Top 30 Social Media Management Tools for 2023

Looking to streamline your social media strategy? In this blog, we have covered the top 30 social media management tools available, with detailed reviews and insights to help you choose the right one for your needs. Discover how to save time, increase efficiency, and optimize your online presence with these powerful social media management tools.


Social Media Marketing has become very popular in the recent years, especially amongst businesses looking to increase their ROI. Many major brands, start-ups and service providers have started using Social Media as a means to promote themselves. By doing so, they are able to survey how consumers perceive them and plan their campaigns accordingly. Although this is a brilliant strategy, it requires patience and consistency. It can take a couple of months, or even years before you can establish a large following.

But once you have a huge follower base for your business online, you need to be consistent with your content to let your customers know that you value them. Posting content regularly and updating your customers about the recent events of your company will build a sense of trust and credibility. But, how do you post the right content at the right time and monitor its response manually? This is where Social Media Management Tools come to the rescue.

Points To Remember Before Using Social Media Management Tools

Before you go ahead with this blog to see the list of social media management tools, keep the following points in mind to get the best value out of these tools

  • Look at the pricing models and see which one works the best for you, according to your budgets. The ultimate goal is to increase your ROI. Hence, find a tool that is worth your money.
  • Know your brand’s status online. Choose a tool wisely, based on the number of followers you have and the consistency at which you can curate content.
  • Figure out your channels of operation. Some tools operate through all social media platforms, while others operate only through a few channels. Find your marketing zone and choose a tool that works the best in that zone.
  • Team Size is very crucial. Plan on how many people can work on your social media campaigns. This includes everything from drafting posts and ads to scheduling them. If you are handling it solely, you can choose a smaller tool with minimum features.
  • Like we always do before deciding to make a purchase, have a look at the reviews for the software of your choice. Reviews and Testimonials help with making a logical decision.

30 Must Have Social Media Management Tools For Successful Campaigns

Managing all of your Social Media accounts manually can be a weary task. Especially when you are a business organization, trying to have a personal connect with your audience through constant interaction. That is why in no particular order, I have listed some of the best Social Media Management Tools below, that have been used by several businesses. These tools can make it easier for you to monitor all of your Social Media accounts at once.

1. Hootsuite

Founded by Ryan Holmes in the year 2008, Hootsuite is one of the most popular Social Media Management tools with over 16 million users across 175 countries. Understanding the common problem that most people faced, with logging into each account separately to analyze results, Hootsuite was introduced to help people and businesses link all of their social accounts and administer them from a single platform. This made it easier to curate and schedule posts, respond to messages and comments and view analytics and insights.


Pricing Packages: Free plan with limited features, $19, $99 per month (with a 60 – Day free trial)

2. Buffer

Buffer is a software application, introduced in the year 2010 to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Buffer is compliant to both Web browser and Mobile platforms, enabling you to access it from anywhere. It offers different pricing models, including a free version which allows you to link up to three social media accounts and avail a limited set of features such as post scheduling and engagement tracking.


Pricing Packages: Free plan with limited features, $15, $65, $99 per month (with a 14-day free trial)

3. Zoho Social

Whether you are an individual marketing online or an agency providing social media marketing services for your clients, Zoho Social can be your weapon of choice. Used by several companies, Zoho Social is one of the most preferred tools in India. It offers a wide range of exclusive features, including a custom dashboard where you can have an overall view of multiple posts and their performance.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – Rs. 900, Rs. 2,100, Rs. 16,500, Rs. 24,000 (per month)

Yearly – Rs. 600, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 12,000, Rs. 18,000 (per month)

4. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a Social Media automation tool that automates social media related tasks such as content posting, message and engagement intimation, content curation, etc. The app also comes with the feature of periodical posts, where you can set an expiration date for how long the post should be made visible. This is an amazing option for businesses that offer one-time promotional offers.


