Digital Marketing Career and Jobs in Singapore

It is safe to say that South-East Asia is a huge market for Digital Marketers. Singapore is one of those markets that provide opportunities for digital marketing personnel. What one must decide is which direction of digital marketing one is trying to pursue, because of the multiple niches and exciting options that are being made […]


It is safe to say that South-East Asia is a huge market for Digital Marketers. Singapore is one of those markets that provide opportunities for digital marketing personnel. What one must decide is which direction of digital marketing one is trying to pursue, because of the multiple niches and exciting options that are being made available to the people that are interested in being part of the changing world.

There is an increase in the need for digital marketers in the world and specifically in Singapore because most of the world is going digital. Most organizations today are looking for experts to help them with their marketing needs in different digital platforms. The different options that a newcomer to the job market can look at include becoming a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert, social media marketing expert, content creator, PPC, Affiliate marketing, YouTube marketing and more.

There are multiple digital marketing courses available for enthusiasts to enable entry-level people and advanced marketers to hone their skills. These courses help executives learn to analyze and innovate with online solutions to increase sales and visibility. With a majority of the population being online, not just on social media but also making purchases online, digital marketing is the need of the hour. Additionally, the more effective the digital marketer is the more lucrative the job will be. There is a lot of money in this space and also a very creative profession. Apart from giving creative solutions, there is also space for people who like numbers in the form of web analytics roles. Let’s look at the demands in digital marketing jobs in Singapore:

The demand for Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

According to a report, the demand for technology jobs in Singapore rose by 20% last year, which includes demand for specialized e-commerce, digital marketing, and data science talent. However, the report also mentioned that there is a shortage of such talent and companies are looking for leaders who can drive their digital strategy in the long run.

On average today there are 5000+ results for Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore on LinkedIn and over 1240 jobs were posted recently on Jobstreet. A recruitment firm in Singapore called Robert Walters Asia denoted that there has been a great demand for digital marketing candidates in the last 3 years and it is growing as brands continue to utilize online platforms to connect and grow their audience base.

So, the obsession with the digital marketing career is here to stay and there are many reasons to pursue a career in this field. However, many people fail, fear or are confused to begin the journey in digital marketing. Here are some ways to kick start a career in digital marketing:

How to start a career in Digital Marketing?

There are two ways to go about either you can join an agency (digital, creative or branding agencies) or client-side (Companies, MNCs or SMEs). Working with an agency will expose you to a diverse range of industries and countless opportunities to develop your portfolio, whereas client-side runs at a steadier pace and the focus is mostly on one client at a time. Whichever path you choose to gain a good head start you must do the following:

i) Take up a Digital Marketing Course –

There are many digital marketing institutes in Singapore that offers effective digital marketing courses. These courses train students into promoting a brand through websites, email marketing, social media, and other digital mediums. Most classroom-based institutes will include real-time projects and 100% placement assistance. Course modules may vary from one institute to other and students can opt for a course based on their preferences. However, it’s always better to go for an inclusive digital marketing course rather than getting enticed for a crash course.

ii) Join an Online Digital Marketing Course –

If you cannot afford the time to take up a classroom-based digital marketing course then pick an online course. A good course will help you build the required skills to become a successful digital marketer to boost your career. A digital marketing expert will give you in-depth knowledge of digital marketing functions such as paid marketing, SEM, SEO, web analytics, inbound marketing, SEO and become competent in planning, managing and executing client’s campaign.

iii) Try Joining Free Digital Marketing Course –

You can take up a digital marketing course for free offered by experts. Professionals like Sorav Jain offer Free 30 Hours Digital Marketing course that will give you a complete insight on how to become a digital marketing expert. You will also get access to ebooks, videos, updates, and articles to help you become a digital marketing pro. Google also has a digital marketing certification course for free, which can be completed in 3 hours.

iv) Look for Digital Marketing Internship –

You must understand that digital marketing can be excelled only with experience, so it is a great idea to try for an internship in any reputed digital marketing agency. By joining their digital marketing team, you will not only work on live projects but also understand the importance of each role pertaining to digital marketing. In a smaller agency, people even take multiple roles to successfully complete the given task.

