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Facebook is now a part of our daily lives. We love sharing our content, be it statuses, links or photos. Since everything around us, from television to watch is getting smarter, why not the way we use Facebook? IFTTT can do that for you. IFTTT is the ultimate tool for all your social media account needs. It is a web-based service that allows you to create a trigger based ‘recipe’ for web services like Gmail, Twitter, ESPN, and Reddit. For Example, Recipe where you automatically allow IFTTT “Post the final scores of my favourite team automatically”. Earlier we had written a blog post on 15 Twitter Marketing Automation and hope you read that too.

Below are some of the useful automation for Facebook and Facebook Pages:

1. Sync your Facebook and Twitter Profile Picture

One of the most popular automations, this recipe can auto-update your twitter avatar. All you have to do is update your Facebook profile picture and IFTTT will update the same on twitter.

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2. Save new Facebook photos you are tagged in to Cloud Storage

Cloud Services can backup your photos from your local gallery. There’s a recipe that can backup your pictures in someone else’s phone! Yes, you heard it right. This automation will auto save all your tagged photos into cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive etc. Check the other cloud storages available here

IFTTT Recipe: Save new Facebook photos you are tagged in to Dropbox connects facebook to dropbox
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digital marketing blog

3. Share new links you post on Facebook to Twitter

Whenever you share a link on Facebook, this recipe will auto post the same as a tweet with the same link with twitter service, not as a link that leads you to the Facebook post.

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4. Save tagged pictures in your own Facebook album

Tagged photos of you on Facebook are stored in your friend’s respective profile. This automation allows you to have all your tagged pictures in your album. Just set the album name, set the recipe and IFTTT will automatically upload all your tagged pictures in it.

IFTTT Recipe: Tagged in a photo on Facebook? Save it to your own album connects facebook to facebook
5. Wish your friends, a very happy birthday!

Our Facebook Friend List is getting longer by each passing day. Wishing them on their birthday now has become almost an everyday task. This recipe can wish your friends on your behalf! Pre-set the Happy Birthday text and let IFTTT do the rest!

IFTTT Recipe: Wish your friends a Happy Birthday on Facebook connects google-calendar to facebook

6. Save the links you post on Facebook to Evernote

We share lots of interesting content on Facebook from Youtube links to BuzzFeed listacles. Finding them on your profile can be a hiccup during times needed. This recipe will auto save all the links posted on your Evernote profile. [Also available with other Cloud Storages]

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7. Upload photos, Update Status and Share Location Automatically.

These three recipes can make your Facebook usage really smarter. This feature will auto update your photos from camera, share status from note text and location. [This feature requires companion app named “DO”]

IFTTT Recipe: Upload photos to a Facebook album connects do-camera to facebook

IFTTT Recipe: Share your location on Facebook connects do-button to facebook

IFTTT Recipe: Update Facebook Status connects do-note to facebook

8. Backup your uploaded pictures on Facebook

Every single picture updated on your Facebook Profile will be backed up on Google Drive. [Also available on other cloud services]

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9. Share Facebook Page posts on your own profile

Have your own page where you share really interesting content? This recipe will automatically post the same on you profile too.

IFTTT Recipe: Share Facebook Page posts on your own Wall connects facebook-pages to facebook

10. Let your friends know when you’re back in town

If you’re a travel freak, this recipe is definitely for you. Set your hometown on this recipe and IFTTT will update the status letting all your friends know that you’re back in town when you reach the location you saved.

IFTTT Recipe: Let your friends know when you're back in town connects ios-location to facebook

11. Invite your friends to like your Facebook pages

Hitting the invite button a hundred times to make your friend like your Facebook Page can be really boring and frustrating. IFTTT can help you automatically invites all your friends with this recipe and save your precious time!

IFTTT Recipe: Invite your friends to like your facebook pages connects facebook to facebook-pages

12. Share your favorite SoundCloud tracks to Facebook as link posts

Let your friends know your favourite tracks! Share you music instantly on Facebook from SoundCloud instantly without any hassle with this recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Share your favorite SoundCloud tracks to Facebook as link posts connects soundcloud to facebook

13. Automatically update you Twitter bio from Facebook.

This recipe allows you to automatically update your twitter’s bio from your Facebook’s about me.

IFTTT Recipe: Facebook bio = Twitter bio connects facebook to twitter

14. FitBit Activity Summary > Facebook Status

Let the world know you’re a fitness freak. IFTTT will automatically update your daily fitbit activity on Facebook with this recipe. [Recipe for automatically posting a status when daily goal is achieved also available]

IFTTT Recipe: FitBit Activity Summary > Facebook Status connects fitbit to facebook
IFTTT Recipe: Post a status on Facebook when you achieve your daily distance goal connects fitbit to facebook

15. Auto upload Facebook Pictures on Google Plus and Picasa

Why bother uploading same picture on three sites when you can do it all from one! This recipe will upload your Facebook picture automatically on Google Plus and Picasa.

IFTTT Recipe: If I upload a photo to Facebook then also upload that photo to Picasa/Google plus. connects facebook to gmail
16. Share news about your favourite League/Team

Using this recipe, you can automatically share breaking news about your favourite Football League on your Facebook wall. This recipe currently supports only ESPN News Service.

IFTTT Recipe: Share on Facebook breaking ESPN news for your favorite sport connects espn to facebook
17. Share liked videos to Facebook

Share your liked Youtube video with just a click! IFTTT will auto share your liked Facebook Video on your feed as soon as you like one.

IFTTT Recipe: Share liked videos to Facebook connects youtube to facebook
18. Add tagged photos to Calendar

Save all your memories you’d love to cherish in the future. This is a brilliant recipe that adds your tagged photo on Facebook to Google Calendar on the date the tagged picture is uploaded.

IFTTT Recipe: When I'm tagged in some photo, add the photo to my calendar connects facebook to google-calendar
19. Post your new tracks on Facebook

Let your friends hear the songs you love listening to. Whenever you add a new track to your Spotify play list, this recipe will update a status on your Facebook profile about it.

IFTTT Recipe: If new track added to a playlist, then post a status update to Facebook connects spotify to facebook
20. Post pictures with specific #hashtag on Instagram on your profile

Whenever someone posts a picture with a specific #hashtag on Instagram, the photo will be shared on your Facebook. For example you’re organising an event with official hashtag #Event2016. When someone posts a picture of the event with hashtag #Event2016, it’ll be posted on your Facebook Profile too!

IFTTT Recipe: When anyone takes a pic at your wedding with a specific #tag then that photo posts to your timeline connects instagram to facebook
These recipes can make your way of using Facebook really smarter, easier and effective. Also make your friends wonder how you mange to post pictures, statuses and much more with ease. For more recipes you can visit

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