Pricing Packages: $49 per month (Although, price may vary during offers and promo codes are given)

5. Sendible

Sendible is a Social Media Marketing and Management tool that lets its users perform multiple tasks from a single dashboard. The tool has an in-built tracker that can measure the performance of the content posted on the linked social media platforms. This can help the users calculate the ROI. It is also customizable and can be tailored as per your needs and business requirements.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $29, $99, $199, $299 (per month)

Yearly – $24, $84, $169, $254 (per month)

All plans include a 30 – Day Free Trial

6. Post Planner

If you are looking to increase your audience’s engagement level on Facebook, you can consider using Post Planner. Packed with some incredible features, Post Planner comes at a reasonable price range. Some of its features include queuing of posts, publishing links as images to increase click through rate, posts grouping and listing. The tool also offers a variety of content suggestions based on trending news and popular keywords, making it easier to frame a content calendar for a whole month.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $3, $12, $24, $59, $139, $299 (per month)

Yearly – $3, $9, $19, $49, $99, $199 (per month)

7. Social Pilot

Just like the name suggests, you can put your social media accounts on auto pilot mode with this tool. Currently, the tool is being used by more than 40,000 agencies and it helps them with their online marketing campaigns and strategies. Whether you are handling the accounts solely or you are working with a team for a client, Social Pilot is a great option, since it has the provision to set roles for each member of the team. Besides that, the tool is inclusive of features like bulk scheduling, RSS feed automation, content calendar, etc.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $30, $50, $100 (per month)

Yearly – $25, $41.66, $83.33 (per month)

All plans include a 14 – Day Free Trial

8. HubSpot Social Inbox Tool

Posting your content on social media at an optimal time, when your customers are most active, increases your engagement rate. Especially if you are agency working for an overseas client, where time zones matter. Understanding this problem, HubSpot introduced their own Social Media Management tool to help people and agencies with a user-friendly solution. With the help of this one tool, users can plan their marketing campaigns in advance and schedule their execution as per required. This marketing software is also integrated with analytics and marketing automation, that lets users link their blogs to their respective social accounts as well.


Pricing Packages: $35, $560, $2,240 per month

9. Salesforce Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio is the child product of Salesforce. Inc, a cloud-based software company. This piece of software was launched to lend a helping hand to large Enterprises and Business Organizations, who were seeking social media marketing solutions. It helps them to streamline the whole process by putting each customer through a virtual funnel and segregating them into different groups, based on their activity. The product also integrates your CRM platform, allowing users to individually track and view their customer’s responses to the content published. This is crucial if the business has plans to conduct any remarketing campaigns in the future.


Pricing Packages: $1000, $4000, $12,000, $40,000 (Billed Annually)

10. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager is a mobile and tablet friendly app that lets you manage up to 50 Facebook pages at once. If your Facebook account is linked to your Instagram Business account, then you will receive notifications (comments, messages, etc) corresponding to both platforms on your Facebook Pages Manager app. This is great for people who travel often and wish to get notified on-the-go, through their mobile devices.

Pricing: Free App (available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store)

11. Sked Social – Schedugram

Launched in Australia, this mobile – friendly tool is ideal for people whose social media marketing zone is Instagram. From uploading multiple photos in bulk (including carousel) to editing captions instantly, Sked Social takes care of everything associated with your Instagram marketing campaigns. You can also edit pictures for posts and IG stories through this software to create visually pleasing content and schedule them to be posted at a later time.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $25, $75, $135, $260 (per month)

Yearly – $21, $63, $133, $217 (per month)

All plans include a 7 – Day Free Trial

12. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is one of the other best social media Management tools that is primarily used by social media marketers, to moderate social media conversations and engagements. Whether it is a mention, comment, message or a like, Agora Pulse will notify you immediately, thanks to its common inbox that unifies popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. Once all your social media accounts are synced to this software, it is easy to monitor all of your social media efforts from anywhere, at any time.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $99, $199, $299, $499 (per month)

Yearly – $79, $159, $239, $399 (per month)

All plans include a 28 – Day Free Trial

13. Sprout Social

With 20,000+ companies using their tool, Sprout Social has become the go – to Social Media Management tool. From listening to what your customers have to say about your brand to analyzing performance metrics, this standalone tool can take care of all your social media needs. Sprout Social also has a very extensive and successful Social Media Marketing blog, that teaches its users about the various tools used in SMM.


Pricing Packages: $99, $149, $249 per month (with a 30 – Day free trial)

14. Everypost

Everypost is a Social Media publishing tool, that can work with numerous social accounts simultaneously. It can optimize and customize your content, as per the publishing platform. For instance, Twitter has a 280 – character limit whereas the Instagram caption limit is 2,200 characters. Based on the social platform’s rules, Everypost can help you repurpose your content, to target the right audience through the right platform.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – Free Plan, $9.99 $29.99, $49.99, $99.99 (per month)

Yearly – Free Plan, $99.99, $299.99, $499.99, $999.99 (annually)

All plans include a 14 – Day Free Trial

15. Crowd Fire

Crowd Fire is a virtual Social Media Manager, who can operate all of your accounts on the various social media platforms, analyze the performance metrics and report those analytics to you in detail. It can also track how many people are mentioning your brand online through proper listening and thorough analysis. Crowd Fire also comes with its own chrome extension that tracks all pages visited. With this extension, users can directly share their favourite websites and pages on their social accounts in no time!


