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Top 15 Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools That You Must Try

Every single business in existence is built upon one primary objective. To gain as many customers as possible. As obvious as it sounds, it has become incredibly hard to compete in the market. Especially, when there are thousands of competitors in every single industry. This is why companies invest time, money and efforts into understanding […]

best form builder and survery marker tool

Every single business in existence is built upon one primary objective. To gain as many customers as possible. As obvious as it sounds, it has become incredibly hard to compete in the market. Especially, when there are thousands of competitors in every single industry. This is why companies invest time, money and efforts into understanding their target audience. With proper understanding of their requirements, businesses can introduce new solutions or upgrade their current products and services.

For this very reason, market research and surveys are often conducted by companies to get their customer’s needs and point of view. Using engaging forms and questionnaires filled with the right questions, we can receive numerous inputs. This can later be used for audience segmentation. With a minimal investment of cost and time in drafting a detailed form, we can easily get all the information we need. This is very effective from the business’s side because, it can also engage with people groups with low attention spans.

How to Choose the Right Form and Survey Builder for Your Business?

Building a form that can be embedded on your website and promoted via social media is simple, thanks to the easy – to – use form and survey builders available these days. However, with more options come more confusion on which software to use for your business. To help you out, here are some factors to consider before opting for a form / survey builder.

Business Goals:

Whether it is for you solely or for your business, you need to identify the end goal and the purpose of using a form. Only when you are aware of what kinds of results you expect can you choose your ideal form builder.


Choosing a form builder is necessary, but it should be worth the price as well as fit into your budget. Therefore, take time to do some research and choose the right form builder and the right price package. Ensure that the plan chosen covers all of your needs.


Every software differs from each other in terms of its features. All form builders available in the market are constantly evolving to accommodate more features at a reduced cost. These features are introduced based on the common demands that already exist. Based on the features you require you can select the tool of your choice for your business.

Quality of the Form Templates:

As important as it is to choose the most ideal form and survey builder, it is equally necessary to ensure that your forms are well – designed and visually appealing. Forms that look more professional gives away a sense of credibility, thereby receiving more responses. Therefore, go through the form templates available before choosing your form builder.

Top 15 Form and Survey Builders That You Must Buy for Your Business

Now that you understand the significance of forms and surveys, and how to choose one for your own business, let us check out some of the best options that you can consider choosing from. Do note that this list is in no particular order and is categorized based on types: software tools and plugins.

1. QuestionScout

QuestionScout is an all – in – one toolkit for collecting data of all sorts. Be it surveys or questionnaires, you can craft a powerful yet beautiful form that you or your business can use. With a great user interface that comes with this software, you can easily design your forms from scratch, without much trouble. Loaded with amazing features, this tool is definitely worth every penny paid.


QuestionScout offers a variety of features for its users. This is to help both individuals and businesses with making a tailor – made form. With their in – built templates, you can make the forms more engaging and conversational – styled.

QuestionScout also gives you a workspace that is integrated with a dashboard, to access and manage all forms at once. You can also assign roles to your employees to monitor and analyze the various responses received.


Hold on, there’s more! Using the third – party applications that are associated with QuestionScout, you can connect your forms easily so that you are instantly notified and all your responses are recorded, when a person clicks on the ‘Submit’ button. Some of the integrations available in the tool include Slack, MailChimp and Google Sheets.


When it comes to pricing, QuestionScout’s packages are a great fit for all types of businesses. They currently offer two plans for their users. The ‘All – inclusive’ plan and the ‘Pay – as – you – go’ plan.

Like the name suggests, the ‘all – inclusive’ plan comes with all the features available with no limitations. It is priced at €99/month. The ‘pay – as – you – go’ plan is a post – paid plan that only charges you for the services you took. The starting price is as low as €1/month, and you will be billed only for what you need.

Sounds like a great option?

Click on the link below to give QuestionScout a shot!

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2. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an experience management software that offers automation and insight tools to extract data from the customers and analyze it. The tool allows you to create surveys for your audience and also enables offline data collection to help you engage with your audience.


Thanks to its ability to collect data offline, SurveySparrow can also reach the most remote places that lack internet access. With a wide range of templates and questions to choose from, you can create multiple forms using different combinations in just a few minutes. This survey builder also comes with the feature of language translation, helping you reach a wider audience base.

