5 Most Effective & Successful Google Display Banner Sizes

Let’s have a look at the top performing Google display banner ad sizes with different ad budgets, bidding strategies from various industries.

As we all know, Google allows us to advertise our website, blog, App or video in search engine result pages, search engine partner sites and other websites as well that allow AdSense in the format of text, image, gif, flash and video. Among all those formats, image ads always get more ad impression share.

Okay, now if display advertisement is one of your digital marketing campaign strategies, then as a Digital Marketer you should be aware as to which display banner performs better and which does not. Here we would like to showcase 5 top most effective and successful display banner sizes which are getting more ad impression share as well as good amount of Clicks through rate (CTR). Smart marketers focus on those banner sizes only.

Google allows banner ads in around 23 different sizes. Trust us, among 23 sizes, only 5 sizes are performing well in display advertisement. Let us see what those are-

The below list is validated and listed by average Ad Impression Share data declared by Google Display Advertisement Trends. So what is Ad impression Share by the way? You too want to know? Here you go


Impression is nothing but number of times that the ad is viewed once by a visitor. The ad may be clicked or not, that wouldn’t be taken into account but each time when ad is triggered or fetched, it is counted as IMPRESSION.

Impression Share

Impression share is nothing but the number of impressions we get divided by overall estimated impressions available (impressions we were eligible to acquire). There are factors like Adrank, Quality Score, Bidding Amount, Campaign Settings and Approval Status etc., that decide the impression share for an ad.

Best 5 Successful Google Display Banner Ad Size

#1 Medium Rectangle – 300×250

medium rectangle

Medium Rectangle Display Ad Template

Medium rectangle is one of the best sizes which get highest ad impression in display advertisement. Most of the marketing experts believe that this size helps them to earn more traffic and impression in their marketing campaign. Usually this “Medium Rectangle” size banner ad appears in the right top of the website. People usually have their eye mostly in right top section of the window screen.

#2 Large Rectangle – 336×280

Large Rectangle Display Ad

Large Rectangle Display Ad Template

Large Rectangle size banners occupy the second place in overall ad impression share. Such ads will appear more frequently in the bottom side of the right sidebar and it performs much better when it appears along with the article content and at the bottom.

#3 Learderboard – 728×90

leaderboard display ad

Leaderboard Display Ad Template

Leaderboard usually appears in the top of the page which is in the header section above content area. This ad attracts most of the website visitors as people see this as first thing when they load the website in browser. Leaderboard ads hold the third place in overall display banners sizes.

#4 Half Page -300×600

half page display ad size

Half Page Display Ad Template

Half page ad size is one of the fastest growing sizes by overall ad impression share. This is one of the largest size ads where we can place texts, offers, call to action buttons etc., in a place convenient to us. This ad size takes the fourth place this time in Display Network Advertisement.

#5 Large Mobile Banner – 320×100

large mobile banner

Large Mobile Bannner Display Ad Template

Large Mobile Banner occupies the fifth place in top performing display ad size. Mostly this ad will be used to replace the 320×250 and 320×50. We can see this ad at the bottom of the page. The height is actually double the size when compared with our normal “mobile leaderboard”. We can go ahead with this size, if mobile users are our target.

Below are other supported sizes of display which we can use for our campaign. If we are very sure that only above ad sizes are performing better then there is no point in spending time and money in creating other ads with low performing ad sizes. However you can have a look at the other sizes as well for your knowledge.

Other Supported Banner Ad Sizes

  • mobile leaderboard – 320×50
  • banner – 468×60
  • half banner – 234×60
  • skyscraper – 120×600
  • vertical banner – 120×240
  • wide skyscraper – 160×600
  • portrait – 300×1050
  • large leaderboard – 970×90
  • billboard – 970×250
  • square – 250×250
  • small square – 200×200
  • small rectangle – 180×150
  • button – 125×125

Are you looking for someone who can design an awesome banner ad for your integrated digital marketing campaign? You can hire echoVME. Do let us know of your comments and feedbacks on the section below. We would love to hear from you.

This article was contributed by Karthik –  Digital Marketing Head at echoVME.


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