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I have closely observed people value business card design, message, outlook, material and the features included in that. At times business card becomes the first reason to make a choice between thousand others for further decisions. A uniform dealer‘s card has a kid wearing uniform on one corner to portray his area of business. Similarly, a beautician would want to have sketch of a beautiful women to convey her message. The technology sector would prefer to have a serious outlook whereas a marketing agency would depict their culture as trendy and cool.

What about a Digital Marketing Agency?

Well, I analyzed few of the CEO’s (from Digital Marketing space) cards that were as serious as techie guys with few elements of online world such as; ‘Google Adwords Certified’, Listing the digital marketing services etc. As ECHOVME strongly emphasize on Social Media Ecosystem and as I solely believe role of traditional media is essential to evoke in people the value of Social Media, I have designed ‘Business Cards’ of ECHOVME staff with a essence to evoke people to network beyond the usual. You will understand this better after seeing the design of the card placed below:

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