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Dear Readers,

In this blog post, I am updating you with what is happening lately with echoVME – my baby!

This summer we are completing 3 years!

Thanks for all your support and appreciations throughout our different phases of business. When I started echoVME, my vision was blurred and I had no clear objectives – I went on a trial! It was indeed a roller coaster ride, yet a great learning phase. Things are clear today! So here I am sharing with you, what we have achieved and what we are intended to do in near future:

– Extending Verticals: 

We have extended verticals from purely Social Media Marketing Training to Social Media for HRs, Social Media for Journalists, Social Media for Hospitals, Social Media for Advertising & PR Agencies, Social Media for Academicians and Social Media for Students.

– Extending Markets: 

In the past, we were very much limiting our workshops to Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. We are now successful in new markets such as Coimbatore, Kolkata, Cochin and more.

– Going International: 

echoVME is organizing its Social Media Marketing Workshop in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Malaysia in the coming months. The first international workshop series is held in Colombo from May 10th – May 16th in association with a leading Social Media Education firm.

– We are meeting our Objectives: 

Some of our clients for Social Media Services are Ramco Systems, Infinitheism, SAE Global and more. We have served more than 50 clients in the last 2 years. We have offered corporate social media marketing training for 2020 Media (Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi offices), MSL India (Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune offices), Times Internet Limited (Delhi Office) and to many other esteemed organizations, education institutes and NGOs.

echoVME won best Social Media Agency from Global Youth Association Social Awards Summit in 2013. We have organized more than 50+ solo workshops and 25+ corporate trainings. We also organised 2 summits till date!

*Search Marketing Summit 2010
*Social Media Summit 2011
*Social Media Summit 2013 (Coming soon in December)

We are aiming to grow our team and looking forward to recruit freshers with fantastic communications skills.

– Inviting You to Our Next Workshop: 

We are hosting a 1 Day Twitter & LinkedIn Marketing Workshop on 25th May in Bangalore | 2 days Social Media Marketing – Exhaustive workshop on June 14th and 15th in Chennai. You can find complete details here: | Contact my super talkative colleague Suveeksha on this number: 09940456148 if you have any queries on it.

– Thank You Note:

On this occasion, of course echoVME team is partying! Besides, I would like to thank each one of you to believe in what we do!



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