Digital Vidya Review – Top Digital Marketing Course in India

Digital Vidya being one of the continent’s leading digital marketing training agency teaching digital marketing course in India. I started my teaching career in 2009 and at the same time Digital Vidya started offering Digital Marketing Training services across the country in format of workshops. They had hosted more than 200 workshops by 2012 which […]

Digital Vidya being one of the continent’s leading digital marketing training agency teaching digital marketing course in India. I started my teaching career in 2009 and at the same time Digital Vidya started offering Digital Marketing Training services across the country in format of workshops. They had hosted more than 200 workshops by 2012 which is spectacular. Both the founders Kapil Nakra and Pradeep Chopra have been the pillars of Digital Marketing in India. I have invited them in Digital Marketing Conferences and they have delivered exceptionally structured speeches.

I am in love with the way they are able to scale the business to this level. In fact, it is so brilliant to know that they have worked with over 10000 brands from diverse industry verticals, since its inception back in 2009.

9 ways Digital Vidya distinguishes itself from the other Digital Marketing Courses:

  1. Its stellar panel of expert trainers, with most of them having experimented and sprung out successful with their own ventures.
  2. Their expertise ranges through different forms of digital marketing with some of them having more than a decade of experience up their sleeves.
  3. Has a top-notch client base, which includes renowned MNCs, whom they’ve trained through the years.
  4. Their training programmes include not just visual aid and other conventional methods but, it includes research based internships to perpetuate practical learning with hands-on experience.
  5. They guarantee 100% placement assistance which comes as a great relief to the students.
  6. They are one of top performing websites in India both Google Adwords or SEO wise when anything related to Digital Marketing Training and Courses is being searched for in India.
  7. Their Digital Marketing blog has enough content on various industry verticals which is a great inbound marketing tactic adapted.
  8. All in all, Digital Vidya gains full marks in their Digital Marketing efforts. If you preach what you teach – you are probably the best Guru in the town.
  9. Digital Vidya acquired Digital Academy India which is yet another Digital Marketing Training company that was trying to carve it’s niche into this domain with some exceptional trainers.

Digital Marketing Courses Offered:

Digital Vidya has been a specialized Digital Marketing training company ever since 2009. Recently, they have ventured into courses like Data Analytics. The cost of the courses ranges from 11,900 to Rs. 50,000/-

The price point is fairly decent for 6 months course.

List of Digital Marketing Courses:

Courses Covered Time Period Modules Covered Cost (INR)
Search Engine Optimization 12 hours course (4 sessions) SEO tracking & The Future of SEO 11,900
+ ST*
Social Media Marketing 12 hours course(4 sessions) Measuring ROI & Multi-channel social media strategy 11,900
+ ST*
E-mail Marketing 12 hours course (4 sessions) Usage of Automated Tools 11,900
+ ST*
Search Engine Marketing 12 hours course (4 sessions) Social CRM analytics 11,900
+ ST*
Web Analytics 12 hours course(4 sessions) Social CRM & Analytics 11,900
+ ST*
360 degree Digital Marketing – CDMM 115 hours (3 or 6 Months) Includes 6 core modules + 15 specialization courses 49,900
+ ST*

Other Advance Digital Marketing Courses:

Courses Covered Time Period Modules Covered Cost (INR)
Mobile Marketing 12 hours course (4 sessions) App store optimisation & app monetization 17,500
+ ST*
Facebook Marketing Course 14 hours Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads 14,900
+ ST*

Data Analytics Courses:

Courses Covered
Time Period Modules Covered Cost (INR)
Data Analytics 15 Weeks Data Analytics using Python 29,900 + ST*
Data Analytics 12 Weeks Analytic Techniques using Excel & Power BI 24,900
Data Analytics 13 Weeks Data Analytics using R 29,900 + ST*
Data Analytics 11 Weeks Data Analytics using SAS 24,900 + ST*

Here is some quick brief about the various Digital Marketing Courses they offer:

Web Analytics:

The course begins with drawing a line between analytics & intuition and how important it is. It gradually moves into the finding the key sources of traffic, interpreting insights, drawing better conclusions from them.

Social Media Marketing:

Includes forming marketing strategies for Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn platform is used solely for B2B lead generation and personal branding. The programme doesn’t stop with the marketing but also makes sure ROI is analysed for each platform once multi-channel strategy is plotted.

Search Engine Marketing:

Requires a basic understanding of Google search and research than going with what meets the eye. Trainees are taught with ad writing techniques and decrypt the user psychology. Additionally, there are phases for analysis and testing.

Email Marketing:

Starts with setting up an E-mail delivery infrastructure. Includes learning to use tools and target the right set of audience. It also equips trainees with the using of automation and tools to ensure maximum returns on E-mails.

Inbound Marketing:

This involves using other marketing methods like E-mail and landing pages. Basically, this is that type of marketing that primarily focuses on conversion of prospects into leads and bring them further in using E-mails.

Mobile Marketing:  

App store optimization and app monetisation are the key aspects of this course. The course also has a practical learning method with research based internships provided to the trainees.

They’ve drawn a clean line between live video learning and classroom learning, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

Digital Marketing Trainers:

Some of leading Digital Marketing experts of India at this point of time are associated with Digital Vidya. Some of them are listed below:

Aashish Chopra is a key player and someone to watch out for when it comes to video marketing. He has in his books millions of views for each of his videos.

Akshay Ambardar is an expert in branding and had started out with conventional marketing. His gradual switch to digital marketing has now aided him in forming an absolute idea of marketing, online & offline.

Animesh Kumar, focuses on organic reach for product building through display advertisements. This has helped him build an understanding of how prospective consumers react and he has put this to use into SEO and SEM.