Once you learn and gain some experience in the field it becomes easier to get a job in digital marketing. There is a lot of scope in this industry if you get the right digital marketing course and if you are willing to work hard.

Some of the options that people have in terms are careers and jobs in Singapore include the following:

Digital Marketing Career and Jobs in Singapore

#1 Content strategist:

In the digital space, content is certainly king. Therefore, content becomes that much more important as a contributor to digital marketing. If a person has a flair for writing becoming a content developer can be a lucrative way to earn a living. However, apart from being able to create great content, the job will also entail developing the right kind of strategy to keep the communication both effective and consistent.

The average salary of content strategies in Singapore – $45,000-$78,000

#2 Social Media Marketers:

Social media has a wide reach in today’s world. Therefore, people who know how to work with social media are at a great advantage of being social media marketers. Additionally, if one is a social media influencer, the meaning has the ability to influence people with their posts or opinions then that can make them better marketers on social media. A lot of money is given to influencers by brands, just to get a mention in their posts from them.

The average salary of social media marketer in Singapore – $53,000 – $85,000

#3 Online PR Managers:

Public relations have undergone tremendous change over the years. Press releases in newspapers are almost a thing of the past. Now, all the information is available online and the reviews and opinions are provided there for different products and services. PR Managers here have a career opportunity where they keep a close idea on the kind of reviews the product or service and respond appropriately to ensure that the good reviews spread and the bad ones are curtailed or at least responded to.

The average salary of online PR Managers in Singapore – $42,000 – $72,000

#4 SEO and SEM Specialist:

Given that almost everything these days is online, getting visibility becomes very important for brands of products and services. The way they do get visibility is if they have a higher ranking when an end-user is looking for the solutions the brand provides. This ranking is controlled by good SEO and SEM. This is a career opportunity for people that understand how keywords and search engines work.

The average salary of SEO and SEM Specialist in Singapore – $30,000 – $85,000

#5 Email Marketers:

Whether it is a launch of a campaign or service or maintenance of existing databases of users that exist within the brands’ reach, email marketers play a very important role in communicating the brand’s ideas. Email marketing is a career option for people that believe in writing strong, effective and persuasive emails that ensure end-users take the call to action. A flair for writing is something that can make this an effective career option.

Average Salary of Email Marketers in Singapore – $50,000 – $67,000

#6 Big Data and Data Analyst:

Big data is the thing of the future. Data becomes an important aspect of growth and coming up with marketing solutions. For those that are comfortable with numbers and analyzing data, being an analyst of data and making changes based on that can be very valuable for an organization. They are almost indispensable to the entire process of digital marketing because they will be able to help determine if the solutions provided are as effective as one would think they are.

Average salary of Big Data and Data Analyst in Singapore – $50,000 – $75,000

#7 Marketing Automators and Developers:

Given that there are many things that happen online, it might be difficult for companies to provide one to one communications. Therefore, technical automators and developers help ease the communication; where the information looks personal but is created using automation or bots. People that have this talent or automation and bot development have a great career opportunity in the digital marketing space.

The average salary of Marketing Automators and Developers in Singapore – $60,000 – $70,000

#8 UX Experts:

User experience is no longer an option. It is believed that you are as good as you present yourself. Organizations are fast realizing that it is not just enough to have a great idea; it also has to be easy to use and easy to understand and communicated appropriately. This is where UX Experts are becoming indispensable and organizations are willing to invest more in the look, feel, and accessibility of their product or service. This, therefore, is something organizations are willing to invest in.

Average salary of UX Experts in Singapore – $50,000 – $65,000

Overall, it is clear that digital marketing is here to stay. Additionally, there are many options and avenues where people with different aptitudes and talents can find their place in this space. As digital marketing evolves, rest assured, more career opportunities and job options will open up. We have merely scratched the surface of the evolution phase. Therefore, the best way to choose a career path and pick a job is to see what the person’s acumen is. More importantly, after the path has been picked, it is so much more to learn on the job and keep up with how space is evolving. Here is an ultimate guide for digital marketing career and jobs in India. There is never a better time to learn and enter digital marketing than now!


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