How To Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers in Just 5 Minutes! (Complete Guide)

Want to know how to create customised WhatsApp stickers in just 5 minutes? Check this blog till the end to find the complete step-by-step guide.

What was the talk of town during Diwali?

The rockstarish Whatsapp Stickers.

Whatsapp Marketing will dominate in 2023 and we all know that for sure, they have slowly started innovating and allowing you to create your very own Whatsapp Stickers.

While you saw a lot of Happy Diwali sticker floating, you can customize one for yourself now, WhatsApp gives the option to connect with 3rd party application and create your own customized Stickers.

How do you do that?

Please Note: You cannot do this on IOS, you need to be on Android to run this process. 

Here is a Step-by-step Guide to Create Whatsapp Stickers Online for FREE

Step 1:

Create your stickers in PNG format and save it on your phone. If not, you can upload the pictures in your phone and crop it in the app.

Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers Online

Step 2:

On Android, use your Play Store and download: STICKER MAKER for WhatsApp.

Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers

Step 3:

Once you log in to the app, click on ‘Create A New sticker pack’. Give your pack a name along with the name of the author.

Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers

Step 4:

You shall see a tray icon which will be the Thumbnail for the album. You need to add a minimum of 3 images for the app to accept and upload your album to WhatsApp.

Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers
Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers

You can take a selfie or a quick photo and make a sticker out of it, you just have to move your finger across the section that you would like to crop or Zoom by pinching the image for better detailing.

Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers
Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers

Step 5:

Once you’ve uploaded your desired number of pictures select ‘Publish Sticker Pack’. Double check before uploading, as the album can’t be edited or deleted from the album. Remember, you need to have minimum of 3 pictures in the album + 1 title card.

The title card cannot be used as sticker.

Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers
Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers

Step 6:

Your Stickers are now available to use on your WhatsApp. To access them, open the smiley option in the chat box, and you will find 3 options below the list of smileys: Smileys, GIFs and Stickers. Select the Sticker option and select the album to find the list of your stickers. Your title card will be visible for you to pick.

Create Customized Whatsapp Stickers

And once you pick your stickers, rock on the Whatsapp world with your stickers.

Step 7:

If you want to remove the sticker album from WhatsApp, go to the sticker drawer and click on the small + symbol in the top right corner. Select ‘My Stickers’ and delete the Album of Stickers.

It may be a long process, but once the stickers are uploaded, it works smoothly, just like the Emojis and GIFs.

Do you think this would overtake traditional sticker practices?

Your thoughts?

To be honest, I am in love with this. 


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