Bhaskar Thakur, a growth hacker, has helped a number of start-ups establish themselves through result oriented analytics and other strategies for growth.

Braj Mohan Chaturvedi is an expert in corporate communication, content creation, content management and branding.

Deepak Kanakaraju is an author and entrepreneur. He has worked as a digital marketing manager in a number of successful digital marketing start-ups.

Look At These Mind-Blowing Numbers:

Through a span of 7 years, the company has gone around the world to about 45+ countries for 1200+ sessions. They’ve successfully trained about 20000+ participants and have made them duty-ready.

A Call Experience:

We took a call with Digital Vidya’s sales person on the Live chat on a busy day and the response was quick. Here are some conversations that we have recorded which we assume are frequently asked questions:

How will the training be offered through which platform?

A: Live Instructor based training. A software link will be provided where the students can login and talk to the trainers and fellow participants.

What if I have questions on my mind during the training?

A: They can be discussed directly with the trainer within the training.

Can I have access to the content later?

A: Yes, students have lifetime access.

Do we have hands on any projects and assignments?

A: Yes, tools and software will be provided to work.

Will you be allocating any sample budgets for us to practise?

A: Yes, sample budgets are allocated.

How quickly will we get feedbacks on the assignments submitted?

A: Assignments are given on a weekly basis and feedback depends on the type of assignments. A maximum of one year is given to complete and submit them to receive the certification.

Do we have any Facebook Group where we can connect with other participants of the workshop?

A: Yes, there is also a whatsapp group.

Will you be helping us in getting Google Adwords Certificate? Facebook Blueprint certificate? If yes, how?

A: Yes, a complete training is provided for this. Google exam is free of cost but FB certificate would cost $150.

How do you distinguish from DSIM and EduPristine and other courses?

A: We have well trained faculties who lead the workshops for Google and Microsoft agencies.

What are the placement opportunities available?

A: We assure complete placement assistance and opportunities from our internal placement team.

What are the companies you’ve trained by far?

A: Ebay, Snapdeal,, makemytrip, HSBC, Kotak Mahindra, SBI General Insurance, Toyota, Tata Motors, Michelin, Royal Enfield, Mahindra World City, Jaypee Group, Wipro, TCS, Airtel, Samsung, Nokia etc.

What are the certifications you offer?

A: 1- V-Skills by Govt of NCT Delhi Undertaking & Govt of India Undertaking.
2- Google Fundamentals.
3- Google Advanced Search.
4- Google Advanced Display.
5- Google Web Analytics.

1 Certificate from hubspot inbound marketing.

I am doing series of reviews on various digital marketing institutes in India. By far, Digital Vidya stands tall when compared to others. Please click on the button or banner below to register for their Free Demo Class on Digital Marketing.

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  2. Sini

    That’s a grt review. I personally like Digital Vidya for the webinars from industry leaders. But I believe there are budding new digital marketing centers coming up with a vision of quality education and keeping education less commercialized. One such I know is Talenteye Academy in Bangalore. They offer classroom program in digital marketing and trigger your nerves to think and analyze during class over case studies.

  3. Lyle Murillo

    Nice blog. It helps everyone. Thank you.

  4. Sanjay

    thanks for sharing useful information with us
    good work

  5. Ashish Rawat

    Overpriced courses.Why waste money in these institute when you find all the informative video on youtube without spending single penny, and still if you want to take the course join udemy they will charge around 700-1k buck for whole digital marketing course.

    • Frenzina Dcunha

      Have you done the course from Udemy…. if yes , did it cover all topics necessary for a Beginner to get a grasp of.

  6. Balaji

    Ten ways how Digital Vidya Cheats people

    I tried to contact the CEO of DV, but the office said i cant talk to him as i he is too busy and dont like to talk to me. So i have decided to post some questions in the comment. Lets see if it reaches him.

    Hi Pradeep Chopra

    My Name is Balaji Devanathan, I am not a Fake id as you are mentioning these days, you can check your Database.

    The following are the complaints against Digital Vidya

    1) The Training for the Digital Marketing courses is very basic, even if we go through FB or Twitter we can learn more than what is taught in DV.

    2) For admitting a candidate DV sales team can tell any number of promises without substance.

    3) Recently DV introduced 2.0 Format, In Which There will be one or two videos for 1.5 to 2 hrs. Which will be so boring. Then it will be discussed during the webinar. in that, the trainer will just graze the grass and go and it will be a total disappointment.

    4) Knowing about 2.0 Format, I have not opted for that. but for my last module, they were forcing me to do it in that format. which is totally unethical.

    5)There were 18 Special modules in their curriculum apart from 7 Core modules. Since I am working, I opted for weekend classes. During Counselling the sales personnel of DV didn’t tell that the special modules will be only on weekdays. I could not attend single module as I could not be available on Weekdays. if it was told earlier I would not have enrolled to join the course.

    6) During the counseling and in their course brochures they promised to provide access to tools for practicing worth 75,000. This is another fraudulent act. The tools were already available for free in trial and DV has no role in getting them any access to the participants.

    7) The tools they promised to provide will never be discussed by any of the trainers at any point in time. As if it is discussed the participants would come to know they ‘ve been deceived by DV. So the trainers carefully avoid to even mention about the tools.

    8) The Trainers of DV are very ordinary and the curriculum is very basic, Definitely it not worth spending money taking digital marketing course with DV.

    9) The Coordinators were never available for any assistance.

    10) DV digital Marketing Courses are over hyped and over Priced product with no value.

    I requested for my refund as DV has never fulfilled their promises. but I am not getting any reply so far for any of my concerns raised.

    I request Pradeep, CEO to clarify and refund the money as the promises made by them were false.

    Thanks and Regards


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