Understanding the concerns that most businesses may have, SurveySparrow comes with White labelling and IP Restriction to provide their users with the most secure solution. Like most other survey builders, they come packed with multiple integrations to automate tasks and workflow. Apart from that, they also support multimedia such as images and videos.


Getting started with the tool is easy, because they offer various tutorials, webinars and guides to help their users understand the tool’s functioning. With their 24/7 support and optimized features, you can set up your forms in no time!


SurveySparrow has four pricing packages under its belt.

  • The ‘Premium’ plan is priced at $49 / month.
  • The ‘Business’ plan is priced at $149 / month.
  • The ‘Enterprise’ plan is priced at $449 / month and
  • The ‘Elite’ plan, that is a customizable plan which offers some exclusive features.

All these plans come with a free trial and if you choose to pay for them on an annual basis, you can avail a 30% discount on the total price.

To get SurveySparrow for your business, click on the link below

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3. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a trusted feedback collection tool that focuses on helping its users with their strategies and growth. Known to be one of the most popular tools on this list, SurveyMonkey is currently being used by around 350,000+ organizations. This software is not only great for customer research, but can also be used by businesses internally, to engage with their employees and enhance their company’s performance and policies.


There is a reason why so many companies use SurveyMonkey. It is because of the features it offers. First and foremost, it helps users with content strategy. This means that, you can make use of SurveyMonkey to help you ask the right questions to your audience.

With the various integrations available in this survey tool, you can easily export your data and also set up marketing campaigns. You can also analyze the data obtained using the powerful data analysis tools available.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

Another great feature that is offered is the ‘Custom Survey URL’ feature, which lets you create unique URLs that are easier to remember and share. This also helps you with segregating all of your surveys.


SurveyMonkey offers two types of plans for its users: Personal plan and Business Plan. Each plan is customized with a set of features based on its pricing. These plans start at Rs. 899 / month with a 7 – day free trial.

With a number of price tiers available, you can choose one that is best suited for your business.

Build your first form with SurveyMonkey by clicking on the link below

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4. Pabbly Forms

Pabbly is a SaaS Solution that offers a number of services such as Subscription Billing, E – mail Verification and Marketing. They introduced the Pabbly form builder for their users, to help them with audience engagement and research. With its minimalistic design and simple interface, you can create a bunch of forms quickly and efficiently. It requires very little time and technical knowledge to use.


Aiming to be an all – in – one solution, Pabbly offers tools that help you from start to finish. Right from drafting the form to monitoring its response, Pabbly’s got you covered! With its in – built analytics tool and custom branding features, you can track the form’s performance and plan future strategies for better reach accordingly.

Pabbly forms are great if you are looking to have full control over the layout of your forms. It comes with a drag – and – drop editor, inclusive of a provision to add unlimited number of fields. This way, you can make the forms as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

Pabbly also allows you to connect with WordPress and Aweber, enabling you to embed forms on your preferred platform with ease. Through these integrations, you can also add E – mail responders to your forms for continuous engagement.


The price of a Pabbly form is $10, and this is a great deal for the features that you get in return. Everything from the number of views to the number of questions is unlimited.

Try Pabbly forms right away, by clicking on the link below

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5. PaperForms

Imagine a form that not only engages but also converts viewers into customers. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what PaperForm is here to do for you.

PaperForm is an online form builder that is currently being used by over 6,000 businesses. With the ability to build beautiful forms with your signature touch, this form builder can also act as your landing page, directing all of your visitors to your website.


What makes PaperForm forms different from the conventional forms is its adaptability. You can now build smart forms that control the viewer’s experience, ensuring that no two forms of yours are alike.

You also get to play with the various tools available while designing and publishing your forms. PaperForms gives you the option of uploading multimedia files and choosing the format of your questions. This means that your audience’s responses need not always be in text.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

Powered by the integrations of automation tools such as Zapier, PaperForms can also help you with setting up and maintaining automated workflows. All it takes is a few minutes to define your workflow tasks and you can put the entire process in auto – pilot mode.


PaperForm has three price packages.

  • The ‘Essentials’ plan is priced at $15 / month.
  • The ‘Pro’ plan is priced at $39 / month and
  • The ‘Agency’ plan priced at $99+ / month and is a customized package.

If you choose to pay for them on an annual basis, you can avail discounts on the total price.

