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Did you know Facebook has the largest user base today when compared to other social networking sites? The first thing many of us do today is log on to Facebook, if not – Whatsapp or probably Instagram? Both these channels are acquired by Facebook! In India alone, there are about 220+ Million Facebook users, which is 50% of the total Internet-using population […]

Did you know Facebook has the largest user base today when compared to other social networking sites? The first thing many of us do today is log on to Facebook, if not – Whatsapp or probably Instagram? Both these channels are acquired by Facebook!

In India alone, there are about 220+ Million Facebook users, which is 50% of the total Internet-using population of this country. Wouldn’t you want to reach out to them and communicate with them?

There are about 7 ways to target your customers on Facebook. They are:

  1. Basic Demographic: Age, gender, location and language.
  2. Advanced Demographic: Sexual orientation, job titles, level of education, relationship status, parenting status and more.
  3. Interest Based: People who are interested in a particular topic, hobby, products, places etc. Your behaviour with respect to groups you join, posts you like, pages you follow defines this category.
  4. Behavior Based: You get categorized on the basis of the phones you use, your travel logs on Facebook, if you are an admin of a Facebook page, if you love the luxurious stuff, your interests in new gadgets and more.
  5. Custom Audience – Database: You can target a specific database of your customers. For example: If you have a database of 10,000 customers you can upload them on Facebook and run ads exclusively for them. This is the most impactful form of advertisement ever on Facebook.
  6. Custom Audience – Website Visitor: Facebook allows you to re-target those people who have visited the website using pixels. Interesting, no? I call it’ Haunting Ads’. Once you visit someone’s website and they follow you like a typical creep comes haunting you with ads on Facebook. LOL, jokes aside – this is a great way to bring back customers to your website.
  7. Look Alike Audience: Well, I know you are reading this. How about researching a bit and commenting on this post what a ‘Lookalike Audience’ is?

Beyond this, you can even engage with the audience who have engaged in your business, lead generation ads, your videos all through Facebook Advertisements to create a strong interconnect.

Buy Your Facebook Marketing Course for Rs.1999/-  

I have simplified concepts of Facebook Marketing in my Facebook Marketing Masterclass for you.You can learn how to create an audience personality before you start targeting them and run amazing advertisements only for them. With half of the internet using Indian population on Facebook, it’s a walk in the park to get your product out there and selling. BUT there are some key aspects the credibility and success of your brand/product depend upon. You could go ahead with the trial and error method and formulate your own strategy but then again you wouldn’t know how long they’ll stay relevant.

I am on a mission to create more digital marketers like me through my workshops by inculcating all the best practices that have been tried, tested and proved to be the most efficient ways. I have recently launched a Facebook Marketing Video Course that can help you become a successful advertiser.  In this online Facebook Marketing Course, you will be learning How to Strategically walk through the Facebook Marketing journey. Here’s what you can be looking forward to in the Facebook Masterclass Marketing Workshop.

Module 1: Understanding the potential of Facebook Marketing:

I will be guiding you through using Facebook’s dashboard and the different types of ads. The motive of this module is to help you learn what kind of ads would suit your needs by researching & targeting your audiences and defining budgets.

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads Course
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads Dashboard
  • Types and Objectives of Facebook Ads
  • Defining your Audience’s Personality, Budgeting and Practices.
  • 7 Ways to Targeting Your Customers on Facebook

Module 2: Crash Landing Page Course:

This course comes in as a bonus with the workshop. You’re to build your own landing page using Leadpages with the best practices in the industry to acquire maximum conversion. The bonus ride does not end there, you are also taught how to crack the Facebook Blueprint Certificate.

  • What is a Landing Page. What are those 12 crucial things that make an awesome landing page.
  • Examples of Landing Pages.
  • How to design Effective Landing Pages using Leadpages.
  • What is a Thank You page and How to Create One.
  • How to crack Facebook Blueprint Certificate.