Pricing Packages: Monthly – Free Plan, $9.99, $299.99, $49.99, $99.99 (per month)

Yearly – Free Plan, $7.48 $37.48, $74.98 (per month)

All plans include a 14 – Day Free Trail

16. Hopper HQ

Recognized as one of the best social media management tools for Instagram, this UK – based company has thousands of customers across 55+ countries. Although it was specially designed for Instagram initially, it now allows incorporation of Facebook and Twitter as well. One of the best advantages offered by Hopper HQ is the no mobile reminder / notification option. This ensures that the users are not spammed with notifications. Some of the other built – in features include account and location tagging, comment scheduling, ‘post now or later’ option and Instagram grid planner. With the ability to curate and publish multimedia content (pictures and videos) across multiple channels, this tool is ideal for freelancers and agencies handling their client’s accounts.


Pricing Packages: For one account bundle (1 Instagram, 1 Facebook, 1 Twitter)

Monthly – $19 (per month)

Yearly – $16 (annually)

Both plans include a 14 – Day Free Trial

17. Nuvi

Nuvi is a Social Media Marketing company that lauched a SaaS – based Social Media Management tool to automate the entire process of Social Media Marketing. They currently have over 1200+ clients across the world. In 2019, the company introduced four products under its Social Media Suite. Nuvi Listen, Nuvi Plan, Nuvi Publish, Nuvi Engage and Nuvi Analyze. Each of these products performs a specifically assigned task. This makes it convenient for users to use the right tool for the right purpose, based on their marketing objective and goals.


Pricing Packages: Not provided – Customizable

18. E – Clincher

E – Clincher is an all – in – one Social Media Marketing and Management Solution. Compared to many other Social Media Tools, E – Clincher has the highest number of channels integrated including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business. All accounts in these channels can be accessed through a common social inbox. Therefore, the tool is very flexible for marketers who want to cross – promote their content across different channels. The software also has image editors within it, that let users edit pictures for posts and stories.


Pricing Packages: $59, $119, $219 per month (with a 14 – Day free trial)

19. Tailwind

Tailwind is a Social Media Scheduler that mainly operates through two channels, Instagram and Pinterest. On Instagram, it lets you schedule your posts so that all your posts are published at the desired time. You can also find the popular and trending hashtags that go well with your posts. On Pinterest, you can save and schedule pins and also view the analytics to see if people like your pins.


Pricing Packages: Starting at $15 per month ($9.99 per month if billed Annually)

20. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a marketing platform that has over 10,000+ users from 100+ countries, including some well – known brands. With all of your social media assets organized in one closet, CoSchedule Marketing Suite brings you the right tools that help you finish a month’s worth of work in just a couple of hours. It also offers a WordPress plugin that enables you to integrate your WordPress blog or site into the platform.


Pricing Packages: Packages start at $50 onwards. You can also avail a customized package as per your need by contacting them directly

21. Social Hub

Social Hub is a Social Media Software Company that creates software – based solutions for your Social Media Marketing needs. They introduced their management tool to help users with their online campaigns. With Social Hub, you can create and schedule posts as well as Advertisements. You also have the detailed targeting feature that lets you promote the right posts to the relevant audiences. Having so many channels embedded in their system, Social Hub is one of the safest and most secure platforms for Social Marketers.


Pricing Packages: Prices starting at $99 per month, per user

22. Oktopost

If you are looking for a platform that lets you devise your strategies, plan your campaigns, publish your posts when you want and save all your work under one roof, then Oktopost might be the right platform for you. Oktopost offers a three – in – one Solution that covers everything from Social Media Management to Promotions. This wonderful tool works best for B2B Marketers who are constantly looking to promote their products and businesses.


Pricing Packages: For an ideal package for your business, contact Oktopost directly

23. MavSocial

Coming up with something creative for your Social Media campaigns can be tough, since everything has already been said and done. Creative content is crucial if you are looking to have a happening and well – maintained social account. This is why Social Media Marketers struggle to keep their audiences interested and engaged.

