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10 Best Practices For Creating Effective Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages is not a complex digital marketing topic; in fact it’s the most important thing that you would require to create a successful advertising campaign. Landing Page is the end result of what people see when they click your advertisements across the internet. It can either inspire your customer to leave their details or it can damage your brand and make you lose all your money if not used effectively. This blog is written to help you understand the crux of having designed a perfect landing page with features which can help you increase your conversions and get maximum returns on your PPC campaigns.

For starters, what exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a standalone page which is distinctive from your main website. It is a page that someone lands on when they click on an online advertisement after your prospective visitor reads the call to action.  Landing pages are designed purely for the objective of increasing the sales or leads on your page. When you build your home, you first ensure the lands are levelled. Landing page is that land where you can win your customer’s trust. It helps you achieve your sales and leads objectives.

7 Reasons As To Why We Need a Landing Page:

  • Landing pages get you better conversions than your website.
  • Attains maximum returns on your PPC campaigns, provided you have relevant keywords incorporated.
  • Helps you score more on your online leads.
  • Immediately receive data about the user with the help of call to action and forms.
  • Landing Pages don’t let your customer move from one page to another to shift their focus. It helps you get quicker conversions.
  • Landing Pages help you evaluate the value of your different campaigns and different properties on the basis of their performance.
  • You can use tools like LeadPages to create multiple landing pages for same campaign and test which offer or colors or choice of words attract your customers the most.

Top 3 Tools That Can Help You Create Amazing Landing Pages:

Most of the digital marketing companies ( create their very own landing page. Some use WordPress and very few use third party tools that can help you design landing pages on your own. On third party tools, you can create landing pages with the help of their templates in the most creative way. They also offer you free tutorials, the ultimate guide to landing pages, tips and suggestions which will help you create landing pages in a matter of minutes. Some of my favourite tools are:

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is a DIY landing page platform that allows Marketers to create high converting landing pages and website overlays without taking the help of developers. It has a wide variety of features which includes ‘drag and drop.’ All the plans of Unbounce offer you a 30 day free trial.

2. Instapage

Instapage is another tool that helps you create landing pages. It believes that landing pages are the next evolutionary step in Online Marketing. Instapage helps you create landing pages in 3 minutes. Unlike the other tools, Instapage offers a limited free plan. In fact, the plan offered by Instapage works best for people with tight budget options.

3. LeadPages

The most popular landing page tool that is used by most of the Online Marketers is LeadPages. LeadPages, other than having 300+ templates offers facilities with which you can create Leaddigits, Leadboxes, and Leadlinks. It also gives you a page grader, a guide and a free tutorial video.

10 Tips You Ought to Follow While Making a Perfect Landing Page-

1. Content and Keywords-

The content of the landing page and the keywords used in your ads or description of the web page should be relevant so that people can relate the page to your ad.

2. Enticing content & image-

Content plays an important role in the landing page. The content on your page should be precisely written in a way that it is targeted towards the right audience, so that they show interest in your landing page.

3. Attractive Headline-

Your landing page headline should complement with the ad wording. It should,

  • Be direct on point and not mixed with metaphors.
  • Be relevant to the keywords used in the content and ad.
  • Provide a solution to the visitor along with the service you are providing and deliver the right content.

4. Positioning the content of the landing page-

The elements to be included in your landing page should be positioned precisely.

  • Sub headline.
  • Image(s).
  • Video(s).
  • Brief content about your product and services.
  • A form with a call to actions.
  • Trust Signals (Testimonials, Contact Information etc.)

5. Build the trust of the customer-

A trust signal plays an important role in converting a potential customer to an actual customer. Strategically, including these features creates an emotional connect with the visitors and helps in gaining their trust. The different types of trust signals which can be used are,

  • Testimonials & Reviews
  • Contact information
  • Accreditations
  • Performance figures
  • Payment Assurance

6. Usage of videos-

Recent studies prove that landing pages with videos are likely to generate more sales than landing pages without videos. A motivational video in just a click can do wonders to your landing marketing blog

7. Social Proofing the Landing page-

Showing the brand’s presence in social media is as important as adding testimonials to build a brand. Adding social icon or embedding nice tweets and Facebook comments from users would make people trust your brand more. You can also mention the exact number of downloads that has happened (Ex: 300 People have already downloaded the brochure). These additions to your website will result in the increase of your conversion rate.

8. Call-To-Action-

A strong call-to-action always gets the attention of the user, invites them to fill the form or download content from the landing page which can be your company’s brochure, or a guide in the form of an E-book or even a video. CTA helps in giving basic demographic details about the people who are interested in your page.

9. Integrating the 3rd party codes-

If you’re driving traffic to the landing page through 3rd party websites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc., certain codes need be added in the landing page for the sites to track the conversions happening. We have to make sure that the codes are posted at right places on the landing page and the sites are tracking the metrics from the page.

10. Site loading time and Responsiveness of the site-

An ideal landing page should have a loading time of 5s or less. You have to make sure that the implementation of 3rd party codes doesn’t affect the site loading time. We have noticed that the sites with low landing page loading time has higher rate of conversion than that of one with higher loading time.

Along with low loading time, the site should be mobile friendly as today more people access the internet by their phone so, a mobile friendly landing page is more likely to convert than the one that is not.

Above given tips are some of the best landing page practices that you can follow to increase the conversion, but always remember to keep testing it by running A/B tests, changing copies, images, and CTA to see what works the best with your audience. I personally think that attracting an inbound traffic to your homepage is not needed when you know you have the option of making a LANDING PAGE!

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