20 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya

Some of the best digital marketing agencies in Kenya are Wild Fusion, Witflair Enterprises Ltd, Akus Digital Solution, Digilab Marketing Agency, Consumer Options Ltd and Grid Branding Solutions Limited.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya

Looking for the best digital marketing agencies in Kenya?

Just scroll down a bit and check out some of the top Kenya full-service digital agencies & social media companies which we have curated!

It is a well-known fact that almost the entire world is making extensive use of the Internet for various purposes.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that over 53 million Kenyans have been found to use the Internet, lately.

This offers exceptional potential to attract a great number of these people to become your customers.

Digital marketing is the most effective route to achieve this.

Here’s where it becomes crucial for domestic as well as global brands to identify the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Kenya.

Why Should You Choose Digital Marketing Agency In Kenya

Kenya is a growing economy in East Africa that offers unlimited business potential.

Global businesses can make their brands more visible and take them close to the target audience through an effective digital marketing strategy.

By partnering with one of the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Kenya, powerful marketing campaigns can be devised and implemented that help to set up a two-way communication with the potential and current customers.

Moreover, delegating the digital marketing efforts to one of the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Kenya helps enterprises to take their branding messages to more users on the Internet. 

You can also check out for digital marketing agencies in India, Singapore, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Russia, if you might want to know about them.

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    Top 20 Kenya Digital Marketing Agencies

    1. Wild Fusion

    digital marketing blog

    One of the leading digital-led integrated advertising and marketing communication agencies in Africa, Wild Fusion has offices in Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria.

    It is one of the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Kenya that has earned the reputation for strong commitment and excellent service that align with clients’ objectives.

    Providing the best value for your online campaigns, Wild Fusion is equipped with more than 50 trained employees. Its prestigious client list includes British Council, First Bank, and World Remit. Their charges range between USD 50-99 per hour.

    Wild Fusion Address: Ngong Lane Plaza 4th floor, Ngong Lane, Off Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

    CEO: Abasiama Idaresit

    Email: info@wildfusions.com

    Website: www.wildfusions.com

    2. Witflair Enterprises Ltd

    Headquartered at Nairobi, Kenya, Witflair Enterprises Ltd was founded in 2018

    Specializing in branding, graphic design, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing, this company is among the highly rated Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya with a high reputation. Hourly rates depend on the nature of projects. 

    Witflair Enterprises Ltd Address: Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone: 0787324708

    3. Akus Digital Solution

    digital marketing blog

    Akus Digital Solution is a modern ad agency headquartered at Nairobi, Kenya.

    It includes more than 30 trained and experienced digital marketing professionals who will help you to grow your business by generating leads and increasing your business revenue.

    The pricing varies with the number of posts and channels used for clients. Hourly pricing varies between USD 50 and 99. The social media marketing package is priced between Kenyan Shilling 19,900 and 99,900.

    Akus Digital Solution Address: Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone: +254 771 616 234

    Email: info@akus.co.ke

    Website: www.akus.co.ke

    4. Grid Branding Solutions Limited

    digital marketing blog

    Located in Nairobi, Kenya, Grid Branding Solutions Limited has been providing unmatched brand development, SEO, and social media marketing services to top brands.

    With a team of 9 certified and skilled marketing experts, this modern company helps businesses to efficiently build and market their brands. 

    Grid Branding Solutions Limited Address: Kampus Towers, 4th Floor

    Phone: +254 703 606 404

    Email: info@gridbranding.co.ke

    Website: www.gridbranding.co.ke

    5. Digilab Marketing Agency

    digital marketing blog

    This Nairobi-based ad agency provides professional Seo services that help clients to increase their website’s organic search score considerably, thus enabling them to rank high. The team of experts has vast experience and delivers outstanding digital marketing results using creative ideas.

    Their charges range between USD 50 and 99.

    Digilab marketing Agency Address: fifth  Ngong Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

    CEO: Derick asibabi

    Phone: +254 769 270078

    Email: info@digilabmarketingagency.co.ke

    Website: www.digilabmarketingagency.co.ke

    6. Consumer Options Ltd

    digital marketing blog


    A full-service market research company located in Nairobi, Kenya, Consumer Options Ltd was founded in 2001.

    It uses qualitative and quantitative techniques and delivers insights by combining the research outcomes. Real-time data and creative strategies are the specialties of their service.

    Equipped with a team of over 50 talented staff, this popular organization may be reached by phone on +254 20 3317709.

    Consumer Options Ltd Address: International House, 6th Floor, Mama Ngina Street

    CEO: William Mollah

    Phone: +254-20-3317709

    Email: info@consumeroptions.co.ke

    Website: www.consumeroptions.co.ke

    7. The Digital Monkeys Ltd

    The Digital Monkeys Ltd is located in Nairobi. Rated among the top 20 digital marketing agencies in Kenya, this company has been providing unparalleled branding, advertising, and content marketing solutions to businesses from several industries. Furthermore, they provide paid search and email marketing solutions that deliver assured ROI.

