Top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers on Instagram in 2021

The advancements in social media have opened gates to new platforms, especially for digital marketing influencers on Instagram.  Like it’s said, great people make use of the opportunities at the right time, we have people who have utilized the right time to put in their efforts and work on Instagram that has reaped the rewards. Instagram, […]


The advancements in social media have opened gates to new platforms, especially for digital marketing influencers on Instagram

Like it’s said, great people make use of the opportunities at the right time, we have people who have utilized the right time to put in their efforts and work on Instagram that has reaped the rewards.

Instagram, as a platform, is a powerful tool that has transformed many people’s lives. It lets you reach out to people in length and the breaths of this planet.

This helps connect anyone from any corner of the world. Besides connecting people, Instagram also generates money if one uses it in the right way.

Digital Marketing is how people use digital platforms for marketing their products to make it the best. Instagram offers several tools to help you with this. Constant effort and interest can make you an influencer.

Influencers work their way up by motivating and enlightening people about their niche. People share common interests, and they look up to those who can help them grow in their field.

One such recently developed field is Digital Marketing. The industry is never silent, and there’s always a new face which helps change the whole market game. 

Many digital marketing influencers on Instagram have changed the face of digital marketing and people’s learnings on how it works.

I have close to 75k followers on my Instagram handle and I constantly post about digital marketing as I want more people to know about this new sector.

My vision is to make people in the rural and remote parts know about digital marketing as I believe once a person knows how to handle an online platform for their business, they can flourish and grow extensively.

Here I have put down the top 10 Instagram influencers who have taken the platform to a whole new level.

Reading about such people always gives good motivation to constantly keep trying something new and experiment with various things.

List of the top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers on Instagram you should follow in 2021

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the best international digital marketing influencers on instagram you should follow right away. He is none other than the master of Search Engine Optimization. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg. He also advises companies like Amazon, NBC, HP, and Viacom to grow their business. He is told as the New York Times bestselling author.

He has spoken in over 310 conferences and spends 51% of his revenue on paid ads. He was recognized as the top 100 entrepreneurs by President Obama. He specializes in SEO, Content marketing, PPC, Social Media, Display, e-commerce, email marketing, and strategies to boost business and generate more traffic.

Prominent Achievements – Was named the top 10 online marketers by Forbes. He is also recognized as the top influencer under 35 by the United Nations.

Takeaway – Constant working towards your target with the right strategies will help you to reach it.

2. Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey Inc. and WordStream and one of the best digital marketing Instagram influencers. It is the leading platform for Facebook Messenger, and WordStream is the foremost tool for keyword research. He is one of the top experts in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and various other start-ups. He is also one of the best influencers in the digital marketing world.

Prominent Achievements: He is ranked as No.8 most popular author on Medium.

Takeaway – Constantly working towards our goals will make us get the right thing at the right time.

3. Jeff Bullas

He is one of the best digital entrepreneurs and a social media influencer on Instagram. He is also a marketing blogger, digital strategist, a keynote speaker, and also a bestselling author. He initially started his career as a sales and marketing manager and later in his career; he went on to become the account director for Infinity Technologies.

He is currently the CERO of the company that he founded – Jeff Bullas. It is a consulting and web services company. They provide consulting services for businesses and personal brands. Like Sam, he too started his digital marketing passion with twitter where he experimented and found a better way to generate traffic.

Mission – Inspiring and educating people on how to succeed in business and life in the digital world.

Prominent Achievements – Being the founder and CEO of Jeff Bullas. He got listed on Forbes as one of the “Top 20 Influencers of CMOs in 2017.”

Takeaway – Follow a rigorous and religious process to achieve success in this field. Jot down the methodology that works the best for you and stick to it.

4. Jay Baer

Working smart is more important than working hard. The right way of working is to find out the smart and quick ways of getting things done. Jay educates people about how to use marketing strategies with the right technology. He helps people understand the need for customer service and marketing that are two pillars for any brand. He is the reason for the successful growth of various iconic brands around the world, including Cisco, Hilton, Nike, and Oracle.

Prominent Achievements: He is the author of 6 business books that have become best-selling books. He is also the founder of five multi-million dollar companies.