To get PaperForms for you or your business, click on the link below

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6. JotForm

JotForm is a form builder and a data collection tool that has over eight million users from across the planet. With their library of ready – made templates, you can build any type of form for your business.

Their software is great for streamlining online and offline event management and processes, since it helps you create registration forms, lead forms, payment forms, and also lets you receive submissions from participants.


With over 100+ app integrations, JotForm brings all of your data – acquisition services under one roof. Third – party applications such as Dropbox, PayPal, ActiveCampaign and Square not only let you create forms, but also connect them to your CRM to track all responses and to get notified instantly.

You can also make your forms attractive and appealing using the JotForm’s form widgets. With these functions, you can add banners, embed a YouTube video, add a signature box, create a checkbox and do much more, all inside a single form. You can also add multiple tabs to your form for clarity purposes. If this does not fulfil your requirements, you can request for a widget and the team at JotForm will help you out.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

JotForm also supports smart PDF forms and HIPPA forms that are apt for research – oriented industries like HealthCare and Logistics. You can make use of the mobile forms feature that lets you create device – friendly forms, which are also capable of collecting data offline.


With JotForm, you get four packages. A ‘Free’ plan that comes with limited features, a ‘Bronze’ plan priced at $29 / month, a ‘Silver’ plan priced at $39 / month and a ‘Gold’ plan priced at $99 / month. However, if you choose to pay for them on an annual basis, you can avail discounts on the total price.

To start your journey with JotForms, click on the link below right away.

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7. Typeform

Typeform is a software used by educators, entrepreneurs and coaches to create interactive and thought – provoking forms. With Typeform, creating quizzes, forms and surveys will never be a hassle again.

Irrespective of which industry you are in, you can use this tool to make documents that are more specific to your requirements. You don’t have to worry about the efficiency and results. With the different software integrations accessible from different sectors, you can handpick your favourite tools and connect all of them together.


Typeform is a playground for people from both technical and non – technical backgrounds, to experiment with various form ideas. You can either make use of the ready – made templates available, or you can test out the Canva integration to come up with new designs for your business.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

The tool also features various business – related software integrations as a means to help you with your marketing campaigns and strategies. Integrations with HubSpot, Slack and Google Analytics help you stay connected with your team and work on the project simultaneously. Typeform is also compliant with Thinkific, a LMS software that is ideal for educators.

After the installation of Typeform and integration of the right applications, the entire process can be automated. With the assistance of Airtable and OneDrive, you can create simple – to – use databases and cloud systems to store all of the files and data received.


Typeform offers several packages, based on the features you need. The software starts at $35 / month with a limit of around 5,000 responses and goes up to $70 / month with a limit of around 10,000 responses.

To start with Typeform, click on the link below.

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8. SurveyPlanet

If you are a beginner or a small – scale business looking for affordable options, SurveyPlanet might be a tool worth trying out. Having the intention of giving access to advanced features at a reduced cost, SurveyPlanet offers both free and pro plans. With a simple and neat layout, this survey builder ensures that its users are not too overwhelmed by the technical tools that are built in.


The free plan consists of all the tasks and functions that a basic form needs. The free form lets you ask unlimited questions and receive unlimited responses. This is ideal for surveys that are more elaborate and detailed, containing different types of questions.

The Pro plan offers certain exclusive features that the free plan does not. With a pro form, you can utilize premium features like custom branding and data export. This comes in handy, especially for businesses that are trying to engage with the audience through a brand voice.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

The plan also permits question branching wherein you can map the entire survey’s layout. This means that the participant will only be shown the relevant questions, based on their previous answers in the survey form.


SurveyPlanet’s Pro version charges $20 / month and $180 / year. This means, you can save up to $60, by paying annually.

Get started with SurveyPlanet by clicking on the link below.

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Best Plugins for Form and Survey Builders

Now that we have discussed the various software tools available for building forms and surveys, let us look at the plugin options for your own website(s).

9. Leadformly

Leadformly is a form building plugin that can be made compatible with your websites to build and publish forms that get leads. Unlike most other form and survey builders, Leadformly is exclusively built for creating lead forms. Used by more than 5,000+ organizations, this plugin guarantees you three times more leads along with higher conversion rates.


