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Today I had organized a 2 hours Webinar on Facebook Advertisements for Lead Generation. There were about 100 registrations of which 40 attended this session. The content can be accessible in the below link:

[slideshare id=17034041&doc=facebookadvertisement-130308065253-phpapp01]

The Agenda of the Webinar was:

•How is Facebook Ads different from traditional, Google ads.
•The Synergy of Lead Generation!
•Case studies to begin with
•8 Step Process for Facebook Advertisements

-> Setting Objectives

-> Defining Target Audience

-> Creating Landing Page (With Form)

-> Adding Incentive

-> Set Budget

-> Create Ads

-> Bid for Ads

-> Upload and Manage

•Practical Hands on Dashboard
•Practical Hands on Facebook Ads Power Editor (Difference)
•Re-targeting using Facebook Ads (  Using Email Addresses or Database You Have)
•Facebook Conversion Pixels
•Case Studies
•Questions and Answers

Session had some amazing mix of participants from executive to senior level. We shall soon be announcing our next webinar soon.

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