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digital marketing blogThe real estate players in India have seemed to upped their social media and digital marketing quotient. Previously, we reviewed the Top 16 Indian Real Estate Companies on Social Media & Digital Marketing Front and now let’s look at the top 20!

Real estate is one of the main sectors that contribute 5-6% to the GDP of our country, no surprises there. Needless to say, its value increases year by year and is expected to touch $180 billion by 2020. There are big players in Chennai who flaunt their fantastic dream houses with world class amenities. With time, real estate players have realized the importance of digital marketing for their business – this has become a crucial part of their Integrated Marketing Approach.

In fact, many CEOs of the real estate industry I have interacted with have conveyed that more and more leads for their business is taking place through Digital means. Not that traditional budgets are shifting to digital, they use traditional for a mass reach out and they use digital as a channel for a strong reminder, for reaching out to audiences through custom audience like expats, NRIs, high end audience, relevant communities, platform and more. They are more satisfied and pleased with their digital spending when compared to their traditional spends. But, it’s imperative to realize that sometimes only digital takes an eternity for people to trust a brand whereas a combination of traditional ads, local PR, global PR, digital PR, community marketing, online ads and influencer marketing brings about a holistic approach to their activities.

Here we analyze the digital marketing presence of the top real estate players of Chennai and present a complete scenario of their activities.

1. Amarprakash Developers Pvt Ltd

Amarprakash is one of the premium builders of Chennai who symbolize in constructing quality homes. Some highlights of the brand:

  • Their website is simple and easy to navigate.
  • The domain age stands at 5 years 5 months
  • Alexa rank is 144,766 globally and 15,980 locally.
  • They have their presence on Facebook and shows icons for FB and Skype on the site.
  • ‘Chat now’ feature is available and it’s active on the weekends too!

digital marketing blog

On Facebook, the posts are updated at irregular intervals and they make an average of 1 post per week. The posts generally revolve around the festival wishes and their upcoming projects. First Home Buyers Expo, Flash sale that took place on 6th March was their major promotion through videos which had 1.1K views and was a decent success. The page has a total of 2,351 likes and their wall is open for the enquiries. They have not come up with any contest or any creative campaigns, however.

Testimonials and live reporting based posts are also posted days of their property launch. This immensely helps many in knowing how many are booking the property on the day of the launch and inspires others to buy.

However, there is no creative template or any creative strategy observed on Social Media. Blog is missing.

The brand is completely dormant on Twitter, stopped with 13 tweets only and 59 followers, back in May 2011. On YouTube, the brand has managed to gain 253 subscribers and has uploaded 5 videos. Though the profile remains incomplete – no profile and cover picture and the about section remains empty.

Presence on channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ Pinterest are missing and is something that they need to consider seriously to up their social media game.

2. Casa Grande

Casa Grande is one of the most well-known brands in Chennai as they are very aggressive with their advertisement and budgets on both traditional and digital marketing. Casa Grande is also known for their quality of homes they make. Homes which are affordable yet very luxurious.

  • The website is well designed with all the icons which a user searches for to connect with the brand.
  • Their domain is 6 years and 7 months old.
  • The website has a local Alexa rank of 22,093 and a global rank of 219,475.
  • Its reference domain stands at 151 and carries a total of 1.47K back links.
  • The website is also responsive and has an integrated blog.

digital marketing blog

The brand has its presence in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. Google+ and Instagram pages are missing.

The website has an image showing their completed, on-going and upcoming projects along with their footprints at 3 locations in India. They run Google ads too.


The brand’s page has 125,902 likes, this is something that they boast on their website too as a welcome banner. The number of likes on the Facebook page helps brands determine their credibility amongst the audience. When all the real estate players in Chennai have fewer likes, they take the leap with the highest of numbers to showcase.

They have a very thematic approach towards their communication. For example:

  • One of their last campaigns was about ‘ways to keep your home cool this summer’.
  • They have just begun posting ‘Tip for the week’ posts.
  • They also update Monday Motivation’ posts which is really inspiring.
  • They make updates on special occasions like Tamil New Year, Mother’s Day, Voter’s Day etc.
  • They run at-least one contest every month. For example: Father’s day contest, prediction for IPL etc.