5. Ryan Deiss

He is one of the most influential digital marketers out there. His team curates the best methodologies and digital marketing strategies to boost business and growth. He is the mastermind behind the ‘’Customer Value Optimization’’ tactic that was and is producing magnificent results for online businesses. He is the CEO and the founder of DigitalMarketer and gives out the most effective and efficient tips for the current trends. He currently employs hundreds of people around the globe and is one of the most dynamic speakers. He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of and

Prominent Achievements: Founder and host of the Traffic & Conversion Summit, the largest digital marketing conversion conference in North America.

Takeaway – No matter the number of struggles you have, if you are destined and persevering about your dream, you can always achieve it.

6. Rand Fishkin

Being the former co-founder and CEO of MOZ, he is one of the dashing figures in the world of digital marketing as well as a top Instagram influencer. MOZ is one of the leading SEO tools in the market. It all started with writing a blog back in 2003.

He later transformed his blog to a consulting company. He then used his name and his experience to form that into a software company that went on to have produced one of the best SEO tools that the market has seen.

After MOZ he founded SparkToro, a software and data business company. It focuses on helping people to deliver their target audience.

Prominent Achievements: Founder CEO of SparkToro and author of Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World

Takeaway – Good content is the key to a successful online presence and is the best marketing strategy. Be it videos or write-ups, making engaging and helpful content for the audience.

7. Mari Smith

Marketing world sees her as one of the best Instagram influencers. She works to deliver strong and revealing results. She works to help entrepreneurs and businesses develop and achieve their business goals. She has expertise in Facebook Marketing. She has close to 1.7 million followers online and has a solid base on the internet. She is regarded as the Queen of Facebook. Ms. Smith and her team curate and have mentored countless social media people. is her blog, where she shares insightful learnings.

Prominent Achievements: Forbes’ perennial Top Social Media Power Influencer and author of The New Relationship Marketing. Co-Author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour, A Day. IBM named her one of the seven women who are shaping digital marketing.

8. Ann Handley

She is a writer and is a digital marketing influencer. She inspires, empowers, and helps people grow to become the best digital marketers. She helps create results that your customers will love and that helps you grow your business. She founded MarketingProfs, a marketing training, and education company. They currently have more than 600,000 subscribers. They train people around the world with in-person education programs. Her books have been translated to 19 different languages for wider and better reach and people have benefited from it.

9. Pat Flynn

Flynn helps build successful businesses as a top Instagram influencer. He says though he hasn’t been to any business schools, with time and experience he has learned all that one needs to, to run a good business. He built several businesses online and has helped many people by influencing them to follow their dreams. He wants to inspire everyone around him through his actions and help them grow in the digital world.

10. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the mastermind behind VaynerX, one of the leading modern-day media communications company. They have close to a hundred clients and offer them advertising services that help them grow their brand. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and great internet personality. He is best known for his extensive work in digital marketing and social media.

He is a master in providing social media strategies to his clients and also has some of the reputed fortune 500 companies in his list. An interesting fact about him is that he was a wine critic before he started as a digital marketer. His works are highly reputable and have a strong and significant influence on his clients. He has close to 7.8 million followers on Instagram and is worth to follow and learn from his tactics

Becoming an Instagram influencer is not rocket science provided you know and understand that tactics and religiously work towards it.


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FAQs – Instagram Influencers in Digital Marketing

What does social media influencers do?

A social media influencer uses their following on social media to push content relevant to their niche and promote causes associated with them.

How do you become an influencer in 2021?

You become a digital marketing influencer in 2021 by picking a social media platform that suits your speed and building a vast audience for your content.

How do I get started as a digital marketing influencer?

To get started on the path of a digital marketing influencer, you need to select a niche and work on your personal branding and online presence.

What is an Instagram micro-influencer?

A micro-influencer is an Instagram social media influencer who has a following numbering in the thousands.

What are the most popular industries for Instagram influencer marketing?

Understandably, the best industries for social media influencers and Instagram influencer marketing are beauty, fashion, and fitness.

What is the minimum amount of followers you need to be considered as an Instagram influencer?

To be considered a social media influencer on Instagram, you need to have at least 500 followers.


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