Top 25 Social Media Blogs for Digital Marketers in 2020

In the last few years, several Social Media platforms have been taking over the internet. Channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter help bring people together based on location, interests and views. Since these platforms have become a forum for everybody to socialize and connect from any part of the world, marketers have started getting on […]

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In the last few years, several Social Media platforms have been taking over the internet. Channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter help bring people together based on location, interests and views. Since these platforms have become a forum for everybody to socialize and connect from any part of the world, marketers have started getting on board to target and reach out to their desired audiences. This style of marketing was later termed as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Although Social Media Marketing is a branch of Digital marketing, many business entities invest exclusively in this form of marketing, since it has seen better results in terms of ROI and Engagement rates. This is also cost – effective when compared to the Conventional Marketing Methods available as well as other forms of Digital Marketing.

Why One Must Follow Social Media Blogs

Reading high – rated Social Media Blogs has several advantages from the marketing perspective. Here are some reasons why everybody must read and follow social media blogs online.

  • It is a free study resource library that is easily accessible
  • You can read at the comfort of your own home or work
  • You can access it from anywhere, at anytime
  • It helps you stay updated on the current events in the Digital Industry
  • It gives you 10 – year worth of expertise in less than an hour
  • It helps you organize your work and stay systematic
  • It assists you in streamlining your work flow and process
  • It enhances your level of thinking and strategizing

Here is the List of Top 25 Social Media Blogs for 2020

In order to nail the Social Media Marketing game, you need to have clear objectives and strategies in mind. Those two will help you in drafting optimized campaigns for your Business growth in the long run. But this requires you to stay updated on the current trends, latest tools and techniques of Social Media Marketing. That is why, I have compiled a list of Social Media Marketing Blogs from experts in the field. Please note that this list is not in any particular order.

#1 Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is a Digital and Social Media Marketing expert who has over 10 years of experience in the field. He is the Founder of EchoVME, a digital marketing & advertising agency and Digital Scholar, a digital marketing training institute, both located in Chennai, India. He has trained several students and entrepreneurs through conferences, seminars, guest lectures and workshops. Having a wide expertise in Social Media Marketing, Sorav has had the opportunity to interact and collaborate with various other Industrial experts. Through his blog, he talks about the trends and updates associated with Social Media. He has also authored four books and conducts webinars frequently, to help his viewers.


#2 Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice is an author, keynote speaker and the founder of RadiantLA. She currently runs a Digital strategy and Social Media blog online, that had over 100,000 subscribers. Her blog is a virtual guide on how to build an online empire through branding and social media marketing. It conveys the ideas and strategies that she has accumulated through her experience of 15+ years in the field. She also trains entrepreneurs and professionals through her power packed development programs.


#3 Social Media Club

Social Media Club was founded in the year 2006, with a strong team of diverse group of individuals ranging from artists to journalists. Their mission is to promote themselves as a medium to teach the public about the ways of communication and the technologies associated with it. The site is purely dedicated to Social Media Enthusiasts who love to connect, communicate and collaborate. What is unique about Social Media Club is the fact that they have specialized blogs on the science and personal aspects of being a professional. Some of the topics in this area include self – care tips for Social Marketers, the psychology behind branding and the science of marketing.


#4 Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a Facebook marketing coach, trainer and professional speaker. He started his blog solely for hardcore Facebook marketers, after working on the platform himself for business reasons. While working on Facebook, he studied how the channel can be used as an effective tool to gain more reach and visibility. Currently, he shares his learnings in the form of videos, blog posts and training sessions.


#5 Social Media.Biz

SocialMedia.Biz is an online blog that features newsletters, How to’s and blogs about social media. This blog is great for people seeking quick tips and tutorials on social media related campaigns. Covering all topics ranging from Instagram’s must do’s to the importance of Marketing on social channels, aims to educate people on the fundamentals of Social Media Marketing.


#6 Mari Smith

Another Facebook Marketing coach on the list, Mari Smith has surely made a mark on the digital marketing space. She is often addressed as the ‘Queen of Facebook’ by reputed organizations such as IBM and Forbes, in recognition to her work and research on the platform. She stands out in her teaching approach, which incorporates relationship marketing principles into Facebook marketing. This helps people understand the customers that they target through Facebook Ads.


#7 The Future Buzz

The Future Buzz is a Digital Marketing and PR opinion – based blog that talks about the present news and topics associated with Digital Marketing. The Social Media section of the blog covers informational and controversial topics, that helps marketers beware of the scams and pitfalls of Social Media Marketing. The blog is more like an instruction manual for social media marketers, that carries guidelines and precaution rules for them to follow.


#8 Social Media Examiner

Each Social Media platform is different from the others. This means that Businesses and Entrepreneurs need to draft separate ideas for each platform. But how to we know what works on each platform? Social Media Examiner became aware of this common concern and launched their blog for beginners. This extensive blog carries articles on LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and many other platforms, stating what kind of strategies can be implemented through these forums.


#9 Altitude Branding

Altitude Branding is a virtual handbook on Branding. It talks about how to brand your business on digital and offline platforms. Their Digital Branding column talks about the importance of branding on the internet and how effective it is. Covering all aspects of branding through social media, this blog is perfect for anybody looking to establish and grow a strong brand in the long run.


#10 Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is a Content Marketing and Social Media Blog. Like the name suggests, this blog will tell you how to convince people to convert into your clients. Some of the blog categories that they are well – known for include, Social Media trends of each year, marketing hacks that work and tutorials on making your content internet – friendly. They also offer free resource material in the form of weekly – written E Mails, Podcasts and Newsletters.