Keeping your blinds or curtains closed can help you keep your home cooler!

Casagrand यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, २७ मे, २०१६

On an average, they make up to 3-4 posts per week. They never fail to post their Monday Motivation updates which gives a good start to your week. The page also comes up with Tip of the Week.

On Twitter they have a total of 1913 tweets with 2019 followers. Engagement though, is less. Not much listening is being observed either. They can be opportunistic here and listen to the Chennnai audience and improve engagements and conversation.

On LinkedIn most of the updates from Facebook goes here. However, they make lot of commercial updates that are sponsored. They currently have 530 followers which is a decent number for the Chennai Real Estate scenario.

On YouTube they have uploaded 105 videos for their promotion and plenty videos of construction sites. However, there is no creative approach for their YouTube presence. Subscribers list is 262. The channels has optimized the cover and profile pictures.

On Pinterest the brand is not active and has a total of 90 pins, 7 boards and 109 followers. They have also failed to include the Pinterest icon in their website.

3. Urban Tree Infrastructures

Urban Tree has ranked as one of the top brands when compared to others from a content marketing perspective. Their websites have been actively updating blogs with interesting content pieces.

  • All the social media icons are integrated in their website.
  • The domain is 5 years, 2 months old
  • Alexa rank 72,609 locally and 546,576 globally.
  • Their reference domain is 134 and carries 536 backlinks.
  • They have a very responsive website.
  • They have all the details about the completed projects or the on-going projects.

digital marketing blog

On Facebook they have a list of days to celebrate or talk about such as: Anti-Tobacco Day which was recently celebrated with an innovative GIF.

Their content puts across a strong message to the audience – this brand is all things Chennai. Closely associated with current affairs relevant to the city, they talk about the recent news – Kabali, Aadi season, Tamil movies releasing on the weekends (to gel well with the Chennai audience), etc. The same updates go on Google+ as well.

Playing cricket is one of our fond memories of our childhood. Most of us will have cricket buddies whom we would have…

Urban Tree Infrastructures यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, २५ मे, २०१६

Blog posts are regularly posted with interesting images. Their updates regularly garner on an average 200+ likes and 100+ shares to the creative posts, indicating that they are being sponsored. Regular contests are also run, the most recent being ‘Comment and Win Kabali Tickets’.

Smoking just doesn't kill you, it kills your entire family! Passive smoking puts their life in danger too. They deserve better.STOP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!#WorldNoTobaccoDay

Urban Tree Infrastructures यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, ३० मे, २०१६

Anti-Tobacco Day GIF


Engagement rate ranks high with 58,000+ Likes. The wall is open for the public and also the enquiries are responded within a 4 hours span. The brand actively runs Facebook ads including scroll ads, website re-targeting ads and timeline ads as per our observation across the Re-targeted network.

On Twitter they have 4729 tweets with total of 418 followers, an impressive number. Contests are regularly run as well. All the updates are shared and hash tags are used actively. They strongly use Twitter for customer service and building connections.

The brand is also very active on Instagram with 280 posts and 219 followers and Pinterest with 91 pins and 19 followers.

On YouTube the brand has showcased testimonials and other videos. It has total of 55 videos with 98,488 views and 93 subscribers.

The remarkable part of this brand is that they make sure that their posts reach their targeted audience. They update all the social platforms with all the posts on the same day without making delay.

On Google+, Urban Tree updates the same ones from Facebook and has a total of 48 followers.

4. Navin’s

A veteran in the real estate market, they are but their social media scenario looks uninhabited. Running Google search ads, their local Alexa rank is 98,480 and stands at 98,480 globally. The eeference domain is 152 and they have over 1.73K back links with a responsive website in place.

digital marketing blog

On Facebook, they have a mere 1123 likes with intermittent updates, mostly only on special occasions. Their cover picture talks about a campaign but updates on the particular campaign, “Ushaar Raghavan” seem to be absent on the page. The page wall is also closed for the public.S


Navin's यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २१ जुलै, २०१६

On Twitter they have a total of 89 tweets with 55 followers. Any form of engagement, interaction, campaign or regular is absent. Though the cover image is integrated across all the channels.

