Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs of Singapore

With each year passing by, one thing that is becoming more relevant to all of us is digital marketing. Brands and individuals alike are looking to diversify in this space to build demands and make money online. However, the very nature of digital marketing is to continually re-evaluate what’s learned to stay fresh and current. […]


With each year passing by, one thing that is becoming more relevant to all of us is digital marketing. Brands and individuals alike are looking to diversify in this space to build demands and make money online. However, the very nature of digital marketing is to continually re-evaluate what’s learned to stay fresh and current. This doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheels, just by remaining intact with the industry news and upgrading with the latest trends will improve your marketing efforts.

Digital marketing blogs are the very first source of digital marketing news and trends. You will come across a lot of interesting content to read and gain knowledge about the market from sources across the world. However, this blog focuses on digital marketing blogs of Singapore, which are informative, valuable, essential and reliable to the marketing community. These blogs will act as inspiration and help you do your job better, so bookmark and read them on a regular basis.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs of Singapore

#1 Impossible Marketing

As a leading digital marketing agency in Chennai, we understand how important it is to set SEO and brand-building foundation with amazing strategies. Blog posts from Impossible Marketing Singapore elaborately cover all aspects of Google’s algorithm updates, technical SEO, latest tools and techniques and more to give you significant information. Whether you are looking to deepen your knowledge of SEO or learn how to better integrate your marketing plans, this blog should be a go-to for any marketer and business owner.

#2 Rachelrooi

Rachel R. Ooi is a digital marketing strategist from Singapore that contributed her work to many digital marketing agencies across the world. Rachel has a dedicated blog on digital marketing where she shares some of the best advice around in terms of branding, content, and marketing. This blog mainly focuses on giving information on digital marketing apps, best digital marketing courses, guide, tips, trends, and how-to articles that educates marketers in many ways.

#3 That Content Guy

‘That Content Guy” is an online content marketing-focused blog sharing ideas of value-driven content marketing practices. You will find the latest trends, guides and content strategies that can be helpful for marketers and business owners. This blog also covers the best content marketing case studies from Singapore and across the world. The case study posts are especially useful for people that are looking to plan and execute their own social media strategy and campaigns. Rest be assured that all posts are insightful, relevant and particularly display the importance of content marketing in today’s digital world. The team also regularly examines “content marketing rockstars” wherein they talk to industry experts and get their views.

#4 Equinet Academy

Equinet Academy is a dedicated hands-on digital marketing training academy offering various digital marketing courses in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The insights on the Equinet Academy blog range from the entire digital marketing spectrum, and even dive into useful tools, tutorials, and guides. Whether you deal in B2B or B2C, Equinet academy’s blog offers advice that all marketers need to reach their objectives. Additionally, the blog offers the latest updates regarding search engine algorithms, useful SEO tactics and more.

#5 First Page Digital

This 10-year-old digital marketing agency in Singapore offers full-suite digital solutions including SEO, PPC, Content Production and more. They have a blog that provides a lot of quality content on varied topics and industry news. From the latest digital marketing trends 2020 to marketing strategies, their posts are relevant and useful. These blog posts are easy to understand and follow, making it engaging for the audiences.

#6 Construct Digital

This Singapore-based digital marketing agency provides digital strategy and implementation, website, eCommerce development, and other services. Construct Digital team regularly updates the latest insights into the digital marketing industry. This is a great column covering everything from Ecommerce strategies, latest digital marketing campaigns, and trends. Aside from being visually appealing posts, they also write about topics that are engaging to the curious reader.

#7 Media One Marketing

Media One Marketing is an amazing place for beginners that want to learn digital marketing in detail. It’s a full-service digital marketing agency sharing a detailed guide on various niches such as Facebook Marketing, Business SEO, Ecommerce, SEM, Content Marketing and more through their blog section. This blog is a beautiful collection of well-written articles by marketing experts, who know what they are talking about. Make sure you bookmark this one for future reference.

#8 Cooler Insights

This website accommodates a team of experienced content strategists, designers, analytics and account managers. Cooler Insights has been helping companies to boost their brand awareness and drive conversion online. Through their article section the team shares insights on social media marketing ideas, best case studies, latest trends, and how-to articles. You will also get to see some cool inforgraphical blogs for better understanding.

#9 The Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is an SEO tool to grow search traffic, research competitors and monitor niche. This website has a blog section, which helps you get better at SEO and marketing. You will find it easy to understand tutorials, case studies and opinion pieces from experts and practitioners from the industry. This, in fact, is one of the top resources for getting the latest SEO trends and learning SEO techniques. Each of the articles mentioned here are short and simple yet insightful and informative.

#10 Riff Digital

It’s a full-service digital marketing agency offering 360-degree digital solutions to the companies. Their blog shares information on business development, content marketing, online advertising, SEO, social media, strategy and more. The main highlight of this blog is the Riff’s Updates, wherein detailed information on various events happening in Singapore is shared. The diversity of their topics explains how social media and the industry are evolving as a whole.

The above-listed blogs are ideal for people looking to learn about digital marketing, social media, and SEO. These blogs share news, advice, tips, techniques, guides and, everything that helps you to glean and put them into action. If not anything, these blogs will keep you informed about the market, so subscribe to the list and stay updated.


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