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When I started my career at the age of 17 in Digital Marketing way back in 2006, I never knew I would be passionate about this subject and would end up sharing my passion through teaching. For 10 years now I have been recognized as a Social Media Marketing Trainer and a corporate trainer in […]

When I started my career at the age of 17 in Digital Marketing way back in 2006, I never knew I would be passionate about this subject and would end up sharing my passion through teaching. For 10 years now I have been recognized as a Social Media Marketing Trainer and a corporate trainer in the field of digital marketing and personal branding.

I have been a guest lecturer and a resource person of two big colleges of the city (M.O.P Vaishnav and IFMR) as a visiting faculty. So basically, I have experienced all forms of teachings like Keynote speeches, classroom training, workshops, talks, online courses, YouTube channel, live sessions, webinars etc.

I am passionate about training and I also believe a good trainer in the field of Digital Marketing is a good practitioner.

My agency echoVME Digital has been the engine that has fueled me with the required knowledge to teach people current trends.

Unless, you don’t spend money, you can’t learn Digital Marketing

Unless, you don’t handle clients, you won’t know what it takes to build a brand.

After working with 100+ brands in different verticals, I have mastered the art of running a digital marketing agency and provide brands with the right solutions on the go..

Now, why am I saying you all this?

Because it’s crucial to set the context for what I am going to say you now!

Digital Scholar’ – my premium digital marketing training institute in Chennai is a research centre from where the magic of creating digital marketing masterminds is about to happen!

The agency focus on 3 crucial things:

  • Digital Marketing Management Development Programs
  • Digital Marketing Career Growth
  • Digital Marketing Academy Research.

So if you are:

  • A student and want to shape up your digital marketing career with the right guidance.
  • A professional, who wants to upgrade their knowledge, switch careers or learn digital marketing to earn passive income.
  • A research analyst and wants to do a research on a particular segment of digital marketing.

Then ‘Digital Scholar’ is the right place for you.

The ideology behind this institute is to help people become a mastermind in the field of Digital Marketing.

In September 2019, we are launching our 3 months long, full-fledged, agency-styled Digital Marketing program. India’s only course that promotes agency styled learning.

What happens in a Digital Marketing Agency styled learning environment?

In an agency styled learning, while you are joining as an individual you are part of a team! It’s more of group work, group assignments, group presentations, case study discussions and hands-on experience. You are allocated with an ad budget and you are given a number goal, so you basically handle a brand. A brand of your group member, your personal brand or a hypothetical brand.

What’s the learning culture like?

I have done my PG in UK, I did my masters in International Marketing Management. I have personally visited International Conferences been part of Success Resources training programs and I have crafted this learning environment to be fun yet Gurukool style, serious yet liberal, hardcore yet  relaxing. It’s a party!

I cannot describe this till you experience one of our demo class that happens every weekend: Register here!

­Where is the institute located?

The institute is located in Pursaiwakkam, Chennai in Sapna Trade Centre, in the space right opposite to echoVME Digital. The energy of the entire floor is only one, ‘Digital Marketing’. Imagine, on one side people practicing and helping clients make money and on the other side people learning to get it into the industry! It’s a first-hand experience.

Do we have any Franchises?

No. We do not have any franchises in this city or any other city for the matter of fact. Digital Scholar has only one institute that is located in Pursaiwakkam in Chennai.

Is it possible for you to intern at echoVME Digital?

3 Months program have weekend classes and weekday classes. There would be practical sessions, theories, support of documentations, worksheets and you shall also be given homework and assignments. Interning at echoVME isn’t possible during those 3 months. However, you can apply and if there is an opening and you get shortlisted!

How is the Course planned?

The course is stretched for a duration of 3 months (72 hours). There will be weekday batches as well as weekend batches. The course will begin on the 2nd week of September.

What’s the course curriculum like?

There are 12 modules in total. You can click here: to check them out now!

All 12 modules are handpicked. This is something that you definitely gotta learn to get into a good position inside an organization or to scale your business exponentially. Instead of talking about everything, I have selected 12 modules which is MUST for every prospective digital marketer to cover.

What is that which makes Digital Scholar unique?

We have a unique 4k model in place. What if we told you, that of the fees you guys pay, we will essentially give you Rs. 4000 back! Yes! Out of the fees you pay, you will be provided with:

  • A domain name
  • Web Hosting
  • Facebook ad budget
  • Google ad budget
  • Instagram ad budget

These will help you get hands on experience on how to manage budgets in Digital marketing and the type of cost involved in it.

Apart from this, there will be agency suited mock interviews, photoshoot for your profile pictures,

What’s the future of Digital Marketing? What’s the salary package in digital marketing?

Well, if you have questions related to digital marketing career. I have an amazing video for you to watch. Check this one out:

Or you can also read a detailed blog post on Digital Marketing Career and Jobs in India.

Is there any Job Guarantee?

No, there is no Job Guarantee! But there is a 100% placement assistance. In this process you shall be trained to attend interviews, your profiles will be rolled out to companies and we shall also be inviting companies for campus placements. If you crack the process, you get placed. However, we shall continue to float your profiles till you don’t get placed. In last several years, people from across various fields have approached me asking if they can hire a candidate from my workshops, but I had nothing much to offer at that point of time as my workshops are of just 2-3 days targeted at working professionals.

Within this year, we shall work towards 100% placement guarantee to the top performing students or students who fall under a certain criteria.

Which agencies will be up for recruitment?

Some of the top institutes in India will be recruiting students for their agencies and organization. Few top students from each batch will be given a chance to work with echoVME Digital, and apart from this, agencies like Social Kinnect, Social Beat, Internet Moguls, AliveNow, White Rivers Media and a few more have already shown excitement to recruit the best talent.

For more details about the institute log on to:


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