On Google+ the same posts on Facebook have been posted with hashtags. There are 5 followers.

On YouTube they have uploaded just 13 videos with an impressive 50,709 with 62 subscribers.

Their LinkedIn presence is none. Apart from the page existing, there are no other activities going on though there are 464 followers.

The Pinterest account is filled with property pictures; they have 55 pins with 16 boards and 7 followers.

They can also include Instagram to promote their brand and even make better use of these available platforms as well.


One of the premium brands, BBCL’s website is very impressive and responsive. The details of their projects have been clearly furnished. They also have toll free numbers of both India and USA at top of the page.

The website has a local Alexa rank of 53,587 and a global rank of 680,135. Its reference domain stands at 80 and carries a total of 1.32K back links.

digital marketing blog

All the social icons are integrated on their site. BBCL has its presence in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. It is absent on Pinterest and Instagram.

On Facebook BBCL’s posts revolve around their properties and special occasion posts. The engagement level is seen to be quite less which can be boosted up. The likes count is 106771.

Their Twitter presence is not updated as there has been no update since January 2016; the cover picture still talks about Diwali 2015. The brand has total of 120 tweets and 232 followers.

On Google+ the brand has total of 106 followers. Intermittent updates dot the timeline.

On YouTube the brand has shared only 18 videos and 38 subscribers. It includes both commercials and testimonials.

On LinkedIn the brand is comparatively active, with 467 followers. There are not many work culture updates, there are only promotion based posts. Image optimization is not being used.

6. Color Homes

Color Homes’s website is a 6 years and 10 months old domain with a simple and easy to navigate website. Every particular detail with a separate section in the site is available. The social icons are well integrated and also has the live chat option.

Their local Alexa rank is 123,471 and stands at 1,470,701 globally. The website is responsive and has 27 reference domains with 23.3K backlinks. However no Google search ads are being run by the brand.

digital marketing blog

Their Facebook page though setup and integrated with the social icon on the website is non-existent.  

On Twitter they have just 12 tweets and 24 followers and were active 2 years ago. Prior to being dormant, their tweets revolved around their upcoming projects.

On Google+ channel has a standalone one post only, with 12 followers. The brand is absent from Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

7. Akshaya

Akshaya has a single scroll website which is simple and crisp. The brand has furnished complete details about its every project starting from the floor plan to the project status which is unique. Their domain is an astonishing 17 years 5 months old! The Alexa ranks at 48,892 locally and stands at 589,844 globally. The website is responsive but has not been integrated with blogs.

digital marketing blog

They make their presence in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and. They are absent on Pinterest and have personal profiles on LinkedIn and Google+ instead of pages.

They are currently running Google search ads for OMR Thaiyur project. Their social media branding has been named as “Akshaya Uncompromise” and hence, all their channels carries the same title.

On Facebook the brand has 58,164 likes and the posts are all related to Chennai. The wall is closed for the public. They average on of 8-9 posts per month. Currently, ?#?ChennaiyinAadaiyalam is the campaign that is being run. Apart from this, tips related posts are also being posted.

“When in #Chennai, eat from the Banana Leaf”! Ever wondered why? It’s because the banana leaf removes toxins from the…

Akshaya Uncompromise यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, २६ जुलै, २०१६

On Twitter the brand has 1918 tweets and 403 followers and has the same updates that are posted in their Facebook page. No campaigns are being run and no conversation is being made.

On YouTube they have 33 videos and 136 subscribers. The cover image has not been updated and the about section remains mpty.

Being a well know brand, Akshaya can invest in their digital marketing activities and take it more seriously.

