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Best Digital Marketing Courses In Surat, Gujarat

Looking for best digital marketing courses in Surat, Gujarat India? Read this blog till the end to get to know about some for top digital marketing course, course structure, fee, course instructor and more Table of ContentsThe Rise of DigitalFind Few Best Digital Marketing Courses in Surat: Top-tier Institutes1) Digiperform2) Advanced School of Digital Marketing3) XPlore […]

Best Digital Marketing Courses In Surat

Looking for best digital marketing courses in Surat, Gujarat India? Read this blog till the end to get to know about some for top digital marketing course, course structure, fee, course instructor and more

The Rise of Digital

Digital marketing has become an essential skill set to survive in today’s competitive job market. In the digital world, there is no ceiling to what you can achieve, and the playing field is evened out in terms of the assets available to you. This innate quality of digital marketing has allowed even companies in Tier-2 cities and rural areas of India to elevate their business potential to new heights.

Thanks to the influx of digital marketing job opportunities, there has been a gradual uptick in digital marketing courses in Surat as well as other core cities in India. In that regard, let’s take a look at the top-dollar digital marketing training institutes in Surat that offer cutting-edge training modules to excel in digital marketing!

Find Few Best Digital Marketing Courses in Surat: Top-tier Institutes

1) Digiperform

Advanced certified digital marketing consultant program by Digiperform is one of the most acclaimed digital marketing courses in Surat. Though Digiperform is a nationwide organisation, their Surat branch is well-equipped to impart top-notch digital marketing training to their students.

Digital Marketing Course structure:

DigiPerform’s advanced certified digital marketing consultant program is an intensive 321-hour+ program that covers all the core points of digital marketing. 

– Modules: 12 

Social media marketing, online advertising, search engine optimisation, sales optimisation, earning online & interview preparation 

DigiPerform also offers 100% placement assistance for all its students. 

DigiPerform’s Digital Marketing Course Fee:

Fees depend on course you select, it is best to enquire with the institute. 

Course Duration:

DigiPerform’s flagship course lasts around two months for weekday batches and three months for weekend batches.


DigiPerform’s trainers are industry leaders in SEO, PPC, social media marketing and many others.

2) Advanced School of Digital Marketing

ASDM is one of the top-tier names in Gujarat when it comes to digital marketing. Their dedication to excellence has seen them reach the pinnacle of their niche as one of the best digital marketing course in Surat.

Digital Marketing Course structure:

With over 150 hours of course content, the flagship course consists of a 5-day study week with over 13 certifications being made available to the students. Along with the classes, there are also project sessions, with two days of practical sessions in a week.

ASDM’s Digital Marketing Course Fee:

It is better to enquire with ASDM regarding the fees of their digital marketing course in Surat, as it depends on the specific course you select.

Course Duration:

The ASDM digital marketing course in Surat is a 3-month digital marketing training course. This program includes the two-day practical course in digital marketing as well.


Thanks to their statewide network, ASDM boasts of a network of highly qualified professionals that can elevate your digital prowess to the next level.

3) XPlore Institute

This digital marketing course in Surat is shaping up to be a game-changer for the Surat people. Their user-friendly approach is the trump card for their success as an institute.

Digital Marketing Course Content:

The flagship course at Xplore Institute in Surat has a course curriculum that touches upon all core aspects of digital marketing. These include SEO strategies, paid ads, content marketing and social media marketing.

Xplore Institute’s Digital Marketing Course Fee:

Owing to the current situation, their batches are in a state of flux. Therefore, contacting them is the best option when it comes to fee requests.

Course Duration:

Their institute offers offline classroom training programs that last around a couple of months.


As their success stories show us, Xplore Institute is helmed by experienced professionals who use real-life case studies to impart contemporary knowledge to students.

iv) Online Digital Marketing Course for Free

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Digital Value

If you’re in the city, there are plenty of digital marketing courses in Surat that can empower you to chase a promising career in digital marketing. Knowing the right course to pick is crucial, however. Have you heard of any other top-notch digital institutes in Surat?

Go ahead and drop me a mail with your suggestions at!

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