big-picture knowledge of how AI works and techniques to boost productivity and automate select digital marketing and business functions.

In this program, you will discover practical and innovative methods for applying AI to different marketing functions to improve the customer journey, achieve data-driven decision-making, and drive success in your marketing initiatives. Students are also exposed to the workings of a digital marketing agency to help them understand the practical challenges and dynamics of working in a professional environment, making them ready for future roles.

Interesting Features of Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing With AI-Powered Modules and Dual Certification Course

  • Led by technological experts like Sorav Jain and Rishi Jain
  • AI-Powered modules and dual certification
  • Advanced prompt engineering techniques
  • Access to 50 plus premium tools (ChatGPT4, SEMRush, SwipePages)
  • Streamline marketing automation and AI
  • Feedback and doubt-clearing sessions (weekly)
  • Guest lectures by industry leaders
  • Live and interactive sessions and live case studies
  • Paid internship and 100% placement assistance
  • Learn the required skill set with hands-on experience
  • Work on real-time projects
  • Work on real-world scenarios and problem-solving
  • 120+ hours of learning, 20+ certification and 10+ advance modules
  • Guaranteed paid internship and placement assistance
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Lifetime access to course materials and 24*7 community support
  • Build landing pages and learn to automate tasks
  • Learn to allocate a budget, run ads and measure results
  • AI-based mock interviews
  • Portfolio building for job and freelancing
  • Start your career in digital marketing during the course

Over 4,00,000+ students trust the Digital Marketing Course by Digital Scholar. It has 14+ modules, 20+ certificates, and more. Moreover, the course has a Google rating of 4.7 and a Trustpilot rating of 4.5. Here are some testimonials from our past students who have benefitted from the course:

Advanced Digital Marketing and AI Course Curriculum – 4 Months Training

Main Modules

  • Digital Leader Mindset
  • Social Media Management
  • Instagram for Business
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Landing Page
  • Automation
  • Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads
  • Content Writing
  • Website Building
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Design Mastery

Specialization Modules

  • International Freelancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Task-Based Internship

Pre-recorded Modules

  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting Mastery
  • SMS Marketing


  • Self Learning
  • Doubt Clearing Session

Companies Digital Scholar Has Trained

  • IBM
  • Genpact
  • Amway
  • Ramco Industries Limited
  • Preethi
  • Philips
  • Murugappa
  • Hindustantimes and more

Advanced Digital Marketing and AI Course Details

Course Fee59,000 + GST (4000 Assured Cashback)
Course Duration4 Months + 1 Month Internship
Training ModeOnline (Weekend batch)
Upcoming Batch16th June, 2024
TrainersSorav Jain, Rishi Jain and Team
Internship PatternPaid Internship

2. MIT School of Distance Education: AI in Digital Marketing Certification Course

MIT School of Distance Education offers the AI in Digital Marketing Certification Course in Bangalore to enhance your digital marketing skills through AI. This course is recognised as one of the top AI courses in Bangalore and aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience for marketing professionals who want to advance their careers. The program is taught by experienced AI and marketing experts who provide valuable insights and hands-on experience. The Bangalore-based course is flexible, allowing students to learn at their own pace online. Students will gain practical experience with AI tools in content writing, website development, graphic design, video production, music, and podcast creation.

AI in Digital Marketing Certification Course Details

Course ContentWebsite development and SEO, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, social media marketing, performance marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, app development, affiliate marketing, digital analytics, and an introduction to AI/ML, Blockchain, and NFT technologies, etc.
Course FeeINR 75,000
Course Duration4 Months

3. Simplilearn: Professional Certificate Program in Generative AI and Machine Learning

People looking to kick start their career with Generative AI and Machine Learning can opt for this professional course designed by iHUB DivvyaSmapark. It’s an 11-month course with a learning format of Online Bootcamp, providing hands-on training by industry experts. Students also get access to self-paced video lessons, projects, labs, and masterclasses from faculty from various eminent institutes. Simplilearn’s JobAssist helps students get noticed by the top hiring companies. The course has a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot and 4.5 on Switchup.