8. Vijayshanthi

Vijayshanthi’s website is detailed and gives a different touch to the audience. The social icons are integrated in the website as well. The brand is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

Their domain is 15 years 3 months old. The Alexa rank is 93,280 locally and stands at 985,332 globally. With 2.46K backlinks the brand has 186 reference links. Their website is not responsive.

digital marketing blog

Coming to their Facebook page, they have 9,004 likes and thee posts are updated at average of 3-4 per week. The posts revolve around their properties. There are some regular posts on special occasions. No contests are observed in 2016. Looks like most of these posts are not boosted as there is no great engagement on these posts.

Hope it's not the case…#WorldPopulationDay #AdverseEffects #VijayShanthiBuilders

Vijay Shanthi Builders यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, ११ जुलै, २०१६

Their Twitter account is inactive, last post being made on January. It has 18 followers and 110 tweets.

No posts are visible on Google+ and LinkedIn. Though LinkedIn has the cover picture updated, the page is empty but has 180 followers. The Google+ page has only reviews.

The YouTube presence has the profile set up and 2 videos updated but profile and cover pictures are absent. There are 5 subscribers.

There are a total of 13 pins on Pinterest and no boards. Though the social icon for YouTube is integrated in the website, the account does not seem to exist.

9. Puravankara

Puravankara is one of the leading real estate brands in India. They have beautifully designed website with every particular detail that user would ask for! They have got First India’s Managed Residential plan. It is one of the oldest domain in the list with a domain age of 18 years 4 months. It also has a Live chat option and Call Me where once you give your particulars on the site.

digital marketing blog

With reference to the domain, 979 they have 17K backlinks. The website though is not responsive. It has an Alexa rank of 25,506 locally and 198,960 globally.

On Facebook, the wall is closed to the public and brand has 35,464 likes. Their posts generally revolve around their brand promotion, news and project launch promotion. The engagement is level is zero. There are no contests or campaigns.

Get transported to a romantic world of Juliet balconies and art-filled corridors at Purva Skydale, a…

Puravankara यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, २४ जून, २०१६

On Twitter with 1124 tweets and 376 followers, the updates on Facebook are posted here. The brand runs contest and makes use of hashtags very well. Previously, Snapdeal had joined them for the launch of their MRIP.

On LinkedIn the brand has a presence with 4551 followers though the cover pic is absent. The brand is missing out on a huge opportunity as with this audience, they can drive good engagement and promotion.

On Google+ the brand has 90 followers but has only videos updated.

On YouTube the brand has 81 videos about their project details and promotional ones and 448 subscribers!

On Pinterest the brand seems to be inactive with 40 pins, 12 boards and 4 followers.

10. Sobha Developers

Sobha Developers are one of leading brands in the real estate industry. Its website is simple and crisp. Their domain is 13 years 7 months old. The brand has 433 reference link and 44.7K backlinks. Their Alexa rank is 9,491 locally and stands at 83,808 globally. They are currently running Google search ads.

digital marketing blog

On Facebook the brand makes has acquired 626,488 likes! They employ a good content mix and are quite frequent with their posts. They also stand out in terms of replying to the comments they receive on the page.

As a responsible corporate citizen & employer, we commit ourselves to providing high #quality #construction at competitive prices to #customers, thereby ensuring their satisfaction.#PassionatWork

SOBHA Limited यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २१ जुलै, २०१६

There are no campaigns or contests being run currently and their wall is kept open for the public.

On Twitter they have 6126 tweets with a remarkable 4595 number of followers. The interactions can be seen on the page quite often. On an average they make 12-14 tweets per week. Generally their hashtags are based on the location or their brand name or kind of project like villa or flats, a good move. What goes on Facebook goes here as well.

On LinkedIn the brand has acquired 15,325 followers and mostly the content remains the same as in Facebook.

On YouTube the brand has 136 videos with 129,745 views and 494 subscribers.

On Google+ they have 519 followers and the content is being regularly updated, the same as Facebook. The hashtags have been perfectly used.

On Pinterest they have 12 boards and 52 pins with a separate board for each projects and have 41 followers.

On Instagram, the brand has a total of 791 posts and 1582 followers, fully updated and replete with the right hashtag usage!

Sobha Developers are taking their social media strategy seriously and have also run a few successful campaigns in the past; their hashtags also has trended in the past!

