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Move over, Dubsmash, it’s MSQRD’s time to shine!

Soon your newsfeeds will be filled with selfies with playful, animated filters ranging from the joker, Obama, Leo Dicaprio winning the Oscar and more! Facebook buys MSQRD, a popular app, from the App Store, which already has 5000 downloads and a 4 star rating! You can take pictures and videos as well!

Facebook will operate this as a free and standalone app. The face tracking app and 3D effects rendering app allows integration of video filters into any iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X app. The startup, Masquerade is only a couple of months old!

Facebook plans to integrate the effects along with the creative tools like the stickers and finger doodles and will shortly be available in the Facebook app soon! The MSQRD app will bring in a plethora of creative and unique marketing strategies and contests no doubts!

If you haven’t already, download the app now

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