    The Digital Monkeys Address: Nairobi, Kenya.

    Phone: +254 715 958708

    Email: dm@tdm.co.ke

    8. Oceans Digital Marketing Agency

    digital marketing blog

    Based in Nairobi, this integrated digital marketing and advertising agency is equipped with a vibrant team of experts that aims at taking the clients’ business to the next level. It specializes in digital marketing, media buying, and experimental marketing. Oceans Digital Marketing Agency can be contacted with below details

    Oceans Digital Marketing Agency Address: Muthaiga North Suites, Hse No:4, Along Garden Estate Road, Nairobi – Kenya

    Phone: +254 732 011 343

    Email: hello@oceans.co.ke

    Website: www.oceans.co.ke

    9. Mambo Microsystems Limited

    digital marketing blog

    Mambo Microsystems Limited is among the best digital marketing agencies in Kenya.

    Headquartered at Nairobi, this award-winning web services company has achieved the feat of being named as the Readers’ Choice in HostReview’s 2013 awards for the African category. 

    This organization has partnered with global brands such as PayPal, Symantec, and Comodo. Hourly rate varies from USD 50-99.

    Mambo Microsystems Limited Address: Westland Road, Cross Road Plaza, 6th Floor Suite 7, Westland Nairobi P.O Box 36926-00200 Nairobi- Kenya

    CEO: James Waititu

    Phone: +254-204-040-008

    Email: info@mambo.co.ke

    Website: www.mambo.co.ke

    10. Worldwide Digital Marketing Agency Ltd

    One of the leading digital media companies in Africa, Worldwide Digital Marketing Agency Ltd is headquartered at Nairobi. Founded in 2014, this agency follows a unique and business-specific approach for running effective marketing campaigns.

    High-quality service at a fair pricing is their specialty. With nearly 40 trained marketing professionals, this company serves brands such as Safaricom.

    Worldwide Digital Marketing Agency Address: Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone: +254 727 595550

    11. East Africa Digital Marketers

    digital marketing blog

    This is a full-fledged digital marketing agency based in Kenya at Westlands, Nairobi.

    Having been established in 2012, this company deals with everything related to online marketing, with a focus on social media.It provides effective consultancy on using the Internet to market your brands and achieve more visibility. 

    The company’s popular clientele includes brands such as LG, Startimes, Twiga, and others. This company may be contacted by phone on +254 716 079909 and by email at info@eastafricadigitalmarketers.com.

    East Africa Digital Marketers Address: 1st Floor, Westpark Towers, Mpesi Lane, Westlands Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone: +254 716079909

    Email: info@eastafricadigitalmarketers.com

    Website: www.eastafricadigitalmarketers.com

    12. Inceptor

    digital marketing blog

    A leading digital marketing agency in Kenya, Inceptor provides full-service marketing programs that enable entrepreneurs to achieve their business objectives quickly. It helps brands to find the target audience, evaluate their interests in clients’ products, and ensure attracting more prospects.

    Their services include SEO, SMO, PPC marketing campaigns, content marketing, link building, and website enhancement solutions. Result-oriented, performance-driven marketing solutions are their specialty.

    Inceptor Address: Koinange Street, Kenya House Complex, 2nd floor, Opp KEMU Hub.

    Phone: +254 728 456 781

    Email: admin@inceptor.co.ke

    Website: www.inceptor.co.ke

    13. iDeveloper Technologies

    digital marketing blog

    Highly proficient in providing innovative marketing solutions to businesses from all industries, iDeveloper Technologies is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Its services include SEO, SMM, SEM, and it assures increased site traffic as well as enhanced ROI.

    Charging between USD 25 and 49 per hour, this company is equipped with a team of over 30 skilled marketers who are well versed with the trends in digital marketing. 

    One of the top digital marketing agencies in Kenya, iDeveloper Technologies can be reached by phone on (+254) 111-778-707 and by email at hello@idevelopertechnologies.co.ke.

    iDeveloper Technologies Address: Royal Kingdom Complex, Bayside, Kenyatta rd

    Phone: (+254) 111-778-707

    Email: hello@idevelopertechnologies.co.ke

    Website: www.idevelopertechnologies.co.ke

    14. Dotsavvy Limited

    digital marketing blog

    Dotsavvy Limited is Kenya’s first digital agency that provides unmatched integrated digital business solutions to some of the biggest brands in Africa.

    Based in Nairobi, Kenya, this company is driven by the goals to accomplish transformational business outcomes. 

    Keeping digital means at the heart of business strategies, this company warrants business progress and brand visibility. It can be reached by phone on +254 20 8077108 and by email at info@dotsavvyafrica.com.

    Dotsavvy Limited Address: Suite No. 25, Lower Hill Duplex Apartments, Opposite

    Upper Hill High School, Upper Hill Road P.O.Box 2484 – 00200, Nairobi Kenya

    CEO: Moses Kemibaro

    Phone: +254 (20) 8077108

    Email: info@dotsavvyafrica.com

    Website: www.dotsavvyafrica.com

    15. KWETU Marketing Agency

    digital marketing blog

    One of the renowned digital marketing agencies in Kenya, KWETU Marketing Agency is located in Nairobi. Driven by passion, experience, and a result-oriented approach, this company offers individuals and businesses robust digital marketing solutions.