11. L&T Realty

With quick loading, the website is quite simple and within reach of access to the visitor. The domain is 6 years old with a local Alexa rank of 34,648 locally and a global rank of 316,397. It has a reference domain of 215 with 1.44K back links. The website is responsive too.

digital marketing blog

The brand seems to have different pages for each of their individual properties rather than one big home page. The one page for L & T Realty that was found is currently inactive, with the last update made on July2015.

On Facebook there are multiple pages with the account name – L & T Realty, Larson & Toubro. L&T Realty seems to be the recently updated pages with 799 Likes but last updated on July 2015.

On Google+ as well, there are separate pages for their Raintree Boulevard instead of their main page. The brand is absent on LinkedIn. On Pinterest, one pin has been made. On Youtube, they are simply under the name “L&T”. But the page is incomplete as the cover image is not updated and there are 4 videos on a total.

The brand is also absent on Twitter and Instagram. But, the brand is being spoken about by users. If optimized, the brand can have good engagement in the channels.

Given their prominence, the brand will have a good social media presence if invested well in activities.

12. Malles Constructions

Malles has a website domain age of 6 years 11 months. Their back links stand at 9.96K and have and global Alexa rank of 1,778,063 and local is 95,736. Google search ads are being run by the brand. The website is also responsive.

digital marketing blog

Though the brand is present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube it is active only on Facebook. They are absent on Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

On Facebook they have an audience of 8,429 with creative posts. Their most recent one talks about how to prepare for the First Day First Show for, Kabali!

Thalaivar padam na FDFS than :)#KabaliFever #FDFS #MallesSince1980 #ChennaisBuilder

Malles Constructions Pvt. Ltd. यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २१ जुलै, २०१६

The wall is open to public and there are no contests or campaigns being run. They also actively make posts for special days.

We Chennaites love our slang words. Because using them is super fun and increases the swag quotient in you.#ChennaiLife #MallesSince1980 #ChennaisBuilder

Malles Constructions Pvt. Ltd. यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, ४ जुलै, २०१६

On Twitter their last tweet was on 31st Dec 2015. Prior to this engagement level seen is almost zero. The followers count is 63 with a total of 478 tweets.

On YouTube they have uploaded only 7 videos and have 25 subscribers. The channel is inactive apart from this.

On LinkedIn they have 145 followers but there are no posts updated.

On Google+, they have a profile instead of a page. They are absent on Pinterest and Instagram.

The brand can certainly be active on all platforms by just updating their Facebook content on all the other channels.

13. House of Hiranandani

House of Hiranandani is one of the premium builders in Chennai providing luxurious homes. The site welcomes you with info of their projects. The site is simple and easy to navigate and has integrated the blog along with the testimonials. You can find enquire now and live chat.

digital marketing blog

It has connected all its social media icons in website. The brand has its presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

They also have a virtual tour videos and you can do your booking instantly.

The domain age stands at 4 years and 1 month old and the Alexa ranking is 38,333 locally and 246,867 globally. The reference domain is at 188 and has a total of 2.12K back links. The website is also responsive.

They run Google search ads currently.

On Facebook they have acquired 67,332 likes. Currently, their theme is architecture around the world. The wall is closed for public enquiries. They make 3-4 posts on the average per week. Contests are run but not regularly.

These rock-cut dwellings built in the 12th century in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park will leave you spellbound.

House of Hiranandani यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २१ जुलै, २०१६

On Twitter the brand has a total of 2810 tweets and 655 followers. The interaction is not much. Apart from posting the Facebook content, there are no conversation or engagement on the page.

On Google+ they have 33 followers and posts posted on Facebook are posted here.

On YouTube the brand has uploaded only 20 videos and has 32 subscribers.

On LinkedIn they have 3,764 followers and a few interactions can be seen on the platform. The content seems to slightly vary from Facebook.

On Instagram there are a total of have 355 posts and 231 followers!

On Pinterest it has 339 pins with 21 boards and 38 followers.

With the basics set up and getting it right, House of Hiranandani can take up the activities a notch by running campaigns and contests as well.

