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April fool’s day is around the corner, and are you looking for ideas to pull a prank on the fellows?

Well, in this blog, we have rolled up a few popular brands and their ideas for you. April fool’s day is an annual celebration where people fool each other and pull pranks.

This has been a tradition for some time where the prank is pulled on someone, and the person is pranked. Later, the person who is pulling pranks reveals the prank by calling out ‘Aprils fools’. 

Well, many brands have rolled up a lot of innovative Facebook and other social media post idea for April’s fool day, and we have wrapped some for you.

Since most of them are from last year, 2020, there are related to COVID and have innovatively expressed the times of COVID. There is something fascinating wrapped up at the end of the article of this blog for you.

7 Amazing Social Media Post Ideas for April Fool’s Day from Brands

1. Dunzo‘s April Fool’s Day Social Media Post

2. Chuchu TV

3. McDonald’s 

4. Nippo

5. Fully Filmy

6. Poorvika 

7. echoVME Digital

So, the above are a few examples of innovative ideas that brands came up with for April fools’ day. 

Well, I know you would have been thinking about the surprise that is wrapped up for you at the end. Well, that was to trick you. More of a disappointment than a surprise?

Well, that is how many things work, more like April fools day all day—just kidding. Life has many surprises rolled up for you. Now, go-ahead and ideate innovatively for your brand. 

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