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About Brand: Cloth brand with multiple stores across India. Four sub brands: Hasbro Clothing, Genesis, Basics 29, Pro Base.

Social Media: Facebook

Number of Fans:
1774 (as on 27/2/2010 : 3:08 PM)

SMM Strategy:

1. Contests, engagement and points strategy.
2. Contests hosted at least weekly thrice. Contests in forms of quizzes (quiz applications created).
3. Fan page completely customized (FBML edited). A FBML tab for contest winners, frequent buyers and brands under Basics.
4. Frequent buyers fbml tab results in registration of the customers. On registration they receive FBP (Face book page) points that can be redeemed for discounts.
5. The contest quizzes are generally query about the brand, thus increasing brand awareness among the customers.
6. The winner obtain free give aways (hot and trendy products).
7. Page is also used for displaying its latest products, disclosing interesting facts, news, celebrity endorsements etc.
8. People use this to share pictures, winners of the contests share pics clicked with prizes.

My Take:

1. Clear engagement strategy.
2. Interesting contests and high quality freebies keeps the brand value intact.
3. Fans now becoming a community, resulting in interaction among each other, discussion about brand and products and assisting brands to get easy direct customer decisions.
4. Role of technology is essential here as the FBML and quizzes are neatly created and are made geographic friendly (targeted).
5. Low response rate at present. Basics needs to create awareness in store about it facebook activity and contests. It can avail facebook access facility in stores asking customer to participate.
6. Basics has diluted its products in different sub brands for unusual set of customers, this might create a little confusion among the facebook users. As the expectations of customers with basics life’s engagement activity would differ.

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