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Clarity is everything and if you are stuck at the moment with respect to your career decision in digital marketing, you need the right counselor. Sorav has consulted over 100,000 students in his lifetime helping them shape their career in digital marketing. If you are a fresher or if you are looking for a career shift then you must talk to Sorav.

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Digital Marketing Career Planner is Ideal for

Individuals who want to scale their career in digital marketing or change their career to Digital marketing.
digital marketing blog


digital marketing blog


What Can You Expect?

Study Aspect

Find out the right place to study, and when you should start your Digital Marketing education journey.

How to Plan the Entire Process

Learning, interning, getting a job, and implementing a lot to be done when it comes to Digital Marketing. We help you plan the entire process.

What Areas to Specialise In

SEO, Content Writing, Social Media, Ads, and so much more. There is a lot to be done in Digital Marketing. We help you find the area that suits your skillsets the best.

Evaluate Current Strength and Weaknesses

Find out the areas that you can improve upon and the ones that you can leverage to boost your career.

Evaluate Where They are in Current Education Path

Find out where you stand and what can be your next potential step.

Review Resume

We will help you find the strong points in your resume and what can be improved upon.

Recommended Programs

We will help you find out all the right programs that can help you equip the right skill in the area you want to master.

Roadmap for Way Forward

Once you’re set with your career, what next? We help you with the right roadmap!

Evaluating Current Skill Set And Recommending Skill Set To Hone

You have to be updated with the latest trends to be relevant in the digital field, and we will help you be updated in just that.
This package will be your guide towards landing the right career in the field of Digital Marketing. From polishing the resume to helping you choose the right specialisation, the course will guide you in everything.

How It Works

digital marketing blog
digital marketing blog

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