Digital Marketing Awards, Events & Conferences in India for Every Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Events, Awards & Conferences function as hubs where Digital Marketers from all around gather to encourage & recognize spectacular work by fellow Digital Marketers. It serves as a forum to meet different marketers who’ve done exceptional work in their domain of expertise. It is also a beacon for entrepreneurs to draw inspiration from […]

Digital Marketing Events, Awards & Conferences function as hubs where Digital Marketers from all around gather to encourage & recognize spectacular work by fellow Digital Marketers. It serves as a forum to meet different marketers who’ve done exceptional work in their domain of expertise. It is also a beacon for entrepreneurs to draw inspiration from the forerunners in the industry and start setting their bars high.

How many happen in India every year?

There are about 19 awards and events that have been happening for the last few years in India. They have award categories which cover almost all specializations and let no appreciable effort, taken by Digital Marketers, go unrecognized.

List of 19 best digital marketing events in India:

1. IDMA (Indian Digital Media Awards):

The IDMA has been happening since 2010 and have had speakers like Donna Moritz, Jeff Bullas & Jeffrey Dachis preside over the event. They have an overall award count of 35 with categories that include Web, Mobile and Tablets, Social Media, Search and PPC campaigns and so on. The award application fee is priced at Rs.7000.

2. Marketers Awards (By IAMAI & Moneycontrol):

The event puts the spotlight on the leaders in the Marketing Industry for setting things in action for their brand’s promotion. The event has about 10 award categories with a few of them being, Digital Businesses, Banking, Personal Finance & Investments.

3. Campaign Digital Crest Awards:

These awards are completely result oriented and are awarded to those who’ve shown path-breaking results. It has been happening since 2011 and has 24 categories of awards including Search, Display, Loyalty, Use of Data, Online Commerce Campaigns etc. The award application cost ranges from Rs. 6500 to Rs. 7500(plus tax)

4. Drivers of Digital (Summit and Awards):

This award honours campaigns that have showcased outstanding creativity and have managed to create a dent in the industry. It includes 6 unique award categories with a couple of them being Special Awards &Digital Financial Awards. The cost of application ranges from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 10000.

5. ABBY Awards (By The Advertising Club):

Dubbed as the Oscars for Indian Advertising, ABBY Awards is the biggest award event and is attended by a staggering 2500+ professionals every year. They have 8 categories for awards that include everything from branding to PR & Publishing.

6. Afaqs Digies:

Digies awards are focused on awarding agencies under specialized categories. The winners are usually judged by an agency’s body of work in a particular category.

7. Indian Marketing Awards (By exchange4media):

These awards are designed to honour exceptional marketing campaigns. They’ve had speakers like R S Sodhi, Pradeep Dwivedi, Sandeep Nagpal & Vinay Singhal presiding over the event. They have award categories that include Brand activation, extension & revitalisation.

8. Indian Content Marketing Awards (By exchange4media):

These awards are exclusively to appreciate all types of content created,that aid in creating exceptional brand stories. They are given away in 12 major categories. The entry costs Rs.6500 with discounts if the entries are more than 5.

9. Big Bang Awards (The advertising club – Bangalore):

These awards do not just stick to advertising &communication; it includes design, media and healthcare. It also has its gates open to clients across India. It has 12 award categories with Rs. 2500 being the cost of entry.

10. Digimarcom – Digital Marketing Conference:

This conference is a forum for digital marketing professionals, aspirants and agencies to encourage them to embark on new business ventures and also network with like-minded professionals. They have speakers like Aaron Polmer, Brian Cristiano, Bruce May and a few other successful professionals taking over the event.

11. Indian Affiliate Summit:

This summit aims at creating rounds in the affiliate marketing domain in India. It is again another place to meet and get along with fellow affiliates with the ‘Affiliate Street’ being the main attraction.

The entry costs around Rs.2000 – Rs. 10000.

12. Ad tech 2018:

Ad tech is the Number One event where Technology, Media and Communication personnel meet to build strong partnerships and discuss how to devise new techniques to keep up with the evolving market-place. They’ve had speakers like Karan Gupta, Avinash Jhangiani & Sanjay Trisal presiding over their events in the past.

13. India Digital Summit (By IAMAI):

The India Digital Summit (By IAMAI) has been happening from 2006. The event has been graced by the presence of elite guests like Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Ram Sewak Sharma and Shri Jayant Sinha, in the past.

14. Content Marketing Summit (CMS Asia):

The most lead practitioners, savvy-brands and innovative minds from all around the world meet-up to discuss and explore the enchanting world of content marketing. They have had world-class marketers like Katrina Neal, D. Shivakumar & Gunjan Soni as speakers in their summits.

15. Maddys Award (Madras advertising club):

Maddys Award, one of the oldest traditional marketing awards, has been happening since 1982. The award categories include Brand Activation, Rural Campaigns, Cinema, Packaging, Calendar and a variety of other awards under print, TV & radio domain. The Entry Cost for each entry in each medium is Rs. 1,650 + 15% ST.

16. CMO Asia Awards:

These awards are dedicated to high-scale knowledge exchange between the senior-most CMOs and decision makers across industrial verticals. Some of the awards are for the best twitter & facebook campaign, viral marketing campaign and also the best use of social media for various industrial verticals.

17. echoVME’s Digital Marketing Summit:

Happening since 2015, the echoVME’s Digital Marketing Summit has been presided over by speakers like Kiruba Shankar, Pravin Shekar & Pradeep Chopra.

There are three categories of awards, with them being, Indian Influencer Award, Outstanding Contribution to Virtual Marketing Ecosystem Award & Social Media Zero to Hero Award.

The enrolment fee is Rs. 4000.

18. Digital Marketing Conversation (By IAMAI):

They hold conversations between Digital Markers of all sorts to exchange ideas and inculcate new practices. Having no specific categories, this event is primarily a forum for marketers.

19. India Digital Awards (By IAMAI):

The awards and events were tailored to encourage outstanding usage of the digital medium. Split into 7 categories the enrolment costs Rs. 3500- Rs.5500 for members and Rs. 7000- Rs. 9500 for non-members.

I’ve presented the list of all quality digital marketing events, conferences and awards that you could look forward would if you’re aiming to climb up the digital ladder. Let me know which ones you’re looking forward to in the comments section below!

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