14. Mantri Developers

Mantri Developers is committed to developing ecologically sustainable projects, with a strong emphasis on environmental management and safety standards. Their website is simple with all the separate sections. The brand has Live Expert and live chat option. All the social media icons have been integrated in the site.

digital marketing blog

They stand at a local Alex rank of 21,885 and 189,998 global rank. Their Reference domain stands at 2 and has just 4 backlinks to the site. The website is not responsive either. Google search ads are also being run by them.

The social media icons have been integrated in the site; their social media presence includes channels only on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

On Facebook the brand has a total of 20,726 likes but the page is inactive, with the last post done in May. The interaction found on the page is very low and page is closed for public.

On Twitter though, they have a total of 3070 followers and 3383 tweets. The tweets are intermittent and most videos are also updated. With the audience the brand can drive pretty good engagement and build customer interaction.

On YouTube the brand has uploaded 85 videos and 182 subscribers in total.

On LinkedIn they have 4,896 followers but is inactive, last updated 10 months ag.

On Pinterest they have 25 boards with 263 pins each contributes to different location projects and 33 followers. The brand seems to be very active here.

On Google+, they have over 170 followers with 131932 view but the page is inactive since September 2015.

Their YouTube account has a cover picture and playlists as well. With 88 videos, they have 131 subscribers and 84k views.

On Instagram, the brand has 150 posts and 28 followers.

15. Arun Excello

Arun Excello is one of the well-known brands in Tamil Nadu. The website is 16 years 0 months and has an Alexa rank of 98,209 locally and 932,293 global rankings, respectively. Their Reference Domain is at 120 and with 507over backlinks.

digital marketing blog

On Facebook the brand has 1566 likes and is currently talking about their offline campaign “Ennal mudiyum”. With a 4.4 stars the interaction is found to be minimal. The wall is also open to the public.

Don't just buy a home. Own it with style like our very own THALIVAR!Check out our new compact homes here

Arun Excello यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, २४ जुलै, २०१६

On Twitter, though their follower count is 3329 there are only 94 tweets and zero engagement. The last update was made in May. The tweets are not optimized as well.

On Google+ also, the brand is inactive with the last post made in May. There are 3 followers.

On Pinterest it has 88 pins with 4 boards and 25 followers.

On LinkedIn, there are 3,540 followers but the platform has not had a single update yet.

On YouTube, the brand has 5 videos and 373 subscribers!

16. Marutham Group

Marutham group has a 7 years 4 months old domain. The Alexa rank stands at 41,136 local and 420,117 globally. Their reference domain is at 77 with over 414 backlinks. The social icons are integrated on their website as well.

The website is responsive and currently they run Google search ads.

digital marketing blog

On Facebook, the brand has over 5,033 likes and very less interactions. Their posts revolve around their upcoming projects and their present sale. The wall is closed for public and there are no contests or campaigns being run. There are also video uploads on the page. The posts are quite frequent in a month.

When you are searching for the best home in Chennai?When you are looking for a budget-friendly and feature-centric…

Maruthamgroup यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २१ जुलै, २०१६

On Twitter, there are 395 tweets and 2262 followers but the brand does not record much engagement. No conversations are being made and no contests are being run either.

On Google+ they make the presence with 781 followers, posts on Facebook are being posted here but lack interactions again.

On LinkedIn, the page has not been updated yet. There are 15 followers.

On YouTube they have just uploaded 5 videos and 18 subscribers.

On Pinterest the brand has 280 pins along with 30 boards and 619 followers.

The brand is absent on Instagram.

If a strategy is set in place and followed in full swing, the brand can easily build its engagement levels!

17. Olympia Group

Olympia Group has a simple website with the details of the on-going projects. The social icons are integrated to the site.

digital marketing blog

The brand makes its presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is absent in LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

The site’s domain age stands at 8 years. Their local Alexa rank stands at 196,188 and global is at 2,125,396. Their reference domain is 240 and they carry 4.08K backlinks. Their website is also responsive.

