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Case Study On Running Facebook Ads For E-Commerce

Table of ContentsAbout Ivoryniche :Challenges Faced:Solutions:6-Step Sale Strategy:#1 Carousel Ads for Similar Products:#2 Retargeting & Discounts:#3 Special Day Sale Campaign:#4 Combo Sale:#5 Building Video Audience:#6 Long Haul Boost Post: About Ivoryniche : Ivoryniche is a high quality Bedroom Decor brand that strives to fulfil every individual’s customized bedding requirements. They also sell products that would […]

About Ivoryniche :

Ivoryniche is a high quality Bedroom Decor brand that strives to fulfil every individual’s customized bedding requirements. They also sell products that would spark up your rooms with wall art, artificial plants and also towels.

Challenges Faced:

Ivoryniche, being a fairly new player in the game, wanted to etch their mark in the minds of people in terms of luxurious and versatile bedroom decor options. Along with this, the brand also wanted to boost their brand image on Social Media.


  1. Build a relevant audience base on Facebook with optimized targeting.
  2. Run Facebook and Instagram Carousel ads to launch a collective set of products.
  3. Create custom audiences through testing and build look-alike audience by creating a seed audience of people who have purchased.
  4. Integrate pixels for tracking behaviour of people on the E-Commerce site.

Personalities Defined For Strategy (This would change time to time):

As I always suggest, understanding human behaviour is the most important aspect when you run any kind of marketing campaigns, especially when you run Facebook advertisement and this can come as a great value-add. Here are some of the key audience profiles we built for Ivoryniche:

  1. Engaged Women: Since they are currently shopping for their Trousseau and in India gifting a girl bed-sheets, home decor or quilts during wedding is quite common.
  2. Married Women: Shopping for a new quilt during their married life is quite common because there are two kinds of bed covers and quilts every Indian home has:

a) Daily use.

b) When guests come home / during occasions.

  1. Women Celebrating Anniversaries: This is something that we have been testing now. The objective is to give special discounts to women who are going to celebrate anniversaries (it is possible to target women)
  2. Women from high-performing cities: Cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Noida and Bangalore were targeted, based on their general online shopping behaviour.
  3. Custom Audience: People who have added things to their cart, lookalike of the people who have made a purchase, people who have engaged with the page. We are currently building audience of people who have watched the videos.
  4. Festive Seasons: During festive seasons, the buying behaviour with respect to home decors increase and we strongly use this as an opportunity to give festive offers and showcase festive collection.

6-Step Sale Strategy:

#1 Carousel Ads for Similar Products:

This is a common Facebook marketing strategy, if a person finds something they want to buy with you then they’d only be happy to buy things that you market to them.

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#2 Retargeting & Discounts:

We often add our favourite items on to our cart or just window shop and discontinue our online shopping due to various reasons. This campaign was specifically targeted at such shoppers who left mid-shopping. The data of such users was collected with the help of Facebook Pixels that were coded into the brand’s website.

The promocode IVORY5 which gave the users a 5% discount was an added to bonus which aided in good sales post this campaign.

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#3 Special Day Sale Campaign:

This campaign was for custom made cushions which had traditional designs that portrayed the Tamil Culture. The sale was run around the festival of Pongal in the first half of the month of January.

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There was also another campaign which was run for personalized cushions for valentine’s day. The sale also came with an offer of up to 50% discount on their range of home decor.

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#4 Combo Sale:

There’s nothing like getting all the stuff you need to buy under one roof. That’s exactly what this campaign aimed at doing. The campaign was run with a full-fledged decor set to furnish your bedroom. This highlighted the fact that Ivoryniche is a one-stop-shop for all your bedroom decor needs. The target audience was spread throughout India.

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#5 Building Video Audience:

The video was specifically launched for Ivoryniche’s collection of quilts. The audience base was built with the people whose behaviour matched ‘Engaged Shoppers’ and another core audience base was built with people who watched 50% and more of the video.

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Ivoryniche यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, १३ डिसेंबर, २०१७

#6 Long Haul Boost Post:

We compiled a list of 40+ different bed-sheets which contained something for every individual that wanted one that would perfectly blend in with their bedrooms. This served as a mini-catalogue for people to scroll through and find their pick. The post is age proof and is boosted repeatedly with defined intervals.

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The campaigns have led to the sale of 140+ bed-sheets. The financial specifics shall remain undisclosed owing to company-client confidentiality.

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