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The 17 year old teenager, Kim Duthie, who is in the news for the nude pictures scandal that has pounded St Kilda players in the AFL off season, has finally rendered an apology. The apology was posted on Youtube.

The teenager had released naked pictures of AFL players Nick Riewoldt, Nick Dal Santo and Zac Dawson on Facebook as a form of revenge for not being treated right by the AFL. The Facebook page was later deleted by the Federal Court injunction. In spite of this, the girl went ahead on twitter and posted a link to the pictures. The club believed the photos had been obtained illegally and had hence spoken to the police.

The apology from the 17 year old girl has surfaced after she allegedly admitted about lying that she was pregnant, about disclosures of a ‘relationship’ with player manager Ricky Nixon, which he admitted too by saying ‘In hindsight, my dealings with this girl were inappropriate and I regret them’. The result being that Ricky Nixon is now suspended from the AFL Players Association. The decision is much awaited as Nixon’s future seems uncertain at this point, the decision will be announced on Thursday after a preliminary inquiry scheduled to occur between AFL and the police.

She had made an appearance on ‘60 minutes’, when she apologized to AFL player Sam Gilbert. Soon after this she said she realized that she also owed an apology to other AFL players, Nick Riewoldt, Nick Dal Santo and Zac Dawson, who were also caught up in the nude-pictures controversy. Her apology was as stated ‘I would like to formally apologize to the above players for releasing photographs of them which I did not take, nor did I have permission to publish’. She also added ‘I can’t imagine what their friends or family have been through, let alone the players’. However, she said she hoped that they could now get on with their lives.

It may be noted that during May 2010, Kim Duthie had claimed that she had sex with two Saints players. Further to this, she also said that she had become pregnant by one of the players and then proceeded saying she had miscarried twins. Following her complaint, the police and AFL conducted a thorough investigation but found no grounds to continue with charges.

A spokeswoman on behalf of St Kilda did not agree to comment. She said that none of the players would make any statements publicly. Meanwhile, Coach Ross Lyon is expected to be surely questioned at a fixed press conference today about the developments.

Last week, there was the AFL captain’s day and Riewoldt wanted to create and maintain some distance between himself and the club’s miserable summer. His statement was ”Our concentration has been entirely on that area. So for us, it’s down to business. Its business as usual, and just looking forward to getting out and doing what we do best’’.

Now to just wait and watch on further proceedings.

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