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No, I am not promoting 3rd party tools on my blog. But, I owe a gratitude to ‘Brizzly’ as it helped me integrate Social Media I use most, the way I wished for. You may want to ask Why Brizzly? Here is the answer:

1.Helps you enter and keep track of you Social Media activities (I am presently maintaining 2 twitter accounts and 1 facebook account with single login )

2. You can have many twitter accounts via single Brizzly.

digital marketing blog

3. Expands the tiny URLS (posted by the one you follow) and shorten the large URLS you paste in ‘what are you doing box’ automatically. No hassles of using or

4. The photos and videos links posted by your friends can be viewed directly on the screen. You don’t have to click the link and open a new tab for the same.

digital marketing blog

5. The retweet features helps you avoid copying and pasting. On clicking Retweet button you see a status box with the tweet you want to retweet. You can edit this before you post unlike the new twitter Retweet feature.

digital marketing blog

6. Ease your direct messaging experience on twitter. You can direct message while you are tweeting it pops up as a chat feature.

digital marketing blog

7. Ease of adding photos. Same feature as in Facebook. Photo share allows you to directly upload pictures on Brizzly. You can say no to the hassles of logging on Twitpic.
digital marketing blog
8. Saving your search option is available. All your saved searches become a part of your Brizzly database.

Brizzly makes your facebook and twitter experience simple + integrated.

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