Expanded Text Ads are Coming to Google Adwords

Recently at the Annual Google Performance summit, Google announced the adwords expanded text ads. One of the most significant updates to Adwords. The update consist an extra headline of 30- characters and one consolidated 80- characters description line. These expanded text ads can be of great benefits to the advertisers. A bigger and a stronger headline to describe a product and more chances to highlight why a business is the best.  These new ads are designed to show on all the devices- desktop and mobile. More than half of the trillion searches are done via mobile devices and Google’s move towards this unified experience across devices is useful.


Image of the extended Ads are Very Important here.

These Adwords’ expanded text ads are 2x longer from today’s text ads. At present, it allows a headline of 25- characters and two 35- characters limits description. Later this year, it will be two 30-character headlines and one consolidated 80- characters description line. So, the advertisers should create creative eye-catching ads to result in more clicks. Call to action can be more powerful that the searchers cannot resist clicking on it.

What Steps You Should Take Now?

Focus on your headline as it is the part of the ad which is more clickable than the description. Catering to the needs of the targeted audience and receiving the majority attention should be the primary focus.

The user needs and benefits is the key to get more clicks with a compelling call to action and an offer that makes life better.


Ad extensions shouldn’t be missed, adding them to give a cool, user-friendly features to your ad and tends to give more clicks.

Rewrite all those text ads and make use of the 2x bigger space to your advantage.

Though Google hasn’t announced when all the advertisers can access this benefit. Have a track of it and this will be revealed soon. Expanded text ads bring a welcome and big change to Adwords!


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