Module 3: Facebook Pixel With Ease:

Facebook provides you with code snippets called pixel which you can integrate into your website to target your visitors on Facebook. The module aims at integrating conversion and custom pixels with your landing pages and to build your profile of the custom audience.

  • Introduction to Facebook Pixel.
  • What is Custom and Conversion Pixel – How to Integrate with Landing Page.
  • How to Create Different Types of Custom Audience on Facebook.

Module 4: How to Design Effective Facebook Ads On Your Own:

You’re taken off your training wheels and made to do some real time work. You will be creating your own Facebook Ads and also making creatives using Canva.

  • Psychology Behind Successful Facebook Ads.
  • How to Design Facebook Ads on Your Own Using Canva.

Module 5: 3 Awesome Lead Generation Techniques:

We’ll be looking into the three awesome lead generation techniques and also a comparison of them. You can compare the efficiency of the three and what type of audience they cater to.

  • By Running Facebook Conversion Ads.
  • By Running Facebook Lead Generation Ads.
  • By Running Basic Engagement Post and Driving Leads in the Comments.
  • Comparison of All 3 Ad Formats and understanding results.
  • How to Target Custom Audience.

Module 6: Facebook Messenger ChatBot:

Messenger ChatBot is the latest addition to my marketing arsenal. It has proven to be a really effective marketing strategy  to grow subscriber base.

  • How to Create Facebook Messenger Chatbot.
  • How to Run Facebook Messenger Ads and Grow Your Messenger Subscriber Base.
  • How to Broadcast Messages to Subscribers.

Activate Brand Funnel: 

It’s time you activate brand funnel for your business. Brand funnel is crucial when you are in the process of structuring your marketing initiatives. Lead generation and building a database of emails for the art of nurturing those leads and converting them into your customers/clients will be the major take away from this workshop.

Some FAQs Related to Facebook Marketing Masterclass: 

Do I get a course completed certificate for the Masterclass?

Yes, you will receive a signed digital certificate of completion via e-mail.

Will the course help me to crack Facebook Blueprint Exam?

Yes, it comes as a bonus module.

Is there a Facebook Group where topics where I can interact with people enrolled in the course?

Yes, we have a Facebook Group where you can not only learn about Facebook Marketing but other concepts of Digital Marketing as well. You will be added on request.

Will there be any video sessions that come along with the Masterclass?

We go live every week to talk about the latest trends in Digital Marketing. We also have Q&A live sessions where I will be personally answering your questions.

Will this certification help me secure a job as a Facebook Marketer?

Certifications are not crucial for you to secure a job but your skills are. The course aims at sharpening your Facebook marketing skills and the certification would definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Does the course strictly stick to only Facebook Marketing?

Although the course has been tailored to focus mainly on Facebook Marketing, you will be receiving bonuses in the form of videos and guides. They are based on Instagram Marketing and methods to engage your audience.

Sample Video Lesson from Facebook Marketing Course:

What people had to say about my workshop:

Tulika Kasliwal, Corporate Secretary

Sorav Jain and his sessions have made me practically experience the power of Social Media and importance of Social Media marketing for your business. Learnt my first boost post and and business page creation from him and they have done wonders. Pleasure to pride to learn something new on social media from you each day 🙂 Recently visited your new office premises echoVME and was fascinated by the set up 🙂 Great work and glad to have you as my social media doctor.

Geetanjali Lamba Gandhi, Associate VP – Genpact 

Hi Sorav…I have been with you on the social media journey for last 3 months as part of Genpact’s LEAP program and I really want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful experience you have given to all of us. You have very well structured our activities and made us socially aware to socially savvy. Had an amazing learning and wish to continue this path. Thanks and keep making an impact.

Ishan Pathak, Online Marketer [Current Student] 

Hey Sorav, Just going through the paid course and must say you provide tons of value at a dead cheap price mate. You seem to be the Jon Loomer of India. Extremely happy with your course and would recommend all the people who are interested to learn to build their business through digital medium

Buy Your Facebook Marketing Course for Rs.1999/-  


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