Leadformly not only focuses on getting you more leads, but also assists you with managing and categorizing those leads. By segmenting all of your leads based on certain filters, you can plan and customize your future strategies and communication style.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

Although Leadformly contains all the features available in other form builders, it stands out from the crowd due to the fact that it can identify spam. Since the main objective is to collect factual data, having a spam reduction algorithm helps the users stay credible to their audience.

Apart from those, this marvel tool also enables you to perform A/B Testing on your landing page forms. This can help you determine what works and what does not, since you will have a deeper insight about your customer’s response.


Leadformly’s pricing takes a ‘Pay – as – you – go’ approach, wherein you pay based on the number of leads. This pricing starts at $37 / month, with around 250 leads / month. The more leads you want, the higher the price. Either way, this tool is worth the cost.

To start getting leads through your forms, click on the link below

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10. Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is a form plugin tool that can create advanced forms like contact forms, newsletter subscription forms, registration forms, surveys and quizzes for your WordPress websites. Operating this tool is simple and only requires basic understanding of your website’s functioning. Once you install this plugin, you can easily set up several forms and surveys all over your website.


Gravity Forms is loaded with so many features, most of which you never knew you needed. For instance, the Google ReCaptcha and the Akismet options filter out any sort of spam or bot responses. Other than that, you can also create front – end forms that give limited access to your website.

While building your form or survey, you can also define the number of entries you wish to receive. This is offered to ensure that you are not flooded with too many responses to analyze. The plugin also supports file uploads.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

Gravity Forms lets you connect to several other applications externally, making it easier for you to integrate all of the data fetched to your CRM. With this feature along with data analytics and processing tools, you can manage all data with ease. You can also customize your forms using the conditional logic function available.


Gravity Forms has three pricing packages. That is, the ‘Basic License’ plan which is priced at $59 / month, the ‘Pro License’ plan which is priced at $159 / month and the ‘Elite License’ plan which is priced at $259 / month. Each plan differs in the number of features it offers.

To get Gravity Forms for your WordPress Site, Click on the link below

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11. Kaliforms

Giving your customer a long list of things to do can be exhausting for them, making them lose interest in your brand. This is where Kaliforms come into the picture.

Kaliforms is a user – friendly form builder plugin that was developed to make highly – responsive contact forms in a click of a button. This WordPress compatible tool comes with plug – and – play templates, that can be altered as per your business’s guidelines.


With the Kaliforms plugin installed, you can build powerful, adaptable and fast – loading contact forms. All you have to do is select the template and rename the field boxes. Once the contact forms are drafted and ready to go, you can display them on the homepage of your site. This can capture your audience’s attention right away.

After you publish your forms, you can set – up the ‘E – Mail Notifications’ option to get instant updates when a new member responds to your form. Kaliforms also lets you build forms with multiple pages. This works best for individuals and businesses who are looking to get more inputs in order to filter their audience

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

That’s not all! You can also use the spam filter to get more genuine information. If you have any trouble during the course of the process, don’t worry. Kaliforms values its customers a lot. Which is why, they offer continued customer support to help their users with any issues that they may have.


Kaliforms comes at four affordable price packages. The ‘Starter’ plan is around $29. The ‘Freelancer’ plan is priced at $49. The ‘Small Business’ plan is priced at $69 and the ‘Agency’ plan is priced at $89.

To try Kaliforms, do click on the link below right away

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12. Piotnet Forms

Often credited as the most – compatible plugin, Piotnet is capable of doing more than just building forms. It is compliant with Elementor, and can help you with creating checkout pages, contact forms, feedback forms, user registration pages and much more for your WordPress Site.


Stuffed with numerous extensions and widgets, you can get access to dozens of features on installation of this one plugin. With their mighty form builder, you can create multi – step forms with a progress bar, add Captchas and Signature fields, connect your forms to your CRM and add data range calculated fields.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

With the help of the navigation buttons, you can guide your audience in navigating them across the forms and filling the details in the right order. In addition to that, you can add images and change the gradient of the colours in the page using the palette.

You can also turn your pages into converting forms by adding CTA buttons, changing the font size and style, inserting headers and adjusting column width. This prompts the viewers to react to the call to action.


Piotnet gives its users three options based on their requirements. The ‘Personal’ pack for $40 only. The ‘Unlimited’ pack for $60 and the ‘Lifetime’ pack for $80. Given the results you can get, this is indeed a great deal.

To set – up Piotnet for your Website, Click on the link below

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13. WPForms

Whether you are a businessman, freelancer, influencer or a major organization, WPforms might just be the plugin for you.

