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Facebook’s Organic Reach is Dead!


Maybe you don’t know how to keep it alive?

I hate to tell you that how much ever you try to push organic reach, it won’t help.

As organic reach is gradually shifting.

Yes, shifting to Facebook Messenger!

Have you adapted Facebook Messenger for your business yet?

Instead of committing these 3 Big Mistakes in your Facebook Marketing Life:

  • Investing in growing Facebook followers (Growing likes)
  • Clicking on the boost post button to promote your posts
  • Heavily investing in lead generation with no follow-up mechanism

You should now invest a lot more in growing your Facebook Messenger subscribers.

You have possibly invested a lot of money in Growing Your Followers on Facebook.

Maybe you invited your friends, pinged them through chat or you would have run Facebook ads to grow the number of likes on your Facebook Page.

But, what’s the point?

I do have 70,000 odd Facebook likes on my page.

But, when I post something on my Facebook Page, my post reaches hardly 1% of my community!

And that’s really really sad. All the money I invested in growing my Facebook channels has been in vain.

I am sure you are facing the same.

2020 is all about smart chatbot marketing, you can sell while you sleep as the chatbots will do the talking on your behalf.

A lot of us are stuck clicking on the dangerous boost post button and achieve nothing great other than random people liking our posts.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is the only alternative.

Well, I invested in Messenger Marketing and it completely changed my perception!

The actual price of this course is Rs. 2999 and you can now avail this for Rs. 999/-

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest your time and efforts in Facebook Messenger Marketing: 

With just 7,000 messenger subscribers, I saw more than 80% organic reach of my content and here are some examples.

Reason 1:

Every single time I sent a broadcast to people on Messenger, almost 50 to 80% of people read it which is a better open rate when compared to SMS and Email Marketing.

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Reason 2:

I connected all my Facebook Post comments to messenger, so every-time someone comments on my Facebook page post they become my messenger subscriber. Like how I Posted about my Free Ebook and asked people to comment if they are interested in availing the ebook got me 1200+ comments organically overnight, growing my messenger subscribers.

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Reason 3:

For my clients, instead of investing in a lead generation campaign which generally gets a lot of poor quality leads, I started focusing a lot on engaging their prospective customers in conversations through chatbots which also prompted them to submit their data to us.

digital marketing blog

The actual price of this course is Rs. 2999 and you can now avail this for Rs. 999/-

Real Estate Clients is one such example

I have more such amazing case studies in the business domain of event marketing, jewellery, retail, salon, fashion stores, fitness centers, educational sector, real estate, restaurants and more.

Chatbots Are The New Conversion Tools: 

Remember, on a website today majority of conversions doesn’t happen by the contact us form you place, but by the chatbots or by live chat features as people are more comfortable in chatting and clarifying their doubts than calling.

o it’s time for you to shift to Facebook Messenger Marketing and exponentially grow your business by making highly relevant people subscribe to your messages by choice.

If you would like to learn the art of converting your customers through conversations, I have just launched a Facebook Messenger Marketing course with 20+ videos, 5+ case studies and some great tips out there for you!

The actual price of this course is Rs. 2999 and you can now avail this for Rs. 999/-

Facebook Messenger Marketing course includes:

  • Introduction to Facebook Messenger Marketing (With a case study on Messenger Marketing for a Salon)
  • Case Study: How we use Messenger Marketing for Real Estate & Fashion Retail Store
  • Case Study: How we use Messenger Marketing for a Jewellery Brand & My Personal Brand
  • Key Approaches Of Messenger Marketing
  • Walk Through Of the ManyChat Messenger Marketing Tool
  • Creating Your Welcome Chatbot
  • Creating A Lead Flow
  • Setting up the Keywords for Lead Gen On Manychat
  • Lead Gen – How To Create Sequence and Rules
  • Messenger Lead Generation (Targeting + Designing of Ads)
  • Tracking Results of Messenger Marketing Lead Generation Campaign
  • How to drive people from Facebook comments to Messenger to Grow Subscription
  • Results + Facebook Engagement Campaign To Drive More Comments
  • Broadcasting To Engage Your Audience
  • How to add a Sequence to your Broadcast (Automation)
  • Automation Rule: Transferring Email Ids to Google Excel Sheet
  • More relevant case studies.

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