On Facebook they have a review of 4.3 stars and 53,304 likes. The posts revolve around their property promotions other than which there is no other content mix. They average on 3 posts per week.

On Twitter, there are 769 tweets and 250 followers and stays inactive.

On YouTube it has 84 videos and 44 subscribers which is mixture of corporate video, handling ceremonies, testimonials and promotional videos!

Their LinkedIn profile has 52 followers but is an unoptimized page.

18. VGN

With a 4 years and 4 months old domain, VGN has a simple website and easy to navigate. The website has a local Alexa rank of 52,942 and a global rank of 741,186. Its reference domain stands at 125 and carries a total of 1.12K back links. The website is also responsive.

digital marketing blog

On Facebook the brand has 9423 likes and has different types of content. Mostly showcasing updates of their projects, they stand out from the other brands by updating pictures of the on-going construction and completed pictures of their properties. They also upload blogs and posts on home tips and did you knows. Since their strategy is good, they can look at acquiring audience as the next step by ads.

On Twitter there are 2259 tweets 157 followers. Content on Facebook is being updated here with hashtags. The brand could increase engagement by interacting with their target audience and making conversation!

On Google+ the follower count is 3 but the page stays updated!

On YouTube the brand has uploaded 25 videos which includes their projects and ads and has 241 subscribers.

On LinkedIn, the unoptimized page has 88 followers.

19. Ozone Group

Their domain is 14 years 1 month. Their local Alexa rank is 17,280 and global stands at 176,624. Reference domain is 148 and they have over 1.67K back links. The website is responsive. However, no Google search ads are being run by the brand, currently.

digital marketing blog

On Facebook there are 108,052 likes. This brand also posts GIFs and majorily post about their properties. They make average of 3 posts per week. They also make post on days to celebrate. Their recent contest was a dubsmash contest titled #OzoneWithKabali.

On Twitter there are 4691 tweets with good use of hashtags and are also engaging with the audience! Followers are 1508. The dubsmash contest has been run on Twitter as well! The contest entries have been Retweeted on the page.

On Google+ page has 16 followers and the content is updated with what has been posted on Facebook.

The YouTube presence has only 5 videos and the about section is not updated and 36 subscribers.

On LinkedIn there are 804 followers and the activities are updated with content posted on Facebook

On Pinterest, there are 13 pins without boards. On Instagram, the brand has 118 posts and 181 followers.

20. Lokaa Developers

The website is crisp in design and content – their domain is 1 year, 3 months old. Their global Alexa rank is 2,861,090. Domain authority is 10 and page authority is 21. Reference domain is 4 and they have over 44 back links. The website is responsive and Google ads are being run currently. The social icons are also integrated on the website.

digital marketing blog

The brand is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. The brand 24,317 likes on Facebook and 4.6 ratings. The brand is very much active on the platform and has a good content mix. Posts revolve around informal updates like Monday motivation, frequent blog posts and creative series posts.

In today’s hectic life, there are a number of times when one wants to escape away to another time, another space. Worry not; #NammaChennai has a solution for all your weekend woes.

Lokaa Developer यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, १ जुलै, २०१६

The brand posts 5 posts in a week. The wall is open for the public and the engagement rate is quite good. The recent contest run was #MOneCaptionContest which garnered quite the response.

CALLING ALL CHENNAITES!Did you know that giving a kickass caption this majestic M One building can win you a gift…

Lokaa Developer यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, ९ जुलै, २०१६

On Twitter there are 1200 tweets and 965 followers. Hashtags are optimized well by the brand and conversations with the audience are also seen. Apart from this, content on Facebook is also being posted here.

On Google+ presence however is empty and no updation has taken place.

The YouTube channel has been optimized in terms of profile and cover picture and the about section. Though there are only 5 videos and 6 subscribers.

On LinkedIn there are 21 followers and the activities are updated with content posted on Facebook

On Instagram, the brand has 115 posts and 136 followers.

As the world turns to digital now more than ever, it’s important for brands to become active on social media. Brand presence and reputation building apart, they have a huge potential of customer information and lead generation to tap from that when mobilized efficiently makes digital marketing a huge success!

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