WPForms is a plugin tool that lets you create WordPress Forms for your site. Using the in – built form elements, you can host a variety of forms on your website. With over 3,000,000+ downloads, this is one of the most popular WordPress plugins on the list.


WPForms boasts a number of features, to help their users in all aspects of their marketing campaign. E – mail and payment integrations such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaigns and PayPal, can help powering your website with more advanced features.

You can create forms with a neat layout and embed them anywhere on your website (Preferably on pages with high traffic). You can include a navigation text to redirect your audience accordingly. With the ‘Instant Notifications’ option, you can connect your form responses to your preferred medium to get notified instantly. This will help you with quick interactions with your leads.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

As a business owner, you can also make use of the Entry Management system available, to streamline and manage your leads. With the help of Subscription forms that you can build with the plugin, you can connect all of the integrations available and establish a E – mail marketing campaign.


You can purchase WPFroms at four different price ranges. The ‘Basic’ plan starts at $39.50 / year. The ‘Plus’ plan is priced at $99.50 / year. The ‘Pro’ plan is priced at $199.50 / year and the ‘Elite’ plan is priced at $299.50 / year.

To give WPForms a try, click on the link below right away

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14. Ninja Forms

Trusted by over 20,000,000 sites across the globe, Ninja Forms is the go – to form builder plugin for companies and businesses operating with large volumes of data. It comes packed with various extensions and add – ons, that you can use for creating your forms. Having a basic understanding of how plugins function is all the knowledge you need to work with Ninja Forms. However, if you are skilled, you can still access the developer mode and customize your pages.


Ninja Forms saves you the time and trouble of designing beautiful forms. It replaces the need for a designer or developer and offers ready – to – use form templates. You can choose from a gallery of objective – based forms, based on the type of form you want to publish.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

What Ninja Forms is designed to do, is to seamlessly blend into your website like it belongs. This includes the font styles, colours and patterns. This can add onto your site’s professional and aesthetic look.

You also have the facility to save the progress of the forms, so that users needn’t worry about filling the form all over again in case of a page reload. Being a very developer – friendly tool, Ninja Forms lets you add custom blocks and additional text easily.


Ninja Form’s packages are a great fit for all types of businesses. They offer four plans: ‘Personal’ plan, ‘Professional’ plan, ‘Agency’ plan and the ‘A la carte’ plan.

  • The ‘Personal’ plan costs $49.50.
  • The ‘Professional’ plan costs $99.50.
  • The ‘A – la – carte’ plan costs around $29 – $129.
  • The ‘Agency’ plan costs $249.50.

You can click on the link below to give Ninja Forms a shot.

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15. Jetpack

Jetpack is a plugin tool introduced by Automattic, for SEO enhancement and security of WordPress sites. Like its own name, it acts as a jetpack for websites, skyrocketing their ranking on search engines. Although the initial version only had 8 modules, this piece of software now currently holds around 50+ modules, each with different functions. The tool is ideal for anybody looking to improve their website’s performance.


Starting with the main feature for which this plugin is on this list, forms! Jetpack has a number of tools to support and accommodate viewer engagement and the related parameters. The most commonly used ones being the contact and subscription forms.

Like mentioned earlier, Jetpack has various modules. Each of these modules cater to different aspects of the website. For instance, the appearance module is responsible for the design layout of your website while the security module has tools to secure your WordPress site.

Form Builders & Survey Marker Tools

Besides that, you can use this plugin to add sidebar widgets, include social sharing buttons, integrate Google Analytics and also host Ads to monetize your site. This is a great feature for influencers and bloggers who are looking for an avenue to promote products of their choice.


Jetpack’s pricing starts at Rs. 500 / month. They also offer a bundle pack ‘Jetpack Security’ that is priced at Rs. 1872 / month, inclusive of all premium features. However, if you choose to pay Annually, you can save up to 17% on the total amount.

To get Jetpack for your WordPress Site, Click on the link below

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In conclusion, it is not about choosing the best form or survey builder, but rather choosing the one that is best for YOU. The list mentioned above are some of the best tools in the market at present, that we suggest for all businesses. With the parameters mentioned earlier, you can decide on the builder of your choice.

Hope you found this list useful. Do let us know which one you are opting for in the comment section below. For more such blog posts, check out our website.

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