#11 Social Media Today

Social Media Today is a Digital Strategy, Content Marketing and a Social Media blog, that reports articles on a wide range of topics. Anybody looking to learn the fundamental functioning and algorithms of top social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok can follow this blog and sign up for this newsletter. That way, you get notified whenever a new blog is up.


#12 Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ is a Social Media Marketing tool that helps freelancers, agencies, Businesses and Entrepreneurs step – up their social media marketing game through automation of posts publishing, scheduling and content curation. They also a run a Social Media Blog that talks about the various tools and techniques that can support your social media campaigns. The blog also discusses the various methods of monetizing your Social Media profiles.


#13 Digital Matchbox

Digital Matchbox is a London – based Marketing agency, that formulates Social Media Marketing strategies for their clients for increasing ROI and engagement. Through their experience of working with several clients in the UK, they were able to determine the social success mantra for different kinds of businesses. With such expertise, they started their blog to educate the public on what kind of strategies can deliver results.


#14 The Social Media Hat

The Social Media Hat Blog is run under a leading Blogging and Social Media Consultant, Mike Allton. They provide useful guides and resources on everything related to Social Media. The Blog is segregated into a number of categories like the Social Media articles section that covers topics on each individual platform, the Social Media resources section that gives an extensive strategic plan that you can apply to your business and the Social Media Tools section that offers an elaborate review and comparison of social media tools.


#15 Mashable

Mashable is a Digital Media company that was founded by Pete Cashmore in the year 2005. Although this newsletter covers all topics, ranging from entertainment to technology to culture – related news, the social media section of Mashable contains some very interesting Social Media topics. The blog talks about the common problems faced while using social media for marketing and how to address it. It even tells its reader where they can acquire the necessary skills to solve the respective problem.


#16 Social Samosa

Social Samosa is an Indian Social Media Blog that writes about latest features on social platforms and case – studies of the strategic social campaigns of top leading companies. They examine various organizations and give a detailed report on their strategies in the form of blog posts. With an innovative team of writers and researchers, they stay updated on the Internet trends and blog accordingly to ensure that their readers are not left behind.


#17 Buffer

Similar to Hopper HQ, Buffer is a Social Media Management and Marketing tool for Digital Marketers. The company now uses their blog as a medium to convey their thoughts and opinions on social media. By studying the pattern of how their users use the Buffer tool, they were able to understand the functioning of social media strategies in large companies. On analyzing their findings, they were able to figure out what requirements and issues marketers had and later wrote blogs on solving those commonly faced problems


#18 Sue B Zimmerman

Sue B Zimmerman is a Social Media Consultant, Educator and Keynote speaker, who started her initial business in the age of 22. She has been recognized as one of the top female business coaches and was ranked amongst the TOP 50 by HuffPost. Her blog exclusively deals with Instagram hacks and Things – to – remember listicles. This is a great place of learning for businesses who are looking to perform visual – based marketing (Boutiques, Clothing brands, Jewels, Food and Catering, Etc) or ones who have set their primary marketing channel as Instagram.


#19 Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick is a Social Media Manager and a Visibility Strategist from New Hampshire. She has co – authored a book on the art of Social Media with Guy Kawasaki. Having worked as a content creator, she has gained knowledge about what kind of content performs better for each type of business. In her blog, she writes about the various ideas that can be implemented to optimize a social media campaign and how to create content that gets more attention. She also offers resources in the form of how – to guides on Instagram branding and Blogging.


#20 Social Media Week

Social Media Week is a e-news website that hosts podcasts, newsletters and a blog. They cover complex topics and news in the field of technology and marketing. From the latest strategies by marketing experts to the industrial updates, this blog ensures that people of aware of what is happening around them. It also intimates its readers on upcoming conferences and events that are scheduled to happen in the forthcoming months.


#21 Razor Social

Razor Social is a Marketing Technology blog that posts articles on various tools and technologies used in the Digital space. Along with elaborate write – ups on Social Media tools and features, they also publish content on Digital Marketing techniques, Search Engine Algorithms, strategies to increase traffic for your blogs and other platforms, recent trends of AI in the internet and Software reviews.


#22 Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted is a blog run by Donna Moritz, a Digital Content Strategist and a Visual story – teller. The blog has been featured in and ranked by several websites, including Forbes, Huffington Post and Social Examiner.

Socially Sorted dives into the ocean of content, with blogs on content tips and ideas. Donna also talks about how to create interesting and visually appealing posts that make people acknowledge the brand. Her engaging and relatable posts gets her thousands of readers each month.


#23 Dream Grow

Dream Glow is a content marketing and social media blog. The blog aims to educate people on the different social media and content tools that marketers can use to enhance their marketing game. Dream Glow also publishes thoroughly analyzed reports and reviews on these softwares and applications, to help their readers decide and choose the right tools.


#24 Social Report

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field, Social Report is the ideal resource for you. Their insights tab is loaded with information on the best strategies that can be carried out in different platforms. Some of the articles that they are well – known for include tactics to create successful content ideas, ways to gain more followers and traffic, tips to organize and schedule tasks, Ad ideas and examples, hacks to know for optimal marketing and social media trends of the year. They also publish blogs on social media agency management and how one can define the goals and client profiles of their agency.


#25 Socialnomics

Socialnomics was the child of Erik Qualman’s brains and expertise, a keynote speaker and a best – selling author. The site has over 30 million viewers and caters to topics like Business technology and statistics. This resource is apt for entrepreneurs and businessmen who are looking to gain the technical skills needed for business administration and marketing.


The Social Media Blogs listed above can help you with strategizing a game plan for your Social Media requirements. Remember, it is always good to search for templates and refer to real – life case studies, since they help you identify and correct the commonly made mistakes before you begin executing your course of action.

If you like any of the blogs and find them useful, do let them know in the comment section below. For more blogs like this, stay tuned to


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