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Facebook’s New Self Service Target Feature – Facebook Partner Category released on April 10th for advertisers is helping increase the precision, relevance and effectiveness of their Facebook campaigns. This integrates well with Power Editor and is now available only for paid media APIs in the US, currently with no nonavailability of Data other countries are white listed. However, you can always target audience in the US suing this feature.

How does Facebook Partner Category work?

  • 1. Consumer make in store purchase (mainly in the US) 
  • 2. Third party companies gather transaction data to create group of users with specific buying behavior. They are called ‘Partner Categories’
  • 3. Advertisers can define their audience using target audience’s purchase behavior
  • 4. Audience receive relevant ads which helps brands see better

For example:

By using Facebook Partner Category an advertiser in the US can target Men between age group 18-35 who buys Beverages.

Is it Available in India?

Currently Not! As stated earlier, countries outside the US are white listed. It might take a lot of time to get this feature in India for three prime reasons:

  • 1. Not many use Credit Cards in India. 
  • 2. Not many purchase things online. 
  • 3. There are not many Great Retail Outlets that supports data mining to define accuracy in Retail buying behavior. 
  • 4. Many of us prefer to buy things in cash
  • 5. Penetration of Facebook is still less (Just 5% of the Indian Population – Around 63 Million Users of Facebook in India as of now)

I only hope this is also considered for other countries including India! Though we have very few buying online but still They are TA! 🙂

Image Source: Allfacebook

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