    Leveraging machine learning for achieving targeted digital advertising and continual platform optimization, this leading digital marketing agency in Kenya delivers the best marketing solutions that facilitate accomplishing digital objectives.

    The services offered include SEO, SMM, Email marketing, Google & YouTube advertising, among others. This modern digital marketing agency can be reached by phone on +254 737 055737 and by email at info@kwetumarketingagency.co.ke.

    KWETU Marketing Agency Address: SAT Center Building, Next to Parkside Towers, Suite 312 Nairobi, Kenya.

    CEO: Paul Kigumo

    Phone: (+254) 0737055737

    Email: E-mail: info@kwetumarketingagency.co.ke

    Website: www.kwetumarketingagency.co.ke

    16. Growthpad Digital Consulting

    digital marketing blog

    Located in Nairobi, this ROI-driven and growth-focused online marketing firm specializes in driving traffic, achieving increased conversion, and boosting profits.

    Growthpad Digital Consulting comprises a team of expert digital strategists and marketers who help businesses to take their brands to the masses effortlessly. Considered one of the top digital marketing companies in Kenya, Growthpad ensures streamlined execution of marketing campaigns and enhanced digital engagement.

    Growthpad Digital Consulting Address: 2nd Floor, JGO Building, Ikigai Lavington James Gichuru Road, Nairobi

    CEO: Duncan Mutwiri Njue

    Phone: +254 721 314 242

    Email: careers@growthpad.co.ke

    Website: www.growthpad.co.ke

    17. Agency Africa

    Agency Africa, an award-winning digital marketing agency in Kenya, specializes in creating powerful and reliable strategies related to digital marketing, branding, and web development, among others.

    Their services include SEO, Google Ads, social media campaigns, B2B & B2C-integrated lead generation campaigns, and many more. With 12 US WebAwards and Digital Tech Excellence Awards in its kitty, this progressive company is a top-rated digital marketing agency in Africa.

    The client list includes global brands from varied industries such as tourism, FMCG, consumer electronics, and financial services, among others.

    Agency Africa Address: P.O. Box 38190, Nairobi 00623, Kenya

    CEO: Nimish H

    Phone: +254-703-636060

    Email: hello@agencyafrica.com

    Website: www.agencyafrica.com

    18. Bean Interactive

    digital marketing blog

    This full-service digital agency focuses on digital marketing for brands from all industries. Providing robust digital marketing campaign planning as well as effective implementation, this firm assures better lead generation through its innovative online advertising strategies.

    The marketing strategies are carefully crafted with due consideration for the clients’ businesses and their unique needs.

    The firm is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Its client list includes brands such as SAP, British American Tobacco, Huawei, and others. This digital marketing firm can be reached by phone on +254 20 2710109 and by email at info@bean.co.ke.

    Bean Interactive Address: Kabarsiran Close, Kabarsiran Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

    CEO: Martin Kiarie

    Phone: +254 20 2710109

    Email: info@bean.co.ke

    Website: www.bean.co.ke

    19. Trio Digital

    digital marketing blog

    Trio Digital is a Nairobi-based digital marketing firm in Kenya. The company provides hand-crafted digital marketing solutions that help clients to effortlessly connect with their customers

    Compelling design and strategic thinking are its specialties. The services offered include, but are not limited to SEO, SMM, Web design management & optimization, and event marketing & social media coverage. 

    A few of the brands that have partnered with Trio Digital are Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Creative Moments, and Urban Live Events.

    Trio Digital Address: R1, Njema Court Rhapta Road, Westlands Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone: (254) 724 178 664

    Email: info@triodigital.co.ke

    Website: www.triodigital.co.ke

    20. Africa 118

    digital marketing blog

    One of the fast-growing digital marketing service companies in Africa, this agency was founded in 2010. One of the top digital agencies in East Africa, this firm has been providing comprehensive digital solutions to SMEs in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia, among others.

    The motto of this marketing company is to enable clients to make their brands more visible. You gain the benefits of being found and noticed, by partnering with this modern digital agency. 

    Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, this firm leverages technology and makes use of sophisticated tools to come up with world-class digital marketing solutions appropriate to each client.

    With over 100 professionals in its team of marketing experts, this company charges between USD 50 and 99 per hour for its services. It can be reached by phone on +254 729 905156.

    Africa 118 Address: Rainbow Towers, 6th Floor, Muthithi Rd, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

    CEO: Ezana Raswork

    Phone: +254 729 905 156

    Website: www.africa118.com


    With the world going digital, and a number of firms offering digital marketing services across the world, it becomes imperative to choose the right digital marketers.

    Understanding the qualities and various other related factors that influence the choice of your digital marketing partner is crucial. Going through the available resources prudently before making the decision is essential.

    For any queries, please let us know in the comment box.

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