Professional Certificate Program in Generative AI and Machine Learning Details

Course ContentEssentials of Generative AI, Prompt Engineering & ChatGPT, Programming fundamentals, Python for Data Science (IBM), Applied data science with Python, Machine Learning, and more.
Course Fee1,34,999/-
Course Duration11 Months

4. PIIDM: AI-Powered Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Join the PIIDM AI-Powered Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore to enhance your digital skills and boost your career. This award-winning institute offers a comprehensive program with both online and classroom options. Additionally, the course provides 15+ certifications and covers over 50 modules. You will receive 100% practical training and placement support, with guidance for startups and freelancing. The institute boasts a rating of 4.9/5 from over 21,000 students. The course includes interview preparation, resume building, and personal mentorship. The flexible batch timings cater to different schedules, including weekday and weekend options. You can also download the syllabus and register for a demo lecture to start a certified digital marketer program.

AI-Powered Advanced Digital Marketing Course Details

Course ContentAI in Digital Marketing & Tools, Blog Creation, Business Website Creation, E-Commerce Creation, Graphic Creation, Video Creation, Reels Mastery Program, SEO Techniques, SEO Audit, Competitor Analysis, Content Keyword Mapping, Website Link Building, Facebook Optimization (SMO), Instagram Optimization (SMO), LinkedIn Optimization (SMO), Growth Hacking, etc
Course FeeN/A
Course DurationWeekdays (2 Months) Weekends (4 Months)

5. ExcelR: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course Training in Bangalore

ExcelR Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore offers complete training with a job interview guarantee from a network of over 2000 hiring partners. You will learn skills in Deep Learning, NLP, ChatGPT, Computer Vision, Machine Learning Algorithms, Model Training and Optimization, Model Evaluation and Validation, Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, and more. Students can receive practical, hands-on experience through 20+ real-life projects and boot camps. ExcelR provides lifetime access to self-paced learning, support through various channels, and guaranteed job interviews until students secure a job. With a high rating from over 8,000 students and affordable fees with instalment options, ExcelR’s course aims to provide top-notch training.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course Training in Bangalore Details

Course ContentIntroduction to ML and AL, Programming, Maths Foundations, Neural Networks, Generative AI, RNN and LSTN, etc.
Course FeeINR 45,999
Course Duration6 Months

6. Streamlyn Academy: Introduction to Digital Marketing with Analytics course

The Introduction to Digital Marketing with Analytics course is designed to enhance your digital marketing skills through data and AI. This AI course in Bangalore will teach you how to use data to make marketing decisions, create effective campaigns, and improve return on investment (ROI). It is ideal for MBA and B-Tech students or graduates looking to add digital marketing skills to their repertoire. It runs for 240 hours, with classes held five days a week for two hours daily. You’ll participate in instructor-led classes, engage in practical exercises, and work on real-world projects. Career guidance and placement assistance are also provided, including mock interviews and professional development sessions.

Introduction to Digital Marketing with Analytics Course Details

Course ContentWeb Design & WordPress, Use of HTML, Use of AI in Digital Marketing in Content Creation and SEO, MS Excel, Data Analysis with Python, Social Media Marketing Google Analytics, etc.
Course FeeINR 95.900
Course Duration6 Months

7. Caltech: Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning

Ranked #1 AI Bootcamp by Career Karma, this postgraduate program in AI and machines focuses on covering significant concepts such as ChatGPT, Deep Learning, Generative AI, and more. People with a bachelor’s degree with an average of 50% or higher marks and a basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics can apply for this course. It is an excellent course for software engineers, IT professionals, data professionals and business analysts looking to upskill their AI and machine learning knowledge. Online Bootcamp is the learning format for this course.

