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Looking for best digital marketing course in Bhubaneswar, India? Read this blog till the end to get to know about some for top digital marketing course, course structure, fee, course instructor and more

If there is one thing that has revolutionized our ways of getting things done, then the primary reason for it would be digital service.

From ordering food to buying clothes, almost everything is possible with just a few finger taps. With the plethora of services available online, to rank as the best and capture the prospective clients, the digital marketing game has to be strong.

Running a business and digital marketing go hand in hand. Wider the scope, wider the employment opportunities. This has made people actively enrol in digital marketing courses from the nook and corner of the world.

There are various remarkable digital marketing courses across the country, and digital marketing courses in Bhubaneswar– Orissa is no exception.

Few remarkable digital marketing courses at Bhubaneswar are

i) Dizital square

Dizital square is a renowned and noteworthy digital marketing institute in Bhubaneshwar.

They provide overall guidance in getting your best knowledge of digital marketing. They strive to provide placement opportunities across the country and mostly in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh.

Digital Marketing Course structure:

The digital marketing course at Dizital square has seven modules with 50+ sub modules. You will learn digital marketing with the utmost professionalism and practical exposure. Web designing, SEO, SEM, SMM, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense and much more will be taught.

Course Duration:

The advanced digital marketing course consists of different batches like weekend and weekday batches, and it would be around 3-6 months depending on the batch you enrol in.

Course Fees:

The fee depends upon the course you opt-out for. It would be best to check out with the institute. You can contact them through and +91-90781-50202

Digital Marketing Course instructors:

The course instructors at theory basket are highly skilled and have a reputable knowledge in digital marketing.

ii) Digital talent

Digital talent is a top-notch professional training institute. They touch upon different aspects and offer quite many courses. Their digital marketing course is up to date and gives the learner a good knowledge of what all there is to learn in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course structure:

Their course structure is to the point and multifaceted. You learn about social media optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM, web development and much more.

They also train you to acquire valuable certificates google ads, Hubspot, google Adsense, youtube accredited certificated and much more.

Course Duration:

The duration of the course is between 2 to 4 months and differs depending on the batch you enrol in.

Course Fees:

You can contact the institute to know about the course fee. It depends on the modules you choose. You can contact them through +91-9090099110 and

Digital Marketing Course instructors:

The course instructors at Digital talent are erudite and are solely responsible for making you a well informed and knowledgeable person in digital marketing.

iii) Advanced Institute in digital marketing (AIDM)

AIDM is the best institute in Bhubaneswar and has an upstanding reputation in the market. The digital marketing courses they offer are suitable for anyone who wants to try their hands-on digital marketing. They also offer courses which are ideal for the traditional marketer looking forwards to establish themselves in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course structure:

The course has 12 modules. You will touch upon different spaces of digital marketing from website development to social media marketing. There are a wide array of things that you will learn. They help you acquire 25+ digital marketing course which adds value to your resume in helping you bag a career in digital marketing.

Course Duration:

The duration of the course is generally one month for 2 hours of classes thrice a week.

Course Fees:

The certification program in digital marketing costs around rs 15,000 + GST

Digital Marketing Course instructors:

The course instructors are renowned marketers who have a fine knowledge of what they intend to teach.

iv) Online Digital Marketing Course for Free

Like the above-mentioned digital marketing course, I’m myself bringing you the complete package of digital marketing Gyan, with over 70+ lessons of valuable content. Enrolling in which you are sure to take way valuable skillsets in digital marketing. And the brownie point is, it’s absolutely free. Yes, that’s right enroll in my free online course on digital marketing and work on the path towards becoming a digital marketer.

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