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Echovme is Awarded the Best Display Campaign of the year by VIT Business School & Think Media!

image-783x1024On the internet, what makes you stop and stare at an image when you’re surrounded by a clutter of advertisements? Especially when the subject is hair loss treatment? What attracts the viewer the most? The colours? The text? Numbers? GIFs? And what attracts the advertisers the most are the results. Carefully considering these factors, the ads were created with all of the above mentioned elements. Creatives with human interaction depicting the situation at hand with the precise content in clear, simple language is a must. Jarring content or pictures lacking ambiguity does not quite go well with the campaign. Careful integration of ads in Facebook to audience who visited the website and retargeting the ads to the custom audience. With the ads we custom targeted our audience with Google Adwords, GIF animated ads were placed on content platforms frequented by the prospective audience. This played played a key role in helping us achieve business leads by 200%!

Echovme 1

Receiving the award!

We thank Think Media and VIT Business School for recognizing our efforts and awarding us the Best Display Campaign of the year and Raunaq Zaidi, the Brand Manager of Dr.Paul (the client) for being exceptional in supporting our creative ideas and guiding us throughout the campaign. Click below to view our client’s page:pauls

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