Digital Marketing Certification Course Details

Course ContentIntroduction to AI and Machine Learning, Programming Refresher, Python for Data Science, Applied Data Science with Python, and more. 
Course FeeRs, 2,35,001/-
Course Duration11 Months

8. FITA Academy: Artificial Intelligence Online Course

FITA Academy is a top-rated training and placement company managed by IT experts with over a decade of experience in leading multinational companies. They offer over 120 courses and have trained more than 75,000 students. Students benefit from unlimited lab usage and flexible training options, including classroom and online formats. The academy offers flexible training schedules, catering to the needs of all students. Students can choose between classroom training at FITA Academy branches or instructor-led live online training, with recorded sessions available for later reference. Trainers assist with resume building and interview preparation.

Artificial Intelligence Online Course Details

Course ContentMachine learning, deep learning, neural networks, TensorFlow, natural language processing, predictive analysis, reinforcement learning, etc.
Course FeeN/A
Course DurationN/A

9. Besant Technologies: Artificial Intelligence Course

Besant Technologies is a top-ranked training institute known for its excellence in AI education. The course spans over 30 hours and includes 15 hours of assignments to reinforce learning. It makes you an expert in Deep learning, ML, Chatbots, and neural networks so that you can create your AI for real-time apps. The institute emphasises 100% job-oriented training, offering guidance in resume preparation and interview techniques to help students secure employment after completing the course. The course includes case studies and projects to give real-world experience, one-on-one mentoring, and instruction from module-specific professors.

Artificial Intelligence Course Details

Course ContentIntroduction to Data Science, Python, Standard Deviation, Error Metrics, Unsupervised Learning, etc.
Course FeeN/A
Course DurationN/A

10. Inventateq: Artificial Intelligence AI Course in Bangalore

Inventateq, a renowned institution, is dedicated to providing AI training that equips students with the essential knowledge and skills of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and more. Our hands-on approach, offering a variety of real-time projects, ensures practical learning. Students will learn to build and use the latest AI tools, preparing them for the industry. Inventateq’s reputation for excellence and commitment to student success is further bolstered by our 100% job support, resume preparation, and certification, all of which contribute to better career opportunities.

Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing Course Details

Course ContentIntroduction to AI, ML basics, Neural network, deep learning, computer vision, NLP, AI tools and frameworks, reinforcement learning, data preprocessing, feature engineering and more.
Course FeeN/A
Course Duration60 hours

In a Nutshell

Combining your marketing knowledge with AI can position you at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry. These courses will make you a valuable asset to any organisation looking to enhance its marketing efforts through technology and innovation. However, you must research these courses before enrolling. The chosen course must align with your interests, goals and course duration while ensuring it is within your budget.

Digital Scholar offers value for money by ensuring you get quality education through experts. Moreover, the institute’s dedicated team will provide unparalleled support from the moment you enquire till the day you graduate as a successful digital marketer. Read reviews and testimonials from our past students to get an idea of their experience and the quality of education the institute offers. Don’t think twice; contact us to enrol in the Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Course with AI-powered modules and Dual Certification today! 

AI Courses in Bangalore FAQs

What are the prerequisites for joining an AI course?

If you plan to join an AI course, you will need an understanding of mathematics, statistics, and programming. Familiarity with marketing concepts will help if you join AI with a marketing course. Some institutes may require prior knowledge of specific programming languages like Python to join advanced AI courses.

How to choose the best Artificial Intelligence Course in Bangalore?

To join any AI course in Bangalore, check the basics, such as the course curriculum, expert faculty, duration, mode of delivery, cost, and reviews from past students. Ensure the course offers hands-on projects, real-world applications, and agency-style learning.

Which jobs can I apply for after completing an AI with Marketing course?

Various job roles are available, such as digital marketing manager, AI SEO specialist, social media manager, PPC specialist, marketing automation specialist, content strategist and AI marketing specialist. 

Which institute offers job placement assistance when doing an AI course in Bangalore?

Digital Scholar India’s premier digital marketing institute offers job placement assistance, internship, interview preparation, access to job portals, and much more when pursuing their online digital marketing course with AI-powered modules and dual certification!


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