Luckily, MavSocial can help people going through the same problem. With the thousands of content ideas and well – received user generated content, MavSocial can assist you with your content curation. The tool also offers features like social listening and analyzing, similar to the other tools on this list.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $19, $78, $199, $499 (per month)

Yearly – $190, $780, $1990, $4990 (per year)

All plans include a 14 – Day Free Trial

24. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a unique tool that provides solutions specific to your requirements. The company was founded in France in the year 2011 and has around 10 Million registered users as of 2015. The best part about the software package is that you can customize your toolkit as per your need. For example, if you only want to monitor your page’s performance, then you can opt for the monitoring tool. They also have packages based on the company sizes, from small companies to big agencies.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $39, $79 (per month)

Yearly – $29, $59 (per month)

All plans include a 14 – Day Free Trial

(Customizable Packages available)

25. Khoros

Khoros LLC is an American Software Company situated in Austin, Texas. It was reestablished in the year 2019, as a combination of the former social media software companies Lithium Technologies and Spredfast. Though it was launched under a new name, the company still continues to offer services such as Social Media Monitoring and Reporting, which were earlier rendered by its parental units. Khoros also offers insights on market size, competitor analysis and predictive performance metrics through its Marketing Intelligence.


Pricing Packages: Customized packages as per your requirements

Pay on Monthly or Yearly basis

26. Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a Social Media Scheduling tool that comes packed with plenty of benefits. With Social Oomph, you can schedule posts, create self-destructive posts that disappear after a while, tag posts in advance, integrate WordPress and Tumblr Blogs for easy administration and collaborate with your team mates. All of these amazing features come at a very reasonable price, making is more accessible.    Social Oomph also has the facility to let its users cancel their subscription anytime, relieving their customers from a life – long commitment.


Pricing Packages: Monthly – $15, $25, $55 (per month)

Yearly – $162, $270, $594 (per year)

27. Likeable Hub

From generating content ideas to generating leads, Likeable Hub takes care of the entire mechanism. This gives businesses a lot of time to focus of other tasks that require human intervention. The software can easily enhance your online repute by boosting your audience reach, leading to a better conversion rate by getting you more quality leads and potential clients. Likeable Hub also hosts an analytics tracker. By setting up your E – Mail account, you can get all your Social Media reports mailed to you.


Pricing Packages: $299 and $599 (per month)

28. Falcon

Falcon is a Cloud – based Social Media Marketing Tool that aids Social Media Marketers (individuals and agencies) in customer engagement, Social Media Management, Content Marketing and Audience Management. It has a virtual calendar that marketers can use for content planning throughout the year. Falcon is also provided with an API, that ties all of your social media accounts to the CRM. They are also known for their user – friendliness and top – rated customer support.


Pricing Packages: Packages starting from $129 per month onwards (with a 7 – Day free trial)

29. Later

Being one of the most cost – effective and easiest – to – use Social Media tool on this list, Later has made its mark amongst small businesses who cannot afford big tools that come at an expensive price. With a minimalistic design, this tool is great for scheduling posts and visual planning. Later operates mostly through four popular channels, that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you are a freelancer or a low – budget company looking for a cheaper alternative, Later might be an option to start with.


Pricing Packages: Free plan with limited features, $19, $99 per month (with a 60 – Day free trial)

30. Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio is one of the in-built free social media management tools that manages your content, responses, messages and ads. It was recently launched by Facebook along with couple of other publishing features, to help content creators and marketers with organizing their posts and streamlining the process of publishing. With the latest option that enables integration of Facebook pages with Instagram business accounts, Facebook Creator Studio lets you mediate conversations with customers and balance social activity between both platforms. This wonderful feature also hosts a song collection, that lets its users choose music from numerous genres for their marketing campaigns.

Establishing a personal and trustworthy relationship with your customers is crucial if you are looking to grow your brand. For which, consistency is the key. Keeping your customers posted and responding to their remarks instantly, makes them feel more valued. The tools mentioned in the list above help you with the relationship factor, to boost your overall engagement and ensuring that no message is left unread. Let us know in the comments which tools you would most likely use for your business. If we missed out any good tools in our list, get in touch with us right away!

So do leave a comment or write to us at if we missed out on some really good social media management tools and if you wish to get listed here. Also note that the list is no particular order

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