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There are two Indian brands (Ching’s Secret and Fastrack) that are enjoying the Social Media space with more than 1 lakh fans on Facebook. Facebook is known to be the youth target spot of India by marketers today. There are approximately 5 crore Indians online and 1crore Non resident Indians. Facebook alone now has 75lakh Indians and 40lakh Non resident Indians. Facebook users grew by more than 500% when compared to year 2008. Also over the next 3-4 years this is only going to rise massively.

Brand: Ching’s Secret / Fastrack

Type: Food Product/ Youth Products

Number of Fans on Facebook: 100,500 / 1,00,000 (As on 30th March 2010, Morning)


Purpose: Engaging Users + Broadcasting Ching’s latest activities and innovations.

Ching’s Secret Present Scenario:

1. A simple Facebook fan page with no extra ordinary FBML tabs and applications.

2. Fan page Wall view restricted to messages from Ching’s Secret alone and the messages from fans get filtered in the ‘Just fans’ sub tab.

3. Photos of the creatives, advertisements and products.

4. There is no interaction among consumers but the questions or messages posted on the Ching’s wall are regularly answered by a Ching’s representative on a very short notice.

5. Growth of the page is moderate. Per day on average 200 – 300 people join and rejoice the Ching’s experience online.

6. On an average at least 60 followers likes the activity performed by Ching’s Secret and atleast 40 comment approximately.

My Take on Ching’s Secret:

1. This page looks like a broadcasting medium of the Ching Secret activities.

2. Successful in the space because of its regular offline activities that promotes its presence on Facebook (the necessity of era to integrate the traditional marketing with the modern marketing)

3. Consumer satisfaction is another reason that helps it grow naturally.

4. As the amusement demands it is essential to add the value of technical creativity to the page by adding innovative applications, quizzes, games, contests and more.

5. The twitter, buzz or Youtube page can be integrated with the Ching’s secret fan page using Involver.

6. The proposition of the fan page should move beyond broadcasting and must be a consumer driven community that leads to massive interest and fun.


Fast Track Present Scenario:

Purpose: Clear Engagement Strategy, Consumer Driven Community

• Fast track has got 101372 fans. On an average it gets a 2,000 fans per day. As I started researching on it in the morning the fan numbers were 99k + by evening it increased to 101230.

• It is a complete consumer driven community where consumer posts queries related to watches, bags, shades etc.

• Consumers share their experience buying products at fastrack store, photos of their latest gadgets purchased, their opinion on the brand and lot more.

• Consumers post questions related to launch of product, availability, existence of stores and lot more. Well, Fastrack representative answer them all thus obtaining a good customer service quality.

• More than 20 albums shared, on an average 1000 people like the activities posted by fastrack and more than 200 people actively comment and engage in the conversation.

• Amazing Bikers application and kickass cards tab on the fan page that makes it technically active and makes users feel an unusual experience

• Integration with mobile is great application. Customers can subscribe to fastrack’s activity via SMS.

My Take:

• Fastrack engagement and customer service strategy via Facebook fan page can be called a very interesting strategy. For me, this is a complete successful case study.

• As more customers interact and share their experiences their friends get to know about the brand resulting in an inexpensive brand awareness and huge fan growth per day.

• To get audience crazy Fastrack needs to host lot more contests on a weekly basis that keeps the 1 lakh audience puzzled and discuss about it online as well as offline.

• The twitter followers are very less in numbers when compared to Facebook fans. There should be an approach that involves usage of twitter and Facebook both in an integrated way.

My vote goes to Fastrack for its successful strategy that is driven by consumers (achieving social media expectations). My next post will put froth a comparative analysis of both with a framework. Please subscribe to my blog if you would like to read more.Subscribe to My Blog Here

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