61 Amazing Facebook And LinkedIn Stats & Facts – 2017

Facebook Statistics and Facts 2017 About Facebook Facebook is an American for-profit organization based out of Melno Park California and was launched in 2004. It drives the idea of ‘Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together’. In today’s day and age of social media, Facebook is the most popular […]

Facebook Statistics and Facts 2017

About Facebook

Facebook is an American for-profit organization based out of Melno Park California and was launched in 2004. It drives the idea of ‘Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together’. In today’s day and age of social media, Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world simply based on the number of active user accounts alone. The success of Facebook is attributed to its simple ability to appeal to both users and businesses. Facebook revolutionized interconnectivity by enabling the development of a tightly knit network. In just under 15 years of its existence, Facebook has established the “social media” market and connected marketers to their target groups. It represents a huge potential market for your social media efforts, which can ultimately help you, increase your return on investment, aiding to greater marketing success.

According to CNN, as of March 2017, Facebook has 1.94 billion MAU (monthly active users) which is about 25.86% of the world’s population, and 1.28 DAU (daily active users). It has been declared the most popular social network, and would be the world’s most populated country if it was one (China is at 1.3 billion). Hence it is very important to understand the facts and statistics about this site to increase your potential and unique reach.

Facebook Facts and Statistics

  1. Worldwide, Total number of Monthly Active Users: 2 billion.
  2. Total number of Mobile Monthly Active Users: 1.66 billion.
  3. Total number of Desktop Daily Active Users: 1.18 billion.
  4. Total number of Mobile Daily Active Users: 1.57 billion.
  5. The gender split on Facebook is 46% men and 54% women.
  6. One in five page views in the United States occurs on Facebook.
  7. More than 83% of daily active users are outside the US and Canada.
  8. The Facebook like button has been pressed 1.13 trillion times.
  9. The average time spent on Facebook per visit is 20 minutes making the average monthly time spent to 600 hours.
  10. At its current growth rate, Facebook acquires about 8 users per second. That’s 7,246 people every 15 minutes.
  11. 75% of all men and 83% of all women who use the internet can be reached via Facebook.
  12. Every 60 seconds, this is what happens on Facebook: 3,000,000 items are shared, 243,000 images are uploaded and 3,125,000 likes are generated.
  13. Currently, Facebook is available in 101 languages.
  14. Any two people on Facebook are separated by an average of 57 degrees of separation.
  15. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp collectively process about 60 billion messages a day, 3 times the number of normal SMSes sent globally.
  16. An average Facebook user has 155 friends.
  17. 87% of online users of age 18-29 are on Facebook.
  18. 56% of online Seniors aged 65+ are on Facebook and 63% are between age 50-64.
  19. About 66% of Facebook users turn to the platform for news.
  20. As reported at the end of Q1, Facebook’s revenue stands at $8.03 billion, at a 49% increase year-on-year.
  21. 80% of Facebook’s revenue comes from ads, and 20% from virtual games.
  22. 65 million businesses now have Facebook pages.
  23. Nearly one-third of Facebook users (32 percent) engage with brands regularly.
  24. 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business.
  25. 42% of customer service responses from brands on Facebook happen within the first 60 minutes.
  26. 70% marketers claimed that they use Facebook to acquire new customers, while 47% have said that the social network was their top influence for purchases.

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LinkedIn Statistics and Facts 2017

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 and the site was first launched in May 2003. It is one of the most effective platforms to network professionally till date. Today, LinkedIn is a public company with a firm grip on business and going stronger than ever.

The following are a comprehensive list of 2017 stats that show LinkedIn as the world’s largest social network for working professionals and B2B marketers.

LinkedIn stats:

  1. LinkedIn is ranked as the 25th most popular website on Alexa as of April 2017.
  2. LinkedIn now has more than 500 million members globally.
  3. Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to buy LinkedIn.
  4. LinkedIn sales hit $975million in the first full quarter since the acquisition.
  5. LinkedIn has more than 10,000 full-time employees with offices in 30 cities around the world.
  6. LinkedIn is now available in 24 languages.
  7. At present 56% of LinkedIn users are men and 44% are women.
  8. Maximum site visitors are located in USA (33%) followed by India (8.5%) and UK (5.7%).
  9. The total number of monthly active users on LinkedIn is 106 million.
  10. Presently, there are 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn.
  11. There are 10+ million active jobs on the site currently.
  12. LinkedIn provides access to 9+ million companies across the globe for a user.
  13. LinkedIn’s fastest growing demographic groups are students and recent grads which comprise of 40 million users.
  14. 13% of LinkedIn’s user group is between the ages 15-34 years.
  15. 60% of all LinkedIn traffic is from mobile.
  16. 2 new members are added to LinkedIn every second.
  17. An average user spends 17 minutes on the site per month.
  18. LinkedIn’s total endorsements crossed 10 billion.
  19. More than 100,000 articles are published on this platform every week.
  20. At present LinkedIn is available across 200 countries and territories.
  21. 70% of their users are located outside the USA.
  22. Profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views.
  23. LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages.
  24. 3 million users share content on LinkedIn weekly.
  25. “Cloud and Distributed Computing” and “Statistical Analysis and Data Mining” are the hottest skills registered on LinkedIn in 2017, on which most people got hired.
  26. There is a 13x increase in profile views for LinkedIn members that list skills on their profiles.
  27. 79% of B2B marketers view LinkedIn as an effective source for generating leads.
  28. 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all other social platforms.
  29. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.
  30. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.
  31. The use of LinkedIn company pages grew from 24% to 57% YOY.
  32. 57% of companies have a LinkedIn Company Page.
  33. 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions.
  34. 71% of professionals feel that LinkedIn is a credible source for professional content.
  35. Linkedin generates $371,474 per employee.

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